How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Followers?

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Do you need followers for affiliate marketing? The answer to that is “NO!”

You’ve probably heard some conflicting information when it comes to starting an affiliate marketing business.

The most popular belief is that you need a social media following to succeed in this online marketing business.

When in fact, its just a myth.

Despite common beliefs, there is a way to affiliate marketing without followers work.

In fact, there are affiliate marketers even today that believe social media is a huge distraction from their real affiliate marketing efforts. 

All things considered, today, you’ll learn some helpful ideas on how to do affiliate marketing successfully without followers. 

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Followers?

There are several ways you can do affiliate marketing if you have no following.

Below you will find a brief overview of how you can start affiliate marketing without followers.

  • Paid traffic campaigns
  • Use blog post
  • Ask an influencer for help
  • Social media platforms or online forums
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Make an eBook
  • Create Videos

Do You Need Followers For Affiliate Marketing?

No, you don’t need followers to do affiliate marketing. This is probably why affiliate marketing is becoming such a popular and attractive online business model.

It allows you to make money online from any location working during your own time.

The best news is that you can do this without having any prior experience or following.

There are a variety of medias that you can use to market your affiliate marketing products and services. 

What You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing With No Followers:

  • It’s not exactly easy, but possible!
  • It takes hard work and dedication to make money with affiliate marketing.
  • There are several marketing methods that you can use but, choose the method that fits you best.

Tools That You May Need To Get Started:

  • A niche.
  • An offer, product, or service related to your niche.
  • Organic traffic or paid traffic campaigns, it’s your choice.
  • A relevant affiliate marketing program or affiliate marketing network that fits your niche and future targeted audience.
  • You might need a domain name.
  • Keyword research tool can be helpful.
  • In some cases, you may need an email marketing platform.
  • You’ll also need the determination with a good attitude, whatever you do just don’t give up!

In the image below, I have searched up the word affiliate marketing, with a keyword research tool. As you can see the word affiliate marketing gets a ton of traffic.

SemRush Keyword Tool Showing The Word Affiliate Marketing

How Affiliate Marketers Get Started Without Followers?

First you must understand the basics of affiliate marketing. The best way to start affiliate marketing with no audience is to start a blog.

However, I understand that not everyone wants to start a website and that’s okay.

For that reason, you need to choose a niche. A niche that you like. Or at least can grow to love.

You’ll need to learn how to find keywords that are related to your product. Most affiliate marketers use a keyword tool.

And you’ll need to learn how to find and join the affiliate programs and affiliate networks that are related to your niche.

Finally, you’ll need to learn how to drive traffic to your product so that you can earn affiliate commissions.

1. Affiliate Marketing Using Paid Advertising

Paid traffic is a very popular model among many affiliates.

The affiliates that participate in this unattached affiliate marketing sphere love using paid traffic.

The justification being that free traffic is very slow and can takes months or even years to drive traffic using S.E.O.

Another reason, some affiliates enjoy this method is because, they have a chance of reaching a wider audience hoping to generate affiliate sales and leads.

All you do is pick a paid traffic platform, grab you affiliate links, and start promoting your offer.

You don’t need a following using this method because, your audience won’t even see you.

For that reason, paid advertising campaigns are a great way to start affiliate marketing if you have the budget, and the patience.

It can help you earn money pretty quickly if you know what you’re doing.

At the same time, it can cause you to waste a lot of money with no results to show.

Paid Advertising With Microsoft

2. The Next Big Thing Is To Try Blogging

Starting a blog or a website is the most powerful approach to generate affiliate sales.

With an affiliate website, you can learn to attract targeted traffic, and build a following due to search engine optimization.

As an affiliate who blogs, you can promote their affiliate links on their blog post.

It’s a more challenging approach than paid traffic because, you need to learn how organic traffic works first.

It’s also a whole lot slower process than other affiliate marketing methods.

You as the writer must come up with topics and create high quality blog post so that you can drive targeted search engine traffic.

As you continue to share your niche related content ideas on your affiliate website, you’ll attract a targeted audience, eventually establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

3. Social Media Influencers

You can always partner with influencers. They usually have a large following mostly on social media.

