The Best Affiliate Programs for Books: A Top 11 List

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Whether you’re just starting out in the world of affiliate marketing.

Or you already have a well-established book blog. 

At the end of the day, all that matters – is helping your readers find their preferred textbook solutions.

Quick List of the Best Affiliate Programs for Books

  • Abe Books
  • Amazon
  • Better World Books
  • Bigger Books
  • Bookroo
  • Chronicle Books
  • Indigo
  • Speedyhen
  • Waterstones
  • Wordery
  • World of Book

If you love books, we’ll talk about what you can do today so that you can figure out how to turn your love of books into money.

Let’s Dive in!

AbeBooks Affiliate Program

AbeBooks Website

Source: AbeBooks


Established in 1995, Yes, Abe Books sells, both new and used books – from rare books and out-of-print books to collectibles.

The book affiliate program will allow you to promote millions of books through their online book store.

There’s also a Win! Win! for both you and your audience.

You as the affiliate can earn passive income.

While your audience, has the ability to earn extra money, if they were to sell their books back.

Either way, AbeBook store is a subsidiary of Amazon.

What About Book Shipping Options For Your Audience?

Each order varies. Some order have free shipping options.

Why Should You Promote It?

As I mentioned earlier its a win-win for the both of you. You can join, AbeBook affiliate program for free.

As for your audience, their are many affordable books, and they’re sold by different sellers.

In many cases the books are more affordable than Amazon.

As you may know Book Depository offered millions of books, well they will soon no longer exist?

AbeBooks, is loved by many people such as homeschooling families, some of them rely on AbeBooks to find their hardest to find school books.

As a result, this affiliate program would be a great option for any book lover.

Impact Radius is the affiliate network thatt you need to join. The best news about that is they have a lot of other affilaite opportunities so that you to monetize your website.

What Is Your Affiliate Commissions ? 5% for each qualifying sales.

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Their Official Website: AbeBooks

Affiliates Enroll here (AbeBooks Books Affiliate): AbeBooks Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program

Learn All The Ways To Earn With Amazon

Source: Amazon


Today, Amazon is the largest online e-commerce shop which was started by Jeff Bezos in his garage. Amazing, right?

I believe at this point, we all hear about Amazon so much, that I don’t have to bore you to tears here. I’m sure you know the rest of the Amazon story.

What About Book Shipping Options For Your Audience?

Many of Amazon sellers offer free shipping.

Why Should You Promote It?

With Amazon affiliate program, you can join for free. Amazon is also very beginner friendly.

In fact, its the affiliate program, that most beginners learn how to promote products.

After joining Amazon as an associate, you’d take your Amazon affiliate links and share any book that your heart desires.

Please note with Amazon, you will need to make 3 sales within 180 days.

So, its best to have your blog setup with at least 30 posts and decent traffic, before you apply to this program.

What Are The Affiliate Commissions? For physical books you’ll receive 4.5% commission per qualified sale. Kindle eBooks, you will receive 4.00% and audible books, you will receive $0.50.

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

Their Official Website: Amazon Books

Amazon Affiliates: Future Amazon Affiliate join here

Better World Books Affiliate Program

Better World Books Website

Source: Better World Books


Better Books is one of a kind. They have a massive selection.

New books, Used Books, and a Bulk of Books where your customers could purchase the following:

  • Box of Books (est. 22 Books)
  • A half pallet of books (est. 440 Books)
  • A pallet of books (est. 1200 Books)
  • A Container of Books (est. 10,000 Books)

Also, they have a bargain bin. They truly believe that knowledge is power.

So, if you have an audience full of book lovers and they crave knowledge, I don’t think you’ll go wrong with this new edition to your own bookshop affiliate program line up.

What About Book Shipping Options For Your Audience?

When a customer order over $15 of product, standard free shipping is included.

Why Should You Promote It?

Your audience would be rewarded with coupons, discounts, and additional offers.

For every $1 they spend, it’ll earn them 8 points – after a certain accumulation those points can be turned into coupons.

Consequently making you more sales.

Above all, you will receive promotional tools, that work with any email or website.

What Are Your Affiliate Commissions? As an affiliate you could earn anywhere from 5% to 8% on each sale.

Cookie Duration: unknown, this information will be found once you go through the application process with Commission Junction application approval.

Their Official Website: Better World Books

Better World Books Affiliate: Join Commission Junction Here

Bigger Books Affiliate Program

Bigger Books Website

Source: Bigger Books


Bigger Books makes it simple, for college or high students to order their most needed textbooks.

