7 Things I Learned from Reading Shark Tales

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Pros: Easy Read. She introduces each chapter with a lesson that she learned from her mother. Barbara invites you into the most intimate parts of her childhood.

Cons: Ended too soon, I would have loved to hear how she met her husband, and some about her son. Seriously, I wanted more of Barbara’s wisdom. Shark Tales was so inspiring that I decided to add meeting Barbara to my bucket list.

Barbara Cocoran from Shark Tank gives a very intimate look at her life, insecurities, and triumphs in the book  Shark Tales (previously published as; If you Don’t Have Big Breasts, Put Ribbons on Your Pigtails). She tells a very vivid story about a little girl who was a “below average” student in school and grew up to work through challenges that a Harvard Grad wouldn’t know how to maneuver.

The wisdom in this book is given to you on an elementary level. Barbara reflects back to lessons that her mother gave her and how she applied them in growing her business. This book was a page turner, I finished it in 2 days.

Barbara took a chance to move to the Big City (New York) from a small town, leaving her family and the only life that she had known. After asking her then live-in boyfriend to invest in a real estate venture with her, she was able to step into the apartment rental niche. She had some trial and errors along the way even being a accused of being a prostitute because she had so much traffic coming in and out of her apartment. She worked her way up to being able to move into her own office.

She learned early on that she needed to separate herself from the “rest”. She begins marketing herself in newspapers and television. She learned that certain agents had deals where they would be exclusive on leasing condos for owners. She wanted those deals.

She convinced an owner to allow her to lease one of the condos that the agent had. The owner gave her the most difficult on the list. It was small and not very attractive. She put an extra wall up between the living space and created a “den”. The condo rented immediately. This was unheard of at the time.

She became known in New York as the “Real Estate Queen”. Barbara eventually grew her business into a million dollar company and added a few hundred employees to her team. After building her company to such a high level, Barabra decides it’s time for a change. She wanted to spend more time with her family.

She sold her company for 66 million dollars.

Within a couple of years, she decides that she is unfulfilled with living a “normal” life and needs deeper fulfillment. She starts working on television which is how she landed her gig on the Shark Tank. This was not without barriers. She was older and they were going to go with another female who was younger. She did not back down and take no for a final answer.

You will have to read the book to find out how she landed the gig.

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I built the business exactly the way my mother built and ran her family. I wanted a replication of the big, happy family I grew up in. I wanted happy people having fun.

Barbara Corcoran

7 Things I learned from Shark Tales

  1. Sometimes you have to knock down a wall. If life is not producing the space that you need, knock down a wall.
  2. You don’t have to be an “A” student to be a successful Entrepreneur.
  3. Find your niche and “LIVE” it.
  4. Keep it SIMPLE
  5. Never be afraid to Market yourself and your “SKILLS”
  6. Over Deliver
  7. Be Genuine in everything that you “DO”


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      Samahria R.

      It is an awesome book. I usually have a hard time sticking with these types of books and it takes me weeks of controlled focus to finish them. This book was an instant success. I borrowed it from the library but it is pretty affordable on Amazon.

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    AJ Money Matters

    This sounds like such an inspiring read! I LOVE shark tank! The ideas people have just astounds me. I had no idea of her back story though. Just goes to show you, if you put your mind to it and you want it enough, anything can happen.

  2. 8

    #4 is my middle name but I struggle with #5 all the time. But my favorite is be genuine, people can see it when you lead with it. My dad told me not to follow the money, follow my passions and the money would come.

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