If you’ve landed on this post, then you’re probably wondering if Blog Profit Network is for you?

I’m a current member. Therefore, I give you real expectations.

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Blog Profit Network Review

Here’s What You Can Expect To Learn Today About Blog Profit Network:

  • Our  Rating 
  • The Pros And Cons Blog Profit Network
  • What Are The Key Features Of Blog Profit Network?
  • Our Final Thoughts

A Real Members Review


The cost of Blog Profit Network is always subject to change.

I paid nothing because, I purchased another program. And received access to this forum for 6 months free. 

Blog Profit Network Forum Image

Our Rating Of Blog Profit Network

Blog Profit Network Training
Customer Service Support
Beginner & User Friendly

Overall Summary: 

In simple terms, Blog Profit Network, is a forum where Marcus teaches affiliate marketing training.  You’re supposed learn how to build websites that convert.

In addition to this, Marcus host live weekly calls on Tuesdays and answer all your questions. 

Blog Profit Network Pros

  • Marcus Answers ALL Questions
  • Long Training Videos Are Helpful
  • It’s A Legit Program

Blog Profit Network Cons

  • Forum Is Confusing
  • Some Training Is Useless
  • Training Confusion

Table of Contents

What Is Blog Profit Network?

Blog Profit Network, is an affiliate marketing training forum created by Marcus Campbell. 

Marcus has been a successful online marketer for the last 21 years. Therefore, he can teach you a skill or two.

The idea of BPN is to allow marketers to ask questions about their websites. That way you do not feel stuck. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Blog Profit Network?

Pro #1 - Marcus Leaves No One Question Unanswered


Not everything is perfect with Blog Profit Network. In fact it looks outdated and just a bit confusing.

However, I must admit that Marcus will go out of his way to answer all the community members’ questions. 

Pro #2 - The Training Videos


For the most part, the training within Blog Profit Network is helpful. By the way, Marcus has been an internet marketer for the last 21 years.

Therefore, he has a ton of knowledge that he can share with you. 

Although, I’ve experienced some unexpected issues within this course.

Such as broken links, and some of the site not working properly. I have learned a lot from the affiliate marketing dude. 

With that said, the majority of the training videos are pretty in depth. 

Pro #3 It’s Legit And Does Offer Tools


Blog profit network is a legit program. Marcus shares loads of information for free on YouTube. 

However, when you become a blog profit network member, you’ll learn even more.

He also shares the same exact theme that he uses to convert leads. Plus, he gives away his plug-ins if you choose to use them.

Strengths Weaknesses Pros And Cons

Cons #1 - The Forum Is Confusing


I originally got 6 months access to blogprofitnetwork forum through Simple Sites Big Profits, which is a course that’s supposed to be a high ticket niche selection.

The point is, I’m not sure if I purchased things backwards or what?

Because, when I gained access to the blog profit network forum, I was totally confused. 

Cons #2 - Training Confusion

As I mentioned before the blog profit forum is a bit confusing. In fact, you are literally getting access to a forum. 

I honestly don’t know what you’re paying for when you pay $127 one time fee and then $37.00 per month.

Keep in mind pricing may vary. I’ve seen this service for $77.00 per month as well. 

Anyhow, I would assume you’re paying to have access to Marcus. When you attend the Tuesday calls, it’s like Marcus is mentoring you. 

If the above is the case, then I would say $37.00 or even $77.00 per month may not be too bad because you are getting access to a 21 year vet knowledge. 

He does answer all of your questions within the forum.

And you get access to Weekly Live Tuesday calls. Plus, replays. 

By the way, Marcus answers all questions on the live calls too.

Either way, all training that Marcus provides lasts at least an hour to two hours long. I personally think that is impressive.

Con #3 - Some Training Is Useless

The other downside that I discovered is:

  • If you want to follow along with Marcus you must download his theme that he uses.
  • You must download the plugins that he uses.
  • You’ll need Aweber
  • A registered domain
  • And BlueHost Hosting only!

In my case I had no problem getting passed all the above issues except, when it came to hosting.

I was not aware that I would be taking on a third hosting provider. 

I had already had two hosting providers. One being Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting and the other was Host Armada. Therefore, I saw no need to purchase a third one. 

So, I asked support, “If I had to sign up for a  BlueHost account? Can’t I just use my current Armada hosting account?” 

Support responded and told me, “If I want to follow along with Marcus you’ll need to use BlueHost”.  

The bottom line is, if you have a hosting provider be prepared to purchase a new hosting account with BlueHost.

So that you can use the theme that Marcus provides and the plug-ins that he gives out.

What Key Features Does Blog Profit Network Offer?


There’s a few features that stood out which are listed below. 

Key Feature #1 - The Forum


As I mentioned earlier the forum of blogprofitnetwork is sort of useful if you can get passed all the confusion.

You can watch the replay training videos..

Plus, the forum is where you can ask questions and get answers.

The best part is, a community member is not the one who responds to you.

The creator of the product, which is Marcus, will assist you.

By the way, not too many training courses do that. Receiving the wrong answers from community members can be frustrating too.

With Blog Profit Network, you won’t have to worry about that. 

At any rate, as a complete beginner I believe this forum can cause you frustration and confusion.

Frustrated Woman

Key Feature # 2 - He Shows You How To KeyWord Research


I’ve taken a lot of affiliate marketing courses and Marcus is the only one that I came across that will show you in depth how to look for keywords. 

He shows you how to dig deep into your niche on almost every Tuesday call.

He’ll also show you trigger words that help you look even further into your niche. Using his technique I have learned how to dig for more topics within my niche.

