How an Online Review gets the Job Done

How an online review can get the job done.

I mean, sometimes people just do not hear what you are trying to tell them. Or they just simply dismiss it. In my case, being a woman, men don’t always listen to what I am saying.

When I tell you my ship is about to sink and I need a raft, that is exactly what I mean. I do not expect a pacifier or a plug for the hole, I want a full exit strategy. When I get to that point, I need a plan that is fully executable. In my latest “adventure” I find myself living at the Embassy Suites with my perfect little family. This is temporary, right? Well, I sure hope so!

We sold our house and were suppose to move into our new home on the same day. What started out as a weekend at the hotel, turned into over a week in a hotel suite with 2 kids, a toddler, my husband and myself.

Can you visualize me pulling out my hair? Every day my broker tells me that we are going to get our “closing disclosure” that’s a fancy way to say, a loan breakdown sheet showing how much you will be in debt for the next 30 years. We wait for days with empty promises, minimal follow-ups, and sad hearts.

On the 6th day, I decide it is time to take some action on my end… but what could I do? The most powerful thing in the world; an online review. The next day when speaking with the same people, all of the sudden I am revered as “Mrs” and I hear a smile in their voice. They have agreed to truly make it right, but they have one request. “Please remove the feedback from facebook”.

I just smiled, I pushed the envelope and they opened it and processed my request.

Everybody is online to some degree, online reviews are more powerful than cash for a business. If you throw the right words together, you will get the attention that you deserve. No longer are the days that companies can have poor customer service and it possibly only affect 1 or a few customers. 1 solid negative review can bring a whole company down.

Especially if you go to facebook, twitter or google to place your online review.

If you want some immediate assistance, place a (#) in front of the company name and let it all out. Be as detailed as possible in your complaint. If the company cares anything about their business, you will receive a response quickly. Most companies have dedicated employees who watch their social media to catch such issues immediately.

Now I am not suggesting getting on facebook and ranting and being ugly because McDonalds only gave you 1 pack of bbq sauce for your 20 pieces of (fake chicken nuggets). I am however saying, if you go to McDonalds and you have a bad experience and you address it with the manager on duty and they don’t make it right, go to social media and express your concerns through an online review. They will make it right immediately.

I also want to note that you should leave online reviews when they get it right. Nobody wants to be a negative Nancy, if a business goes above and beyond shout them out.

Stay strong. Stand up. Have a voice.

Shawn Johnson


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  1. 1

    completely agree. I always leave book, movie and product reviews whether I like, love or hate whatever I review. Its the best resource when booking or deciding to do something.

  2. 2

    This is a informative post. Personally i also feel so that reviews matters and it helps us to choose the right service. Stay strong. Stand up. Have a voice – Well Said.

  3. 5
    Divya @ Eat Teach BLog

    So, I purchased a custom design package on Etsy for 200 dollars. 200 DOLLARS! Money that I don’t really have, but money I forked over because I wanted to invest in my blog. The designer had rave reviews and she was very enthusiastic when we first started communicating. Fast forward, 5 MONTHS, and the project was still not done. But worse was just her lack of communication around it. I know we all have a lot on our plates, but if she was able to communicate with me about timelines, I’d feel a lot more secure about this.

    Anyway, turns out, you can’t have Etsy mediate or try to reimburse and you can no longer rate/review on Etsy after 60 days (to ensure the reviews are most accurate).

    I wish I could jump up on the rooftop and scream about this because I want everyone to know and I don’t want her 5-star rating on Etsy to lure someone else in. I just don’t really know what to do at this point.
    Divya @ Eat Teach BLog recently posted…Kids Write The Darndest ThingsMy Profile

  4. 7
    Hannah Green

    How frustrating for you, I’m so sorry to hear about your experience! Sometimes having a good rant makes you feel better but isn’t always the best option! By leaving online reviews at least you’re getting your voice out there, whether it’s listened to or not. Well done for getting your voice out there x

  5. 8

    It’s sad that an online review is what it takes to get things taken care of sometimes. But, I agree. It does work. I agree that positive reviews need to be written, too.

  6. 10
    Author Brandi Kennedy

    As an author, I live and breath by book reviews, so I love this post – but in my business, a bad review is often just as valuable as a good one.

    Still, I have been the person leaving feedback on a bad company experience myself, and it really does make all the difference. Like, they’re okay with mistreating a customer, but when it comes to a reputation, a business review really can make or break a company. It goes back to the old “strength in numbers” – one complaint means very little, but one complaint with 100k likes on Facebook says something else entirely.
    Author Brandi Kennedy recently posted…Truthful Tuesday: Four Truths and a LieMy Profile

  7. 12

    I won’t leave bad reviews unless a company refuses to talk with me about the problem, or they are a national corporation that should absolutely clean up their act. I have a small business, and I see that sometimes the bad reviews are written by my competition just to bring my review ratings down. Sad that ppl do that… xoxo Robin

  8. 13
    Amber Myers

    I’m with you! We didn’t have the best experience at a hotel so I let them know with an online review. They were kind and apologized and comped us one free day. So it’s always good to be honest (but still remain kind.)
    Amber Myers recently posted…Hey, It’s OkayMy Profile

  9. 17
    Sarah-Louise Bailey

    We should always be transparent in our online reviews. Telling the truth about the product or the establishment will help them improve for the better if there are some unfavorable analysis, but it should be written in an encouraging way.

  10. 19

    I can’t stand when companies try to hide or change bad reviews. I know some of them aren’t necessary but at the same time, you would hope that it is also a learning experience for the company.

  11. 20
    Sheila Moon

    In the days and age of good ole technology, this is what we are dummied down to. Some companies don’t care until their dirty laundry is aired out for all to see. That old retrospect that a few bad apples can spoil the whole bunch is very true when it comes to what we pay for.

  12. 21
    Elizabeth O.

    Ah, the power of social media can really drive companies to do the right thing. I think it’s a good move on your side and you’re right about keeping your ranting to a limit that’s acceptable and not just overreacting. Good to know that they worked on your issue.

  13. 22
    Carol Cassara

    You’re right, word on the net seems to spread around quicker than expected and companies do not want anything bad to spread like wildfire. It’s recommended to back up any claims with any substantial evidence though, so that’s where we need to be careful.

  14. 24
    Robin Rue

    It is insane how fast some word can get around about an experience when you post it on the web. I am really sorry that you had a poor experience.

  15. 25

    I need to be a lot better about this. I read reviews a lot of the time before buying products but I seldom leave a review myself. The 1 time I did it was a bad review on FB, like you did. I had been trying for a month to get my trash company to pick up our yard waste (that was bag and stickered and a service we pay them to do). I went on FB and wrote a really bad review, I almost felt bad. But guess who’s yard waste got picked up the next day…

  16. 26
    Sondra Barker

    I totally agree; sometimes the only way to get the message heard is to review it online since so many consumers rely on reviews! I love that you also reminded us to review when service is amazing too!

  17. 30
    mark and kate

    I agree…online reviews do help. Personally, before I decide whether to watch a movie, eat on a restaurant, book flights, etc I searched first whether they are good or not. While negative reviews may not always affect if I decide to watch a movie for example, it is still a source of information.

  18. 31

    I love your point about going to the business first to try to resolve and use the online review as a last resort. As an online seller, I really appreciate when a customer lets me know about a problem before leaving a review that will negatively affect my growing business.

    I try to make it a habit to leave positive reviews for most things I purchase online. It makes me feel like I am helping a small business grow when I leave good comments about their product and service.

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