With this company, your book readers, would have two textbook solutions.

They can either purchase a book outright. Or use the textbook rentals.

Bigger Books has been around since 2001, and they are one of the “Premier Retailers” for high schoolers and college books.

In addition to that not only would you earn a passive income. Your audience would too because, Bigger Books, offers deals on used textbooks.

What About Book Shipping Options For Your Audience?

They offer all kinds of shipping.

Free shipping is offered on orders over $59.00. The best part is there’s fast turnarounds.

Why Should You Promote It?

This is one of those book affiliate programs where you’ll want to look into because, they are one of the fastest growing book affiliate programs in the industry

You’ll have the options of ready-made banners, and promotional material.

Along with a dedicated in-house affiliate sales and management team which can help maximize your earnings.

Furthermore, you would receive support as an affiliate, with possible custom coupons, optimized landing pages, customer creatives, and competitively priced books.

What Are The Affiliate Commissions? There are two ways to join this program. You can decide to go with CJ or ShareaSale.

Commissions starting from 5% on Commission Junction by Conversant.

And 5.5% if you were to join ShareaSale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Their Official Website: Bigger Books

Bigger Book Affiliate (Commission Junction Affiliate Publisher): Request Your Affiliate Links Here

Alternative to Commission Junction (ShareASale): Book Affiliate Links With ShareASale

Bookroo Affiliate Program

Bookroo Website

Source: Bookroo


It’s amazing how you can take a passion of books and turn it into a source of income.

Bookroo was started by a soon to be mom, and her husband- living in a studio apartment.

Mrs. Tiffany found it challenging to grow her at home library – due to the lack of space.

So, long story short she teamed up with her sister in laws and the three of them became a book team.

Today, Bookroo is an award wining kids book club.

Their book lovers are from 0-12 years old. This online books store can be life-changing for many parents, kids, and educators alike.

Furthermore, each month a selection of books, are sent out to the families so that they can happily fill their bookshelves with these hidden book gems.

Bookroo has over 35,000 books on their platform.

The best part is none of the books have to be returned. So, good news the kids get to keep them.

What About Book Shipping Options For Your Audience?

Shipping from this company is anywhere in the US for $4.99 per box which also includes APO and DPO shipping.

Why Should You Promote It?

If your committed to promoting, a strong reading family, then this is the place for you.

They offer free products to you + access to discounts which you can personally use for yourself, family, or friends.

In addition to that, as a Bookroo affiliate you’ll be the first to know about any promotions this company is offering.

In addition to that, you’ll have a support team, which you can reach at

Above all, get access to an optimized landing page, which includes affiliate tracking. And earn the chance of commission rate increases with cash bonuses.

What Are The Affiliate Commissions? Starts at 10% coupled with rate increases and cash bonuses.

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Their Official Website: Bookroo

Affiliates Go Here (Bookroo Affiliates): Learn More About Bookroo Affiliation Here

Chronicle Books Affiliate Program

Chronicle Books Website

Source: Chronicle Books


Chronicle books is an independent bookstore and publisher based in San Fransico.

They have a 4 story building where the entire headquarters is made with the magic of books.

They offer best selling books, children’s books, stationary items, and gifts.

What about Book Shipping Options For Your Audience?

Their ground shipping ranges from $4.99 up to $24.99 on all orders.

Anything above $25.00 minus discounts, shipping will be free.

Why Should You Promote It?

Chronicles books are found throughout the world.

Therefore, they have a well-established online book shop. They also allow their affiliates to link to their products.

Furthermore, this company managers their affiliate links within an affiliate marketing network called LinkShare.

You can offer your audience discounts on certain genres.

What Are The Affiliate Commissions? up to 100%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Their Official Website: Chronicle Books

Affiliates (Chronicle Book Affiliates): Become a Chronicle Affiliate Partner

Indigo Affiliate Program

Indigo Website

Source: Indigo


With Indigo being Canada’s largest online book shop, and it was established in 2006, they are a great source to consider.

Although they had a recent ransomware attack. You still might want to get to know them a little better.

It’s impressive to learn how they became the leading bookstore.

Of course, Indigo believes in protecting their customers information.

So, on February 8, 2023, the bookstore was shut down immediately to protect their customers data. Today, they have successfully resumed business as usual.

What About Book Shipping Options For Your Audience?

They have two shipping options.

Shipping is free to your customers, if their orders are over $35.00.

Moreover, they have a completely free everyday shipping option which I’ll explain below.

If your audience loves this online bookstore and becomes a member, they’ll enjoy free membership as a Plum member.

