3 Things I Learned Being a Full Time Mommy-Entrepreneur

I am rolling into my 1 year anniversary (5/2017) of being a full-time mommy-entrepreneur and I am suddenly questioning myself.

Why am I doing this? Once upon a time, the alarm clock buzzed at 5 and dictated my schedule for the day. Now I am sleeping in until around 6:45 am or longer and loathing starting my daily tasks. My sales have suffered from my behavior, my attitude has suffered and so has my lifestyle.

What am I supposed to do here? I know the reason why I chose this path “freedom”.  I have enjoyed the perks of the freedom of entrepreneurship. I get to go to all the field trips with my children. I take them on day trips in the summer; impromptu lunches with them at school. Mid-day breaks are great and I can focus 100 percent attention on them as they begin to arrive home from school. I enjoy being a part of the Junior League in my area. Volunteering has given me a breath of fresh air.

I am beginning to learn a lot about myself on this journey, here are 3 things I learned being a business owner:

I never considered myself creative, however, I have developed some creative avenues in my business.

I do not like managing people, I just want everyone to come to work and do their job, I hate all the details, HR duties etc.

I am not as introverted as I thought, I miss people, so much so, I will hold strangers hostage with conversation everywhere I go. Standing in the longest line at the grocery store is no longer a chore, I actually look forward to conversations with other people.

A good friend of mine sent me the following response when I told her I was in an “entrepreneurial whoa”, she said “Intense focus on the things that we know works, is the answer”. Her response was my Oprah Ahha moment, it also her nice way of saying FOCUS. It’s get caught up in the glitz and glamour of shiny objects and run towards them like a dog on the prowl in heat. I had redirected my focus to so many little things that I lost focus of what really was working. It caused a downward spiral in every part of my life.

Thank God I am recognizing this behavior and still have the opportunity today to fix it.

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