I’ve also learned how to drive traffic using several different methods. 

Key Feature #3 - Refund Policy

The refund policy with BPN is good. You have up to 60 days to decide if blog profit network is for you or not.

If you decide it’s not you can request a refund, and if you decide it’s for you then you will be charged $37.00 per month. Or whatever the rate is at the time you join, until you decide to cancel.

Our Review Of Blog Profit Network

Blog Profit Network Customer Support


The customer service at blog profit network is very good.

Marcus has a team that works for him, and if you ever need any help, or have questions you’ll be in touch with one of his team members. 

The main person that you’ll work with is a nice lady named Tina.

She will make sure that all of your questions are answered.

And any technical issue is usually addressed.

Customer Service Woman Helping Solve Issues

Blog Profit Network Ease Of Use


I personally did not find blogprofitnetwork easy to use.

The platform is a bit confusing and as a beginner I think this could be a bit frustrating.

But, if you take your time and learn the dashboard of Blog profit network forum, just like anything else you could learn how to navigate the system. 

Safety Issues:


First off, let’s make it clear that Blog profit network is not a scam.

It’s just full of broken links, and other technical problems. 

For instance, I’ve come across a warning that concerned me because of what the message read. As you can see the image below.

Either way, after trying to download the free toolbar that was supposed to be like having Marcus by your side.

It flat out just didn’t work.

Instead it gave me a Dangerous Sign.

Not good as a first impression.

Either way, I looked for a way  around this, and all you have to do is use the toolbar without downloading it. 

I don’t recommend downloading the tool bar, my brand new computer and screen seems to always flicker every time I attempt to download the toolbar. 

ToolBar Shows A Dangerous Page

Overall Effectiveness:

I believe Blog Profit Network can work for some. And, for others it might not work out for you.

I’ll explain….

If you’ve never ran a business. Or even thought of running a business.

And, if you’ve never done affiliate marketing before, then Blog Profit Network, could confuse you and or frustrate you.

In fact, it could cause you to lose your train of thought. Therefore, I don’t recommend this course for you. You’ll need more of a step by step training and I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for that. 

Other than that, the training videos are very helpful.

Plus, Marcus does try his best to make sure that you are on the same page as he is during all of his training. 

Should You Trust Blog Profit Network?

Let me put it this way, Blog Profit Network offers a lot of information but, it isn’t exactly for a complete beginner.

I do truly believe that you can receive a ton of value from Marcus, though.

But, with all the technical issues, this program is a hit or miss type of deal. 

Maybe Marcus just has bad programmers. Who knows?

In addition to the tech issues, you’ll experience some upsells that aren’t refundable. One is Simple Sites Big Profits.

With that said, should you trust BPN?

First, Blog Profit Network has been around for a long time. I found a review from a previous student way back in 2012.

So, apparently, the training has helped someone. 

Second, Blog Profit Network is not a scam. If you were to ask me if the training helped, me.

Yes, it has.

I’ve learned how to do major keyword research from Marcus. 

Thirdly, Marcus gives out free training every single week on YouTube.

How Does Blog Profit Network Compare To It's Competitors?


After considering several competitors, this is what I discovered. 

Blog Profit Network VS. Wealthy Affiliate


Blog profit network, offers weekly live calls on Tuesdays where Marcus answers everybody’s questions about their website, or anything else that you’re stuck with. 

All you have to do is leave your question within the blog profit network forum and Marcus will answer your question within 48 hours or on the following Tuesday live call.

By the way, if you forget to leave your question within the forum he’ll still answer your question on the Live call. 

The point is, I find that very helpful because he leaves no one’s questions unanswered. 

Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand, has a bigger community that offers weekly live calls on Friday’s.

With that in mind, it’s so many members within Wealthy Affiliate that Jay the Friday night trainer can only answer a handful of questions. 

Usually, it’s about 5 to 10 members who get their questions answered.

After that you’ll depend on the community for help. 

On top of all the above, Blog Profit Network isn’t as attractive as the Wealthy Affiliate forum. It appears outdated which can be a problem for some. 

Blogging Can Be Started Without Experience

Blog Profit Network vs Passive Income Geek


Blog Profit Network, training videos with the forum are pretty lengthy.

All of them are replays, and most of them are at least an hour long. 

Passive Income Geek training videos last about 20 to 45 minutes each. So, they are a lot shorter in length.

Both communities offer help, except for Marcus will make sure he is the one answering your questions.

Morten with Passive Income Geek does his best to answer you but, sometimes a community member will get to you before he does.

Blog Profit Network training is not organized as much as the Passive Income Geek course.

It’s a lot more confusing to navigate.

Final Thoughts Of Blog Profit Network


If you made it this far into the Blog Profit Network, you’re probably wondering why I gave the program an 85. 

The reason for the rating is, well, Marcus does give out a ton of value but, as a beginner learning to build a website I’m not sure if this program is easy to follow along.

The training videos aren’t organized in a step by step manner.

You’ll need to search for each step. The problem is, as a first time website builder, how would you know what step goes next?

Another thing, Marcus does show you how to set up a blog but, he doesn’t show you how to add your legal pages, which is definitely an important step, if you plan on using your blog for profits.

In addition to this, Marcus shows you a lot of tools that can help you make money with your blog but, I personally believe this can cause confusion for a beginner. 

In my opinion, some of these tools are not needed in the very beginning. 

On the other hand, the weekly live Tuesday calls are useful and I believe you can learn a lot. 

Any thoughts?


Well, that's all folks!

If not, do you have any questions that I can answer for you? Leave all comments or questions below.




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