Concerned About Simple Sites Big Profits?

Simple Sites Big Profits

Welcome to my Simple Sites Big Profits Review!

If you’re concerned about this program you’ve landed in the right place.

I’m going to give you my personal experience as a Simple Sites Big Profits member.

A Real Members Review

Proof Of Purchase For Simple Sites Big Profits

First off, this review is not based on research, fluff, theory, or an opinion.

As you can see above, I’ve actually purchased this course.

Therefore, the information that you’re going to learn is based on my personal experience, and it’s my person opinion.

Simple Sites Big Profits Cost:

I’m not the creator of this product, Marcus Campbell is. Therefore, the cost of Simple Sites Big Profits is always subject to change.

When I purchased this product, I paid $797.00. However, I’ve seen the course for as high as $1277 one time fee, and 4 payment of $497.00.

Our Rating Of Blog Profit Network

Simple Sites Big Profits Training: 4/5
Customer Service Support: 3.75/5
Beginner & User Friendly: 2.5/5

Overall Summary:
Simple Sites Big Profits, is a training product that teaches you how affiliate marketing works. You get weekly live training webinars with Marcus, and access to Blog Profit Network.

What Is Simple Sites Big Profits?

Simple Sites Big Profits, is supposed to be a high ticket niche, where Marcus holds your hand and coaches you for at least 16 weeks.

The confusing part to me is the word High Ticket niche, and I explain that within the cons area of this article.

Anyhow, Marcus does host live weekly webinars that are offered on Wednesday’s around 2pm CST.

During those live calls Marcus gives a group of people at least an hour or two of training. After the training, he opens up the call for any questions or concerns.

Marcus doesn’t leave until everyone’s concerns are addressed.

In addition to the live weekly calls, you’ll get access to a training platform that hosts previous training videos that Marcus has done.

To be straightforward, I’ve experienced issues with the product from the start.

Confused About The Simple Sites Big Profit Membership

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Simple Sites Big Profits?

Pro #1 – Key Word Research

Marcus does keyword research really well. In fact, he’s the only marketer that I’ve ever taken a course with that shows you in depth on how to do keyword research properly.

Learning how to dig deep for keywords is one of the keys to gaining successful traffic to your website. By using his keyword research methods, you’ll learn how to find many keywords for your niche, even if it’s competitive. Plus, you’ll learn how to find other niches.

Pro# 2- Tons Of Information To Learn

Simple Sites, Big Profits, is a bit confusing but, after you learn how to navigate the system to the best of your ability.

You’ll definitely learn that Simple Site Big Profits does offer some golden nuggets.

Each training video is at least 35 minutes up to 2 and half hours long.

Pro #3- He Teaches Over 7 Different Ways To Get Traffic

If you’ve never blogged before, then you’re probably not too familiar with the long wait that you’ll have experience when it comes to ranking a website and gaining traction to it.

SEO takes a very long time before you see anything happen.

In fact, you’ll start to think that you’re doing things wrong but, in actuality if you’ve followed any decent blogging course, you’re most likely doing things properly, it’s just part of the SEO waiting game.

In any event, Marcus shows you over 7 different ways to drive traffic to your website.

Strengths Weaknesses Pros And Cons

Cons #1 – High Ticket Niche Confusion

The words high ticket niche is a bit misleading in my opinion.

You’d think Marcus has niches lined up that are actually high ticket. That’s not the case.

During your live weekly training, you’ll be asked what are your personal interests or ideas. Marcus then takes your responses and throws out a random niche for you.

Not necessarily is the niche going to be high ticket though.

For instance, I told Marcus I had an IT degree, I’m a veterans wife, love to cook, save money, travel, and I had 10 kids.

Marcus’ niche for me was to start a YouTube channel but not to display my children.

What niche is that? The parenting niche or what?

And if I’m not displaying my kids which I didn’t plan on doing anyhow. Then what do I talk about on my YouTube channel? I received no answers.

This also brings me to what about a blog?

He never mentioned what I should start a blog on?

On the hand, within the Simple Sites Blog Profits, there’s training over how to find a niche.

The confusion that I’m experiencing is when I joined Simple Sites Blog Profits, I understood that Marcus would be hand picking the niche for us.

Needless, to say Marcus advised me during that live coaching that he would help me find a niche after the meeting and he never did.

His famous line is to contact support, which I did, and I never got anywhere.

I just found myself going in circles.

Either way, check out what this guy has to say.

Con #2 – He Doesn’t Return Phone Calls

On his website, there’s an option to call him, if you have questions.

I knew not to waste his time, but, I had a real question before I even purchased the product because, I was that confused.

I called him at 1-800-893-0675 to ask questions in regards to his two products, Simple Sites Big Profits and Blog Profit Network.

I didn’t understand which product was best. Needless to say, he didn’t answer or return my call. I never received a response.

Here’s the concern that I have, if this happened to me, I can only imagine how many beginners took or will take this course and get stuck.

