Best Domain Name For Affiliate Marketing

Best Domain Name For Affiliate Marketing 1

Choosing the best domain name for your affiliate marketing business can be a mind breaking task. 

It’s certainly a juggling act.

This article will help guide you in the right direction. 

By the way, it took me many domain name purchases before, I learned a few important tips that could help you land that perfect domain name. 

Today, I’m going to share those tips with you, so that you can choose the best domain name for affiliate marketing.

What Is The Best Domain Name For Affiliate Marketing?

There are many variables that you should consider when picking your domain name. 

First off, you should know your niche. The topic that you’ll be talking about on your blog.

Regardless of what domain name you choose, I would suggest you take the time and check the history of the domain that you are considering.

When I purchased this domain, I didn’t check anything. In fact, as a beginner who has never dealt with purchasing a domain, how would you know to check the history of a domain?

As they say learn from your mistakes. More importantly, please learn from my mistake. Before, purchasing domain name, check the history of it. In the next few sentences I’m going to explain why.

After purchasing my domain, I checked the DA score of my brand new domain.

That’s when I discovered the domain that I just purchased had one of the highest spam scores that I’ve ever seen. 

How was that possible if it was brand new? 

Beware Domain Registrars Will Sell You A Bad Domain

Apparently, domain registrars will still sell you a domain name that has had a bad reputation. I personally think that should be illegal. 

Why in the world would a bad reputation domain still be sold if it’s considered useless?

So far the high spam score on this domain has not affected me but, only time will tell.

I later learned that you can check the reputation of a domain name before you purchase it.  The website that you need to use is called  

If you use WayBack Machine it’ll allow you to see screenshots of the previous domain history. According to WBM archives, domain didn’t have anything negative attached. 

So, the question is, can a high spam score make or break your brand new website?

Great question, I’m still trying to figure that one out myself. 

Spam Score Update June 1, 2021:

Literally, right after I published this article, mysteriously my domain name spam score was dramatically reduced.

Why is that? I still have no clue.

The only assumption that I can come up with is I the following:

  • I have been posting on this website consistently.
  • I’ve also been trying my best in writing high quality content.
  • On top of that I have linked out to higher quality websites and internally linked the heck out of my blog.

The bottom line is, I did my best to get Google to trust my website. So far, so good. As of June 1, 2021, my spam score has went from 53% to 2%.

And I got to keep the backlinks that came with the website.

Therefore, this proves that you can purchase a domain and potentially improve the website as long as it was or has ever linked to toxic material.

When I did all the research that I could with this domain I never found any toxic material linked to this domain.

Either way, I’ve narrowed tips down what I believe can help you in finding a good domain name.

The Domain Name Should Be Catchy & Memorable

If no one can remember your domain name. Trust me your website will sound like crickets everyday because, no one will revisit it.

The idea behind having a catchy domain name, is not only for others to remember the name of your website. It also encourages people from the search engine or social media to click on your website.

I’ve learned that the more catchy your website name is the more people click.

In addition to that the more catchy your website name is the more other bloggers will link to you. Of course, your content plays a role as well.

Either way, I had to learn the hard way that no one wants to be associated with a horrible website name.

Truth is, if the website name sounds Spammy, or just plain ole ridiculous not too many people will share the website name on their social media profiles.

They just don’t want to be associated with it.

For example, I chose this hideous name for my first site. It was where I helped people avoid scams. Therefore the URL had  the word “no scams” in it. 

Needless to say, barely anyone clicked on that site and hardly anyone shared it. I assume the word scams scared people away. 

On top of that my articles completely sucked.

The point is, when I started naming websites with catchy names, that’s when I noitced it attracted clicks and attention. People become curious of what you’re all about.

Make It Short And Sweet

It’s tough finding a domain name that’s short. Buy, it’s still possible though.

The shorter your website name, the better.

People tend to remember short website names.

You can use websites like, which can help you find short website names. 

Your Domain Name Represents You So Choose Wisely

Okay, maybe this should have been at the top of the list. 

Either way, when choosing your domain name, keep in mind that it will follow you everywhere.

It’s not only a representation of your business but it also represents you as a person.

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing a name to the public or online, don’t choose that name as your website name.

The domain name should make you feel so proud that you could share it with an employer, if asked to.

Do A Domain Search 1

To Use Keywords Or Not To Use Them?

Here’s the big debate, should you use keywords in your domain name or not?

When I first started online, I was told that using keywords will help you rank within the search engines. Plus, it can help people understand what you’re talking about on your website.

I was also told the complete opposite. 

Using keywords in your domain name does not matter, it’s the keywords within each article that you write that will help you rank.

I’ve been online for a while, and purchased many domains. 

Therefore, I can understand why there’s so much confusion in the air. 

So, I had to test it out myself.

I’ve tried both. The exact match keywords and received a bit of traffic. Then I’ve used absolutely no keywords in my domain name and still got a decent amount of traffic. 

My final conclusion is keywords don’t help with site or search engine ranking. At least not as much as people are trying to make you believe.

My educated guess tells me that using keywords may help your website visitors understand what your website is about before they click on it.

But, at the same time, not using keywords doesn’t ruin your chances of ranking your website. 

To further back this theory up John Mueller from Google, said just because a website has a keyword in the domain name does not mean that it is more relevant.

In any event, John’s video brings me to the next tip.

Pick A Domain Name That Comes Without Restriction

If all else fails pick a domain name that you can pivot with. For exmaple, if you purchase a that you no longer like, plus you want to change niches.

You’ll be able to change directions as long as you use a generic name but, if you use something like As you can imagine, you’ll only be able to talk about the Keto Diet.

Would You Advertise The Name On Your Car?

Another tip that I follow is, would you be willing to advertise your domain name on a car magnet? Would you wear a shirt with the domain name?

If so, you have a winner!

If the answer was no. Please, go back to the drawing board before moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Domain Name For Affiliate Marketing

Should You Use Your Name As Your Domain Name?

There could be several reasons why you would want to use your personal name as your website name.

Let’s consider safety first!

Keep in mind that if you use your first and last name as your domain name, the entire world has access to it.

These days, it’s easy to look up information by a person’s first and last name.

Therefore, if you’re in a situation where you do not want to be exposed for whatever reason. Then I would not use my first and last name as your domain name. If you could care less, then by all means go for it.

What Are The 5 Most Common Domain Extensions?

The most popular TLD is .com only because that’s what most customers are used to. According to NameCheap, search engines pay no special attention to a .com over other TLDs.

After the .com then you’ll have the option of .net, .org .co, or .us.

Final Thoughts Of Domain Names For Your Affiliate Marketing Website

We covered about 7 tips on how you can choose the best affiliate domain name for affiliate marketing. Take out a pen and start jotting down words. Use adjectives and your niche.

When choosing a domain name, take your time. Tehre’s really no rush. Make sure your comfortable with it. More improtantly, nmake sure that it fits you.



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