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Welcome, to my Host Armada Review (2021). 

The only hosting that I’ve ever used was Yahoo Small Business which was a complete headache. 

And the other hosting I’m very familiar with is Wealthy Affiliate Hosting.

Our Rating Of Host Armada

Host Armada Service
Budget Friendly

Overall Summary: 

Before, I decided to write this Host Armada Review, I had all ready told the world about my  experience. At the end of this article you can find those two additional reviews.

The bottom line is Host Armada offers quality service with first class support. In this review you’ll find out why you should consider them as your hosting company.  

Host Armada Pros

  • Customer Service is First-Class
  • Lightning Fast Speed
  • Very Beginner Friendly
  • 24/7 Support

Host Armada Cons

  • Basic plan pricing Is approx. $0.33 per month Higher Than Competitors 

What Is Host Armada?

To make a long story short.

After deciding against BlueHost, at least for the moment. I decided to give Host Armada hosting a try. 

Founded in 2019, independently funded and privately owned. 

No doubt, Host Armada is one of the fastest growing hosting companies. and they’re the new kid on the block. 

But don’t let that stop you, because they have proven to be, just as reliable as, the other guys.

What Key Features Does Host Armada Offer?

There’s a few features that stood out which are listed below. 

9 DataCenters:

Geographically selected, Host Armada provides fast connectivity for your site. 

You’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that the availably of your website is not going to be an issue, because Host Armada’s uptime is, up to 99.9% 

Either way, after doing a tad bit of research, nine datacenters is way more than some of the other competitors had.

Host Armada 9 DataCenters

LiteSpeed Web Servers (Speed of Your Website Is Important!)

We all know that the speed of your site can effect many assets.

The faster your website, the higher your conversions. The better your SEO rankings, and your bounce rate can be drastically reduced. 

The point is, you don’t want to be caught with a website, the speed of a tortoise. 

With Host Armada hosting, you won’t have to worry about that. One of their key features is LiteSpeed Web Servers.

By the way, LiteSpeed Web Servers is one of the first to implement  HTTP/3

Yeah I know, all those techy words makes no sense but, it’s the same service that’s used by huge companies such as Facebook, Google, or Safari. 

In Layman’s terms Host Armada hosting offers technology that makes your website one of the fastest out there.

Benefits Of Having A Fast Loading Website

Daily Back-ups + Security Beyond Your Expectations

Impressively, Host Armada backs up every website at least 7 times a day. Some plans offer even more daily backups.

For example, this website that your viewing is backed up at least 21 times a day. 

Thanks to today’s technology, each Host Armada customer is protected across all servers from common code injections. By the way, common code injection is one of the most common attacks that a website owner can have.

Unfornately, you have people that are always up to no good. Hacking WordPress websites and infecting it with malware is a thing. 

But, with Host Armada hosting, all clients websites are scanned for malicious malware. 

Daily Backups And Security Beyond Your Expectations

Affordable Shared Hosting Plans

If this new kid on the block couldn’t get any better.

With 3- Shared hosting plans to choose from, 1- website transfer, and a 45 day money back guaranteed. What more can you ask for?

Another key feature of Host Armada is their low number of customer per servers, which would probably explain  one of the reasons behind the fast website speeds that you’ll receive.

Can the competitors say the same? 

Either way, you’ll always have 24/7/365 first-class human support. 

Support is handled by phone, or live chat. 

By the way, Host Armada team always talks to you like a friend, and that in itself shows how much they care about their customers. 

Host Armada Shared Hosting Plans

Why Should You Trust Host Armada?

First, they’re the first web hosting company that I’ve ever seen to boast about being transparent.

Host Armada believes that a relationship starts with trust. 

So, being transparent with it’s customers and employees creates the most thriving environment for both parties. And I have to admit they have a point.

Second, they’re always testing and implementing improvements within a 360 degree angle. 

Whatever they learn as a company, they also like to spread the wisdom to their customers. 

And third, with other well-known hosting companies, your hosting account is automatically cancelled if you abuse your hosting service.

In fact, another reason I decided against BlueHost hosting was because, when I inquired about the basic plan. 

My concern was uploading images. I’ve heard that if you upload too many images on a website, it could cause your hosting bill to go sky high. 

So, I expressed my concern with BlueHost chat support. Instead of them answering with care. They simply replied and advised me if, I were to upload too many images, then my account would be immediately canceled. 

Then my next question was, “Well, how would I know how many images is too many?” or ” Will, I be notified first before, you just immediately cancel my account?” and by the way “Do you guys give warnings before you go and cancel customers accounts?”

To my surprise the chat representative simply replied, “No!” “No, there will be no warning, your account will just be canceled. 

Talk about shocking!