Plum members receive free shipping with orders over $35.00.

Or they can become a Plum Plus Member, which will allow them to save an extra 10% on almost everything that they purchase, while enjoying the VIP status. 

Regardless, if your audience is a Plum or Plum Plus member, both can earn 5 points on almost every dollar spent.

Both memberships will also receive access to future promotions and events.

The difference between the two is that Plum Plus members will pay a $39.00 annual fee, to gain access to their everyday free shipping benefits.

According to Indigo, there is no minimum spend. 

On the other hand, Plum members are required to meet a certain order spend before enjoying the privileges of free shipping.

Why Should You Promote It?

Besides them having a mobile app.

Customers can chat 24/7 for immediate assistance.

Or call 1-833-463-4461 for phone support.

Your audience will have the option of picking up their books at a local store. Or they could choose to have the book shipped directly to their home.

Above all, French language resources are available.

Along with a top 10 book list, with some of the most anticipated books.

Indigo also prides themselves in having daily updates with the best selling products.

What Are The Affiliate Commissions? Commissions can range from 2% -5%

Cookie Duration: Unknown

Their Official Website: Indigo Books And Music

Affiliates (Commission Junction Affiliate Publisher): Become An Indigo Affiliate Here

SpeedyHen Affiliate Program

SpeedyHen Website

Source: SpeedyHen


SpeedyHen offers millions of books.

In fact, they’ve been round since 2009, offering physical books, eBooks, audiobooks, DVDs and Blu-ray, plus Music etc.…

By the way, if you’re customer resides in London their order shipping is free.

It’s also good to know that SpeedyHen spreads their wings on other platforms such as Amazon Marketplace, AbeBooks, eBay, or Rakuten.

What About Book Shipping Options For Your Audience?

Currently they offer worldwide shipping.

However, international orders will use their local services and be charged thir local shipping service fee.

Why Should You Promote It?

When you promote books, SpeedyHen, company strives to ensure that all of your products that you’re promoting are competitively priced.

In addition to that you will be able to get support as an affiliate.

What Are The Affiliate Commissions? Unknown – you will have to check with the Flexoffer affiliate network.

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Their Official Website: SpeedyHen

Affiliates join (FlexOffers): Flex Offer Book Affiliate Links Found Here

Waterstones Affiliate Program

Waterstones Website

Source: Watersones


Waterstones is the leading book specialist.

After being established in 1982, it’s no surprise that they have a massive book selection. Either way, they’re the icon of a British Cultural bookshop.

What About Book Shipping Options For Your Audience?

They are currently offering free delivery, when customer selects it at checkout.

This applies to all UK orders if the order is over £25.

Why Should You Promote It?

If you have a websites, this may be the book affiliate program for you.

It’s easy and free to join. Waterstones offers discounts to your audience.

Once you grab your book affiliate links, banners, and become familiarized with their fully optimized product feed which offers over 75,000 best-selling products.

You can rest assured all the rest is handled by Waterstones.

If you ever get confused or have questions about this local bookstores affiliate marketing program, they are managed by

What Are The Affiliate Commissions? Generous commissions and bonus incentives.

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Their Official Website: Waterstsones

AWIN Affiliates : Waterstone Affiliate Link Request Here

Wordery Affiliate Program

Wordery Website

Source: Wordery


Wordery Bookstore launched in 2012, and growing swiftly.

Offering competitive low prices, with free worldwide delivery.

They consider themselves the alternative haven for book lovers from around the globe.

What About Book Shipping Options For Your Audience?

According to Wordery they offer free worldwide shipping on every orders.

Why Should You Promote It?

Wordery has a massive selection, with over 10 million books.

Priding themselves as an alternative book lovers option, there’s no reason not to promote books from them.

You’ll have access to other affiliate programs because the affiliate marketing program is massive.

Receive banners, affiliate links, and creatives which are all regularly updated.

In addition to that, upon request they’ll provide you with a data feed so that you can use it to feature all 10 million of their products.

By the way, this UK and US affiliate program, is available to affiliates around the globe.

What Are The Affiliate Commissions? This is a great book affiliate program which comes with a competitive commission.

Offering you 5% commission for all new customers including new affiliates.

Additionally, your existing customers will earn you 2% (on all sales).

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Their Official Website: Wordery

US Affiliates Can Sign up to (US AWIN): US Awin Affiliate Program

UK Affiliates Can Sign up to (UK AWIN): UK Awin Affiliate Program

World Of Books Affiliate Program

World Of Books Website

Source: World Of Books


The idea of this bookstore was born in 2002 from the UK.

