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In this guide you can expect to learn:

  • 3 Pro Skills that you’ll learn with the alternatives
  • 3 Cons that you may want to consider
  • Our best Wealthy Affiliate Alternative for 2021

Table of Contents

#1 – Blog Simple FrameWork (Our Top Pick)

Creator: Paul Scrivens

Beginner Friendly: Yes, and it’s even better for those who are stuck!

Budget Friendly: Yes

If you’re new to blogging and don’t mind putting in a little work, Blog Simple FrameWork may be for you. Within this course, Scrivs teachers his students how to become a 6-figure blogger.

How Does Simple Blog FrameWork Measure Up To Wealthy Affiliate?

With the Simple Blog FrameWork course you’ll learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

Scrivs is for those bloggers that do not want to just blog. No, you want to do more than blog! You want to create a product and sell it.


3 - Pro Skills

  • Learn how to brand your business?
  • Learn how to Identify who your hero is?
  • And learn how to solve your hero’s problems?

3 - Cons To Consider

  • No Hosting Provided 
  • The Community isn’t as helpful as WA.
  • You’re not focused on affiliate marketing alone.

On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t focus on selling your own product.

So, selling your own product, branding your business, and identifying who your hero is- are skills that you’ll learn within Blog Simple Framework. 

By the way, I’m sure there’s training within Wealthy Affiliates community regarding the creation of your own product. However, the information will not be easily accessible as within this course. 

Another great feature about Blog Simple FrameWork is that it’s updated on a regular basis.

Even if you’ve invested years ago.

So, if creating your own product is something you fancy.

You’ll be excited to learn how to create landing pages, make simple video creations, funnels and so much more.

If you’d like read our full review on Blog Simple FrameWork.

#2 – Digital Business Prep (Best High-End)

Creator: Shane Dutka

Beginner Friendly: Yes if you can follow along

Budget Friendly: Yes

There’s tons to learn within Digital Business Prep. So if you chose to go this route get ready to learn lots. There’s tons of bonuses given within this course that I’m sure you’ll love. 

How Does Digital Business Prep Measure Up To Wealthy Affiliate?

Shane has created several successful blogs within many different niches. In fact, he’s recently sold a million dollar blow within the pest control niche. 

Digital Business Prep is a course that will teach you how to be a great affiliate marketer without wasting time on things that do not matter.

3 - Pro Skills

  • Learn to find products for your niche and how to choose profitable affiliate programs.
  • Learn where to sell your website for profits?
  • How to outsource when you just don’t have time to write yourself?

3 - Cons To Consider

  • You’ll need to invest into hosting.
  • It’s a fast paced course.
  • Some tools may be expensive

Either way, Shane literally walks you through how to select a profitable niche. Pick products for that niche. And start promoting.

Within this course, there is no b’sing around. Shane gets straight to the point.

#3- Blog Profit Network (Awesome Value)

Creator: Marcus Campbell

Beginner Friendly: Not unless you have a little knowledge under your belt

Budget Friendly: Yes

The best part about Blog Profit Network is Marcus personal team will assist you via email. So, if you have a question they have answers.  You’ll love the personal response that you’ll receive from Tina. She’s one of the the team members that you’ll hear from the most. 

How Does Blog Profit Network Measure up To Wealthy Affiliate?

Blog Profit Network is certainly underrated.

Besides, the layout, the look, and organization of this site.

Blog Profit Network is ran by a 21-year expert. According to Marcus ugly sites make money too and I’m starting to believe him.

He’s built countless successful websites within many different niches. And the appearance of his websites isn’t what made him successful.

It’s his extensive knowledge that he has with affiliate marketing.

Marcus uses his valuable time and teaches others how to do the same.

Do you have to be an expert yourself to join this program?

No, he teaches complete beginners. Even if you’re not a beginner Marcus helps those people who need a completely clear path.

Without, a shadow of doubt you’ll learn something new from this expert. The majority of blog profit network course material is at least an hour long.

Marcus doesn’t hold back or hide any methods. He will literally teach you new valuable skills, if you’re willing to learn. 

The downside to Blog Profit Network is Marcus doesn’t teach you from the complete beginning. Like how to set up your website. So, that can be a major problem. 

His sites also has some major technical issues, which can totally throw a beginner off but, I have to admit if you had a little knowledge of how affiliate marketing worked, Marcus can teach you a ton of information. 

3 - Pro Skills

  • In my opinion, he’s one the best keyword researchers and he’ll show you how to do the same.
  • Learn to think and research like a business owner and not a consumer
  • Learn how to search for high ticket niches.

3 - Cons To Consider

  • Navigation of the course can be difficult.
  • Some links within the course do not work.
  • BlueHost is the only recommended hosting.
  • His refund process takes a long time.

Of course, any new skills takes time and practice but with Marcus expert help, you’ll learn how it’s all done within no time.

As an added bonuses every Tuesday, Marcus holds a weekly coaching call for all Blog Profit Network members. So, make sure to join each call or you’ll miss out on a lot of golden nuggets.

Final Thought Of Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives

Alright, that’s all folks!

Are you still looking for Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives? Have you ever tried Wealthy Affiliate? If so, what were your concerns with Wealthy Affiliate or the Alternatives?

By the way all three alternatives listed above have been tried, tested, and approved. In other words, their legit opportunities. Either way, you’re awesome for reading this entire post.

Thank you so much, guys! To your continued success and beyond… 



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