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Hey, there! Welcome to She Tried That

Hey there, Super Star! 

I’m LaKisha, a very busy stay at home mom who has stumbled across a money making method that not only works but, you can learn it at your own pace too.

It’s called Affiliate Marketing. But, not just any affiliate marketing. It’s affiliate marketing with a blog.

Good news! I discovered this method while trying to make an extra income for myself and family.

Bad news! I had no idea, that there were online money making programs created to scam you.

She Tried That Lakisha

A Little Story About How I Got Started...

The Beginning Of My Online Journey I Was Scammed By Mobe Heres Proof Of Purchase

Long story short…I joined a company called MOBE.

The picture is on the left.

I paid $3k for this program, and  a few months later, the Federal Trade Commission halts Mobe.

In fact, just last year 2020, some top affiliates that were promoting this coaching program were required by the FTC to pay more than $4 million dollars.

Here’s the worst news, I didn’t get my money back. Most of us didn’t. I don’t have access to what I purchased. Nothing!

Talk about devastating … I lost $3k. Plus, all the materials that came with that program. 

Heck, I almost lost my house behind this scam. 

I jumped Ship And Moved On

Look, I’m a busy mom, things happen. I’ve made tons of  SEO and blogging mistakes. Plus I haven’t been consistent like I should.

Surprisingly, I have made a consistent income online. Nothing life changing yet but, consistent!

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Here's How I Can Help You...

I’ve not only been scammed out of money but, I’ve spent countless hours and thousands of dollars on different products, tools, webinars, and courses combined. I simply share my experience with you.

If you ever have any questions feel free to ask and I will do my very best in helping you out.  You can contact me here.