Firstly, I was not given a hand picked niche. However, I did find a few niche ideas through Marcus training platform.

I can also testify that I did see him help some people pick a niche.

So, there you have it.

Furthermore, I later discovered that maybe Marcus meant a high ticket niche was actually when he upsold you high priced domains that are located on one of his websites, which brings me to the next point.

Cons #3 – Domain Purchase from

So, during live calls Marcus always encourages people to purchase a domain from the above website. I did purchase a domain which cost me $100.00.

According to Marcus, we should be able to re-sell the domains located on that site for more than what we paid for it.

To answer your curious minds.

Yes, he has shown us where to sell the domain but, no he hasn’t shown us exactly how to re-sell the domain.

Therefore, that domain still rests in my NameCheap account until I figure it out.

On top of that, after purchasing the $100 domain, Marcus mentions if anyone on the call purchases a domain from for more than $500.00, you’ll get a niche blueprint. Plus, an 1 hour call with him because the domains that cost over $500.00 are high ticket niches.


Just Maybe that’s where the high ticket niche confusion comes in at?

I didn’t purchase the $500.00 domain.

If that’s the case in my opinion, that’s misleading.

Con #4 – Too many technical issues

I have this love hate relationship with Simple Sites Big Profits, because the training that you receive from Marcus is good and most of it does work.

However, the product itself (the training portal), his website, and tools will cause you a huge headache.

And for a beginner that’s the worst thing to experience. It’ll just cause frustration which may cause you to give up, and we don’t want that.

Either way, there’s so many broken links within the training program that you’ll start to think that you’re getting scammed.

In addition to this, there’s material that I was told that I would receive and never did. When I asked support about it, it was not directly addressed.

To top all of the frustration off, I was double charged on a domain purchase that took about a week going back and forth with support before it was refunded.

Charged Twice For One Domain

Cons #5 – The Refund Policy Is Strict

I want to make sure this is clear as possible because, this is definitely a con. There’s no refund.

Sure, Marcus explains this to you upfront. In fact, he’ll tell you that you must work hard to make this work, and that’s true.

But, receiving a product that doesn’t work fully as expected is a no go.

I purchased this course knowing there was a huge risk because there was no refund. I was okay with that but, not okay with a product that didn’t work to its fullest capacity.

Cons #6 – Customer Support Isn’t Continuous

From my understanding getting customer support for Simple Sites Big Profits isn’t a long term thing.

According to my Simple Sites Big Profits training dashboard, receiving support isn’t promised forever.

As you can see in the image below, I’m prompted to activate my support link.

When I activate the support link, it redirects me to Blog Profit Network, which is a program that I receive for free for the next 6 months only.

After that if I want to continue receiving support, and training I must commit to $77.00 per month.

Simple Sites Big Profits Support Activation

Is Simple Sites Big Profits A Scam?

Although, there’s some things that I don’t agree with. Plus, I’ve had many technical issues, I can tell you from first hand experience that Simple Sites Big Profits is not a scam.

In fact, Simple Sites Big Profits has helped people in the past.

What Key Features Does Simple Sites Big Profits Offer?

Key Feature #1 – Pay Per Click Mastery Course

Surprisingly, Marcus shows you how to run paid Google Ads. The impressive part is he’ll break down how Google AdWords actually works. And how you can use it to potentially make money using it.

Of course, you want to make sure you’re utilizing some sort of click tracking software before you attempt this traffic method.

However, if you never ran paid ads before, do keep in mind that you can lose a lot of money using this method.

Key Feature # 2 – The Live Weekly Webinars

Despite all the mishaps with this program, I do enjoy the weekly live webinars. Marcus, does offer his support to the best of his ability. During the webinars, you’ll learn methods that you may have not learned before. The guy has been doing this for well over 20 years.

Key Feature #3 – The Way He Teaches

Okay so, Marcus may not be the best software creator. As you have learned I’ve experienced numerous tech issues. but, he does really well with video marketing.

He also can deliver training to you in ways other marketers can not. The way he breaks some of his information down just makes a lot of sense.

Our Review Of Simple Sites Big Profits

Simple Sites Big Profits Customer Support

For the most part the customer service is good. There was only one or two times, where I feel like my question was not answered fully. If the support team, doesn’t know the answer.

Tina doesn’t leave you hanging. Instead, she’ll usually let you know that she’ll find out more information for you, which I think is a great way to handle support.

Simple Sites Big Profits Ease Of Use

In my opinion, Simple Sites, Big Profits, should be re-organized in a more friendlier way.

I found it to be difficult to navigate through the training program.

It’s not the most difficult to use but, it’s also not the easiest to use.

Safety Issues:

As far as, your personal data being at risk. I don’t have that type of concern but, I’ve come across a few warnings where my computer software has warned me to not proceed.

When I see that warning I don’t proceed. Therefore, I’ve never experienced any safety issues.

