5 Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

If You don’t want to build a website and would like to start affiliate marketing without a website, this article will explain how to get started.

In order to make this strategy happen you’ll need to learn a few tools. 

Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

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Method # 1 - Pinterest


This is probably my most favorite traffic source outside of Google. With Pinterest you’ll need to create tons of images.

Did you know Pinterest has over 240 billion images?

With that said you’ll need to stand out and put in a lot of work. You’ll also have to learn how Pinterest algorithm works because Pinterest is not a social media site. It’s a search engine like Google.

Either way Pinterest loves images, the more the better. Another interesting fact about Pinterest is, 80% of the users are mothers. 

You can use image creators like Canva, PicMonkey, or Adobe Illustrator, and even Google photos have a collage creator.  

Tools You’ll Need To Make Pinterest Work

Step 1: Pick a niche

Step 2: Choose up to 5 affiliate products 

Step 3: Go to Pinterest and create up to 10 categories

Step 4: Make lots of images

Step 5: Post those images on Pinterest and include your affiliate link with some.

When posting a description make sure you use keywords and place your affiliate link within the description. 

The people on Pinterest have buyer’s intent. You’ll need to niche down and help people within your niche.

To get started with Pinterest affiliate marketing, it’s free. 

Create a Pinterest Business Account.

Method # 2 - YouTube

Can you make videos?  If you don’t have time to create your own video. No problem!

This doesn’t involve you putting your face on YouTube. In order for this method to work you’ll need a few tools. One of the tools will be a whiteboard animation software.

Videoscribe has a 7 day trial, so you can test this method out.

Tools You’ll Need to Make YouTube Work

Step 1: You’ll need to find Topics

For example, Cryptocurrency. 

If you were going to create a whiteboard video about this topic you would consider making videos with the following titles.

“How Does Cryptocurrency work?”

Upload the video to your YouTube channel about Cryptocurrency.

Step 2: Next, write a description within the YouTube description box.

Step 3: Place your affiliate link and that’s it.

Note: You can also go and promote the video to help it gain traction. 

An example is like the YouTube video below

Method # 3 - Use Paid Traffic


This method may not work with all affiliate programs. So, you’ll need to make sure you read the affiliate program rules before attempting to do this method.

Or you could find yourself banned.

Many affiliate programs do not like their affiliates bidding on their brand keywords either.

So, you’ll need to keep that in mind.

With paid traffic, you can purchase paid traffic from Google AdWords or Bing and directly link your affiliate link to the traffic that you just purchased.

You’ll need to learn to write effective ad copy.

Plus it would be good to learn how to lower your cost per click. 

Tools You’ll Need To Make Paid Traffic Work

Step 1: Pick a niche

Step 2: Choose an affiliate program that allows paid traffic

Step 3: Look for keywords within the Google or Bing keyword tool

Step 4: Place your affiliate link within the URL section

Step 5: Write a headline

Step 6: Write a description (ad copy) and then place your campaign

Method # 4 - Email Marketing

Email marketing will require you to have some sort of landing page, and of course an email software. 

You can use Google sites to build out a landing page, it’s free. Or you can invest into a landing page software. 

If you purchase a landing page software, you’ll need a domain name. Domain names are $8.00 at NameCheap. I recommend them.

Either way, according to this email statistics report, 2020-2024, email will still be the most pervasive form of electronic communication.

This includes both consumers and businesses. 

Using an email software and landing page can be lucrative if done right.

You can promote your landing page on places like, Pinterest, social media, or you can make videos and attach your link within the description box of the YouTube channel.

Provide a ton of value to your subscribers.

Then sell to them on the back end. 

Tools You’ll Need To Make Email Marketing Work

Step 1: Pick a niche or audience

Step 2: Choose a product and grab an affiliate link

Step 3: Create a landing page

Step 4: Create email sequence

Step 5: Add affiliate link

Method # 5 - Craigslist

For some people claim to have success with Craigslist.

I myself, never had luck with it, and I don’t like using this method. 

So, this is why it’s last on my list. Either way, I’ll explain how it works anyways. 

This method is a little tricky, and it may only work if you’re within the work from home or make money online. The wealth niche. Nonetheless, I’ll explain it anyways.

With Craigslist, you’ll be responding to people who are looking for jobs.

So, you’ll have to choose the city or state that you want to work with. 

Tools You’ll Need To Make Paid Traffic Work

Step 1: Click on the link that says Resume.

It’s located in the bottom left hand corner of Craigslist. 

Step 2: Read through the headlines where people are looking for jobs. Once you feel comfortable reaching out to one of those people, you’ll open up the ad and hit reply to this email. 

Step 3: Grab the email that you need to reply to.

Step 4: Go to your email and write an email reaching out to that person. Again, this method works for some people and for others it doesn’t. 

Below is an example that you can send to the person. 

Craigslist Letter For Job Opportunity
Affiliate Marketing Without A Website Is Possible

Again this method works for some and for others it may not work. 

Tools You’ll Need To Make Paid Traffic Work

Step 1: Pick a MMO product (most people use Clickbank)

Step 2: Grab a link

Step 3: Reply to a person seeking a job

Step 4: Write an email or provide the email that was given to you from the affiliate program.

Step 5: Add your affiliate link

The other way you can promote on Craigslist is to follow John Crestani’s advice. Watch the video below. 


Final Thoughts Of Affiliate Marketing Without A Website


Unless you’re familiar with the methods above. It could still take time and investment to see any results from using one of the five strategies. 

In my opinion, I believe you should still invest time in creating your own website. 

All the platforms above can be risky. If you lose access to any of them, then you’ll lose everything you just worked for.

So, the question is do you need a website for affiliate marketing?

I would say in the beginning maybe not, but long term. I definitely think you should have a website. What do you think? 

Either way, have you tried any of these methods? Are there any other methods that I’m missing? 

Thank you for your support. Have a great day ahead…I wish you the best and continued success. 

Well, that's all folks!


If you have any questions about these 5 methods please leave all comments or questions below.



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