It’s a great way to promote your affiliate products because, with high quality content, the people are more likely to click on your affiliate links if they find your content useful.

The amount that the influencer charges you will depend on the product that you want to promote.

They’ll also charge you on how large there audience is. In general the larger the influencers audience is, the more they’re likely to charge you.

4. Social Media Platforms Or Online Forums

Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter you need to put out high quality content consistently and persuade an audience to follow you.

First you need to take caution, when promoting your affiliate links on social media.

Each social media platform has its own rules. Not all of them allow you to promote affiliate links freely.

Having said that, its the same way with online forums, many affiliate marketers will tell you its okay to promote affiliate links within Quora, while Quora’s writing policies say the complete opposite.

Quora Does Not Allow Affiliate Links

You’ll need to promote your affiliate links so that people can find you.

For this reason, most affiliate marketers use an affiliate landing page, which also requires you to get a domain.

There plenty of ways to get a domain name at an affordable price. Right now a reputable company called, Namecheap domain names as low as $0.88 per year.

A domain name will help cover your affiliate link, so that social media platforms can’t see them.

You’ll still want to read their rules before proceeding any further.

5. Automated Affiliate Using Email Marketing

Not only does email marketing allow an affiliate to build an email list and reach a larger audience.

It also allows the affiliate marketer to build a stronger relationship with their future customers, especially when you start sending out regular emails to their list.

You can use an automated software called an “Autoresponder.”

If you were to do affiliate marketing using an email autoresponder, you don’t need a following, instead you’ll be building an online presence through your email .

It’s a great way to build trust and stay at the top of your audience mind.

With email marketing, you’ll want to use an autoresponder service that allows affiliate marketers to promote their affiliate products and services.

The challenge with email marketing is that most people won’t just randomly give you their email address.

Therefore, you’re going to have to offer them something in return.

The more details you want from your potential customers, the more you’ll need to offer in value. For this reason, you can use the less-is-more-approach.

Offer them a checklist, eBook, or downloadable. And collect their name and email address only. 

6. eBook

You can make a desirable eBook. The good news is that you don’t have to write an entire Book to do the trick. You can write a short eBook and get things accomplished.

Your eBook should be related to your niche.

You can offer a report, interview, education, tutorials, or anything that your heart desires.

It must be high quality in order to get the job done.

Once you complete the eBook you can add your affiliate links within the content, and make it a PDF deliverable. A good resource to do this with is to use is Canva.

Canva has a free and paid option. It allows you to make almost anything.

Use Canva To Make eBooks

An eBook can be promoted with or without capturing emails.

However, I would suggest that you set up an email marketing system first, so that you can capture your leads.

Once you get the leads name and email, you’ll want to send your eBook in the early stages.

Please don’t forget to send your audience what you promised them.

This sets the tone for the rest of your interaction and future relationship with your email list.

7. Video Marketing Without Followers

Video marketing without followers can be done in several ways.

Most affiliates use YouTube, Facebook lives, or TikTok.

You want to create content that people will watch. Depending on your niche, you’ll need to choose the right platform.

For example, YouTube is where more serious and focused people tend to hang out because, the videos are longer than the average.

TikTok is a great platform, for shorter videos. And Facebook, is for certain markets.

You can share your videos on social media platforms or email them to your subscribers.

Video creation is a great way to build up an audience, but, it does take time to accomplish this all you need to do is pick your platform and start creating content. Eventually you will start to see results.

There’s No Dumb Questions Just Frequently Asked Ones:

Can You Do Affiliate Marketing Without Following?

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing with no followers.

Here are some tips:

Choose a niche that you love. You don’t want to get bored.

Create content. It needs to be content that attracts people.

Then you’re going to need to promote the content.

Don’t forget to sign up to affiliate programs, and grab your unique affiliate links. Make sure that they’re relevant to your niche and future audience.

Last patiently wait to see the results, you don’t want to stop three feet from gold. 

How To Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money And No Followers?

Here’s what you need to know. Affiliate marketing will take some type of investment. It can be both time and money.