The bottom line here is that’s certainly a risky way to run a business. With Host Armada though it’s the total opposite.

They want everyone from the crew to the customers to be happily satisfied. 

Instead of immediately canceling your account for hosting abuse. Steps of corrective action is given. 

The first step, is for Host Armada to explain to you where the problem exist. If no changes are made , then the hosting account is placed on suspended option.

I think that’s fair game. It’s certainly a lot better than just waking up to a canceled hosting account with no explanation. 

Satisfied Customers Superb Quality And Happy Crew

Host Armada Customer Support

If you’ve never used hosting before, don’t panic!

Host Armada will walk you through every step.

I purchased my domain name through NameCheap. (You can purchase your domain name from any domain registrar of your choice). 

From there, Host Armada, had me point my nameservers to the Armada Servers, and the rest was history. 

My site was up and running within minutes.

With that said, their customer support is superb. 

Host Armada Ease Of Use

If your anything like me  the thought of using  cPanel is scary.

All kinds of thoughts ran through my head. “What if I break something?” What if I have no clue what to do?”

Just stop!

Don’t do that to yourself… if you can read this article, that means you’ll do great.

Remember, I have never used cPanel before, and I think I did just fine.

Either way, cPanel is not that scary after all. And, if you ever get stuck customer support is always available. 

The bottom line is, Host Armada’s services is beginner and user friendly.   


How Does Host Armada Compare To It’s Competitors?

After considering several competitors, this is what I discovered. 

Host Armada VS. Wealthy Affiliate

Not  Standalone Hosting– I’ve used Wealthy Affiliate hosting for 3 years. It’s an in-house hosting, meaning the hosting comes with your affiliate marketing training that’s offered through Wealthy Affiliate .

So, honestly it’s a mystery how their hosting really works. I’m not sure if we can even really compare the two.

So, I asked the WA community for help and I guess it’s fair to say they also are not sure what exactly does Wealthy Affiliate hosting offers?

Anyhow, I love the hosting support that I  get with a site that I have hosted at Wealthy Affiliate.

Note: If anything goes wrong with your website, WA’s tech support will fix it while you go and attend to other things. Not too many hosting companies offer a luxury service like that.

In fact, I accidentally deleted my entire site once and Wealthy Affiliate tech support recovered the site within hours. 

I have to admit that the speed of my WA website could be a bit better. It isn’t the slowest on the internet but, it isn’t the fastest either. 

Either way, with Wealthy Affiliate ‘s Premium plan, you would have the capability to host up to 10 websites with 30GB website space. It appears that WA uses Amazon c3. servers. 

Did I mention that Wealthy Affiliate helps you transfer all websites for free?

Note: Wealthy Affiliate hosting doesn’t allow you to have access to cPanel. More on that in a later review.

So, if you are absolutely terrified to host a website on your own WA hosting could be for you. If you want more control over your cPanel then Host Armada is where you should host your site. 

What Exactly Does WA Hosting Offer

Host Armada VS. BlueHost

It was a tough decision between theses two. BlueHost is one of the most recommended hosting companies out there.

Plus, during my Blog Profit Network affiliate marketing training, BlueHost was recommended.

Either way, BlueHost is a standalone hosting, and offers more website space on their basic plan than both Wealthy Affiliate and Host Armada.

According to BlueHost, their website space is 50 GB SSD Storage.

As you can imagine the first impression, is always a lasting impression.  BlueHost customer support is iffy.

One day you may catch a great representative, and the next day you may not. Either way, it’s good to know that they are available 24/7.

BlueHost also offers 6 datacenters, 1 website transfer, and what servers they run on, I have know clue. 

If all else fails, and if you decide you don’t like BlueHost service they do offer a 3 to 30 day money refund. 

Final Thoughts Of This Host Armada Review

We’ve covered a lot today.  So, if you gotten this far into my Host Armada review, thank you for taking the time to read what I had to say. 

I currently use Host Armada hosting on this website, and will continue to use them for the next 3 years.

Sure they may be the baby in the hosting game but, that doesn’t matter when they can clearly stand up to the big dogs. 

I’m happy with their service, security, and website speed.

When I started this website I had no clue what to do or where to start.

Host Armada crew  took me by the hand and guided me every step of the way.

Something that was not so kindly offered elsewhere.

Also, as you can see in the image below my website speed is perfect.

If I wasn’t happy with Host Armada I would have never wrote this review. Or this one

So, what are you waiting for, will Host Armada be hosting your new site? If so, please let us know…

GTmetrix Website Speed For She Tried That.jpg

Well, that’s all folks!

I hope you have a better understanding of Host Armada.

If not, do you have any questions that I can answer for you? Leave all comments or questions below.

If you like Host Armada features, get started today.  



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