Overall Effectiveness:

At the end of the day, any decent affiliate marketing training can be really effective. It’s not the training that will get you the results. It’s your actions that will help you get the results. The training is a tool that helps you understand what you’re doing and it can help fill in the missing puzzle pieces.

Either way, I believe there’s other programs out there that will help you get started online without all the technical issues.

The technical issues alone can cause confusion.

Once a beginner gets frustrated and confused, they lose trust and end up quitting.

Should You Trust Simple Sites Big Profit?

This is a tough question because I’ve experienced a ton of tech issues.

I haven’t received all the products that I was promised.

I forgot to mention that, when I joined Simple Sites Big Profits, I never received my logins, which I was supposed to receive within 1 hour, according to his website.

I had to contact support and let them know that I was still waiting.

My Support Message To Simple Sites Big Profits

In fact, many tools didn’t work.

Plus there is no refund option.

On top of all this Marcus will continue to upsell you into further products.

For example, you’ll need to purchase an autoresponder. He recommends Aweber, if you sign up to them, you’ll receive his email swipes. Signing up to Aweber in’t the issue.

The issue is, you definitely do not need an autoresponder right away unless, you have traffic to your website.

Then on the flip side, I enjoy learning some of the methods that Marcus teaches.

So, should you trust it?

Heck, that’s almost like buying a luxury car. All the features don’t work and there’s no refund or warranty. I’d say it’s a risk.

Simple Sites, Big Profits definitely is legit but, it’s a huge risk!

  • Not to mention this but, it’s not the cheapest affiliate marketing training online.
  • In my opinion, it’s not beginner friendly.

Making money online is a learned process.

For some it will take a lot of trial and error before you get the entire concept of how all this works.

  • Also, the price that you invest into this course is definitely not worth it when there’s platforms out there with no tech issues at all.

The bottom line is, If you’re interested in any of Marcus products, I would recommend the Blog Profit Network because there’s a refund option.

If you decide that it’s not for you, there’s no risk. Just ask for a refund.

How Does Blog Profit Network Compare To It’s Competitors?

Blog Profit Network VS. Simple Sites Big Profits

If I were to compare Marcus two products together.

I’d say that there’s mass confusion.

Since I purchased the high ticket niche product from the jump. I’m not sure what exactly you’ll get if you purchase the Blog Profit Network by itself.

They both have training videos, where it’s different. Simple Sites Big Profits doesn’t allow you to comment or ask questions below the training video.

  • Simple Sites Big Profits also has more training videos than BPN.

In either case, Simple Sites Big Profits live weekly meetings are held on Wednesdays while Blog Profit Network is held on Tuesdays.

Although I’ve learned new skills on the live webinars I don’t know what the difference is between, the Tuesday live webinar and the Wednesday live webinars.

Simple Sites Big Profits Has Been Around Since 2016

Frequently Asked Questions About Simple Sites Big Profits

Is there a payment plan?

Last time I checked there was a payment plan available.

If I start a payment plan can I pay off the balance at any time?

Yes, you can! Just contact support and they’ll let you know what to do.

Is there a refund option for Simple Sites Big Profits?

Marcus takes all his material, courses, and refunds seriously. You can not get a refund with this course. If you’re not okay with that, do not risk your hard earned money.

Final Thoughts Of Simple Sites Big Profits

If you read this entire post, first off thank you for taking the time to do that.

Secondly, as you’ve recently learned I have this confusing outlook about Simple Sites Big Profits.

On one hand, it does offer tons of valuable training. I do believe you can learn from Marcus but, please be warned that you’ll be disappointed to discover that many of the tools within the training platform doesn’t work.

Then again! Maybe since I’ve warned you, you’ll have a better expectation.

Anyhow, there’s many broken links within the trianing platform and on the affiliate marketing dude website.

Another concern is that, you may not get all the tools that you were promised.

In fact, I’m still waiting on a PDF book that I was supposed to get.

Not the biggest issue but, heck it would have been nice to receive.

The bottom line is Simple Sites Big Profits would have been a really great training program if all the tools worked without errors.

Who knows maybe Marcus is working on it.

Any thoughts?

Welp, that’s all folks!
Do you have any questions? Leave all comments or questions below.



2 thoughts on “Concerned About Simple Sites Big Profits?”

  1. Hi Kisha,
    Thank you for managing my expectation for the Simple Sites Big Profit Course. I was just wondering if you were still in the program. What do you think of the Plugins that come with the course? Do they still work if you cancel membership?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Ann,

      Sorry about the late reply. About the plug-ins? That’s a great question!

      Yes, I am still a member. When I purchased the product, I was told it gives you life-time access to the material but, not to the live weekly calls. Unfornately, I have never used the plugins within this course. So, I’m not sure if you can still use the plug-ins afterwards. Or if you canceled membership. Either way, I will do my best to find out, once I find out I can update this post.

      I’ll also know by 11/2021 if I’ll still have access to Simple Sites because, according to my membership that is when my weekly live webinars are to expire. I hope this helps and thank you for stopping by!

      Have a great day ahead!


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