The good news is that you can start affiliate marketing with very little money. As a matter of fact, affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make extra money online.

Therefore, if you don’t have money, no followers, and no website here’s a short list to help you get started.

Places like Clickbank allows you to join absolutely free, and you don’t need a website.

Besides that most affiliate programs are free to join.

Share A Sale is another place that you can start earning income. Flex offers allows you to start using your social profiles.

And you can join in-house affiliate programs such as Mango, they allow you to grab an affiliate link for absolutely free.

All you need to do after grabbing your affiliate links, is drive traffic by promoting your affiliate products.

You can use social media, a free email marketing service, or YouTube to help you get traffic results.

How Can A Beginner Start Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a great way for beginners to learn how to start an online business.

The good news is that you don’t need a following to get started.

You need to pick a niche. Do your research and enjoy the process. Then create content and start promoting your affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing may not be suitable for everyone.

First you need to consider a few things before you get started.

Do you have a particular topic, passion, hobby, or interest?

If not, are you willing to come up with one? Affiliate marketing is a little easier when you have a topic that you enjoy talking about.

It helps create useful and engaging content. Plus, it make the process less challenging.

Second, are you willing to put in work?

Despite what it looks like, affiliate marketing does take time and effort to become successful.

You’ll need to learn how to create content this comes with practice. Then promote your affiliate links and track your results.

Third, are you okay with working form home?

Affiliate marketing is a way for you to make money whether its a side income, full time, part time or seasonal income.

It’s a great way to learn how to build an online business. Besides that you’ll have to be okay with working from home. 

Last but not least, are you comfortable with risk?

Like any other business model, affiliate marketing comes with no guarantees that you’ll make any money.

Therefore, there’s always a risk that you’ll work your buns off and never see any returns on your investments.

As I mentioned earlier, this is not something just associated with the affiliate marketing business model, risk comes with any business model.

If you can answer “Yes” to all the above questions then I think you’ll do great starting affiliate marketing even without followers. 

How to become An Affiliate Marketer Without a social media following?

To become an affiliate marketer without social media following is possible. There are a lot of affiliate marketers that have no social media following at all.

In fact, there are many affiliate marketers that think social media completely sucks.

So, here are a few tips in getting started with affiliate marketing and no social media following.

Start A Website

Create a website writing high quality content, and focus on mastering search engines. This is by far the best way to get started if you have the patience to learn it.

If you have affiliate products that you are ready to promote. You can sign up to Udimi.

It’s a place where solo ad providers sell clicks to their email list. In other words, you’ll pay the ad seller for clicks.

The solo ad owner will then send your product out to their large email list. This method should be used with caution because results are not guaranteed.

Create A Course
If you have an affiliate product, you can teach a course on how to use that product. For that reason, you’ll sign up to Udemy and start selling your courses.

For example, if you know how email marketing works, hosting, or affiliate landing pages work.

You can create a course teaching an audience about the tools you use to accomplish this. On the back end Udemy has an affiliate program.

Pin It

I almost forgot! You can use Pinterest. Besides, SEO this is my favorite method: Pinterest!

It’s not a social media platform. Pinterest is a search engine.
It’s also a way to build up traffic and an audience.

Pinterest can be a goldmine if you learn how to use it properly.

Learning to master this platform, will definitely help you make the most out of that platform because you do not want to get suspended or shadow banned.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Followers

Final Thoughts

Yes, you can start affiliate marketing without followers.

A few key take aways that you need to consider is that affiliate marketing is a real business model.

It does take time to build a profitable business with or without a following. Please don’t expect results overnight.

Having said that, you should be patient, persistent, and enjoy yourself because, if you don’t you’re less likely to stick with your plans.

Besides, every affiliate started as a beginner, you’ll learn and get better as you go.

Now you want to get started working for yourself.

Go out and find a niche that you’re passionate about, pick a traffic source that fits you best because you’re going to need eyeballs on your product.

Start creating content that your proud of, test, adjust, and repeat.

I can’t wait to here your thoughts below. Did you get started in affiliate marketing with no followers? Share your questions, comments, or thoughts below. 

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