Journey to Health

Current Weight: 195
Goal Weight 150
Height: 5’4″

I have been overweight since I was 22 (I am now 34), I started taking medication for depression and anxiety for about 6 months. It caused my weight to balloon and I have not been able to lose it completely. I have tried phentermine, paleo, counting calories, working out and so forth.

The last time I was truly intentional about losing weight was in 2014. I lost about 20 pounds and was working out regularly, sticking to a paleo diet and feeling great. That was short lived because I received some great news… “Surprise, you are pregnant”. I was shocked! I felt fine for about a week and then I started getting morning sickness and a craving for french fries. That was the only thing that I could eat.

My diet went down the drain quickly. So I decided to just enjoy my pregnancy and used the excuse to eat any and everything that my sweet baby craved. I told myself that as soon as the baby was born I would get right back to it. I would lose the weight quick too because I was going to breastfeed and of course breastfeeding means that you lose all the weight that was gained in pregnancy immediately. WRONG!

If you are pregnant now, heed my advice, breastfeeding helps you lose weight but it is no guarantee. So I decided to enjoy my baby and just breastfeed and not worry about working out or eating healthy. Time went by so quick.

Fast forward to 2 years post birth. I am have lost about 10 pounds but that is it. I can feel the weight on my legs and feet. I feel it when I am walking and laying down. I hate shopping for clothes because I don’t want to buy things in my size. Lately, I have started to feel depressed and anxious. I know it is partly due to the vicious cycle of my diet. I will say that I want to eat healthy, exercise, lose weight and feel better. However, my actions speak differently.

The slightest emotion, good or bad happens and then I start craving something sweet or salty. I make lunch runs while I am working, I have a busy schedule (who doesn’t?), so I say, I will just stop by McDonalds or some other quick fast food place. I eat the food and then crave something sweet. So I go on a journey to satisfy that craving and then I feel horrible.


I also feel like I hide it because I will dispose of it before I get home. Today I have decided to take my life back. I am going to do a 5-day juice reboot. This is not my first time doing it. I have done it one other time.

I got the idea from a guy at the gym. We had a pretty detailed conversation about how he has maintained his health and pretty much cured his diabetes through juicing. I was immediately intrigued. He said he did a 60-day juice fast. He told me to watch the movie, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”.

I am such an extremist, I actually went to the GNC store, purchased a Jack Lalanne Juicer, picked up the ingredients for my juice fast and did it that weekend. It felt terrible. I was so full of toxins, it felt like I had the flu for the first couple of days. But after that, I could breathe clearer, I could think clearer, I could see better. I felt like I was “awake”.

If you have ever done a true detox you will understand. The haze was gone. I had more energy and I was convinced, I told everyone that would listen about this fast.

So fast forward to 3 years later. I am at the point where I want to be clear again.

I went to Aldi’s tonight and purchased the ingredients to do my juice fast. I spent $6.50. I juiced enough to last for the full day tomorrow. I pray that I can make it to the end. The thing about any type of fast or change… it is all MENTAL.

Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.

Og Mandino

Follow me on this journey to good health. I will post weekly updates.

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    I know the struggle. I have battled depression for years and it was hard to find a medication that would work for me. One of the medications I was put on finally helped a lot but comes with guaranteed weight gain. I tried going off and on it and finally determined that my mental health is more important than a few extra pounds at the end of the day. I love Aldi’s too. It really does help you to eat healthier for a more affordable price to help balance things out. Hang in there! You are not alone! 🙂

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      Samahria R.

      I have a recipe that I follow:

      2 cucumbers
      8 celery stalks
      4 apples
      16 leaves kale with stalks
      1 lemon
      2 in (5 cm) piece of ginger
      Wash all produce well.
      Peel the lemon and core apple.
      Add all ingredients through juicer and enjoy!
      Servings: Makes 2 servings of 16-20 oz (500-600 ml)

      Nutrition per serving:
      Fat0.5 g
      Sodium64 mg
      Carbohydrates27 g
      Fiber1 g
      Sugars15 g
      Protein 3 g
      Yields and nutritional information are estimated and will vary depending on produce size and equipment used.

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    Erin F

    Sometimes I’ll crave a burger and fries from McDonalds but I ALWAYS feel so terrible after I eat it! I think it’s because we eat clean so when I put those poisons into my body, it reacts! I usually swell up really bad and just get an all-over “bad” feeling.

    I know exactly what you are talking about when you mentioned the detox thing. I think mine lasted for about 2 months until I was completely free and clear of feeling “blah”. However, once it was over, oh man, did I feel great!

    My friends wonder how I can afford to eat organically but in all honestly, it’s no more expensive than not. I don’t spend money eating out, I don’t buy processed foods, junk food, etc. For example, if I want cookies, I’ll make them from scratch. I think a big portion of our grocery bill comes from all the “extras”. I’ve found that if I stick to buying whole foods like meat and veggies only (usually frozen unless it’s summer and I grow them), that my grocery bill is no more today than before I transitioned to organic.

    Samahria, you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to, don’t forget that. God gives us the strength we need to break away from unhealthy lifestyles and I’m a living witness (I was addicted to heroin for 5 years!). There was NO way I could have done it without Him and you can’t even begin to imagine the unhealthy lifestyle I was living. Shoot, if I can turn it around, anyone can!

    I totally commend you for taking the first step. That is HUGE! Even tho we’ve never met, I’m in your corner rooting for ya! If you slip and fall, dust yourself off and get right back at it!

    You got this girl!!
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    Elizabeth O.

    It’s never easy to lose weight and get rid of the eating habits that we’ve grown accustomed to throughout the years. I think it’s awesome that you’re changing all of that. I’ve heard so much great things about juicing.

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