By 2019 they launched additional stores in the US, Germany, Switzerland, and France. This company offers used books online.

Either way, Word Books believes that every book should be read by more than one person. So, they take gentle care of all the used books that they receive.

What about Book Shipping Options For Your Audience?

The shipping is free.

I’ve seen many customers say they lived in small countries where they can not get their hands on affordable books, and WOB was able to accomplish the delivery.

Therefore, there is an audience that is willing to purchase from this company.

Why Should You Promote It?

World Of books offers not only you but, your audience benefits too.

As far as your audience, they can get access to a ton of literature at an affordable price.

Plus, they’ll have the option to earn extra cash by selling their books back to the company.

Their company owned book buy back websites are or

With this book affiliate program, you’ll have the award winning support, through chats, calls, or emails.

What Are The Affiliate Commissions? unknown you can find this out in the affiliate agreement.

Cookie Duration: unknown please verify with the affiliate manager.

Their Official Website: World Of Books

Affiliates Can Sign up to (World of Books Affiliate Program): You’ll sign up as a affiliate.

Additional Book Affiliate Programs

Does Affiliate Marketing Work For Books?

Yes, affiliate marketing does work with books. In fact, there are ton of book bloggers plus, many other affiliate programs that offers your audience books.

Affiliate advertising is a way for the author to make money, typically what they’ll do is have others promote his or her books.

The people that are promoting the books for the author, are called affiliate marketers.

This is done online usually with a blog or with a social media presence. However please read the affiliate agreement to make sure you are promoting properly.

Not all affiliate programs allow you to promote their products on social media.

In either case, the author could be facing lack of book sells, or they just want to make more sells.

All things considered, what the book author or online bookstore would do is allow individuals like yourself, promote their books through an affiliate program.

In most cases you would receive a dedicated affiliate management team, affiliate links, and other resources. If you love books this would be a great niche for you.

Is Affiliate Marketing For Books Profitable?

Yes, it can be! But, it all depends on your efforts that you put and your ability to stand out from all the other book bloggers.

You’ll need some marketing skills to make this work but, if you have the drive I believe you can do it.

Furthermore, affiliate marketing provides an effective way for a book blogger to increase their revenue through affiliate advertising.

Most affiliates promoting books use a blog to help scale their profits.

In fact, affiliate marketing is one among most profitable businesses because it can earn passive income.

As they say everything worthwhile takes time, hard work, and consistency. In the end it will be totally worth it.

Does Amazon Affiliate Work For Books?

Yes, of course! If you have a social following or a website, amazon has a lot of books that you can promote.

The best thing about Amazon is that they are beginner friendly. Plus most people recognize them so making sales with Amazon gives you an increased probability.

With Amazon once a customer clicks on your affiliate link, and purchases books.

If they were to add anything else to their checkout cart, you would also make a commission for that too. Even if they weren’t books.

How To Affiliate Amazon Books?

To become an affiliate of Amazon, you must join their associates program. To qualify as an Amazon associate you must be a blogger, publisher or a content creator.

If you are an influencer with a social media following, you would join the Amazon Influencer program.

Whichever you choose, Amazons team will review your application. If you meet the qualifying criteria you will be approved.

Commissions with Amazon are paid 60 days after the end of your earning month.

If you are not approved, fix whatever issue because, you can always re-apply.

Why Join The Best Book Affiliate Programs?

There are several reason why you would want to join book affiliate programs. Below are just a few.

Free to Join The Book Affiliate Programs:

All the book programs above are free to join. You just need to decide which book affiliate you want to be apart of. And its okay to join more than one.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is you can join as many programs as you like.

You Get To Become A Book Affiliate:

If you have a social following. Or a blog. And you write articles in the book niche. Grab your affiliate links, so that you can start earning passive income.

After you have joined any of the book affiliate programs, you’ll be an affiliate marketer.

If You Have A Passion for Books:

If you have a passion for books, writing reviews and sharing your passion on your own book affiliate blog, will be fun.

In fact, most book bloggers love coming up with great content.

And reviewing books is a breeze because – they love reading.

Best Book Affiliate Programs Conclusion

As you can see affiliate marketing can work for books. So, if you have a website, you most likely all ready know what to do.

If not, all you’ll do is grab your affiliate links, and choose one, two, three, or four affiliate programs from the above list. Join and get approved.

Start promoting your affiliate links on your website, email or wherever allowed. From there you should be well on your way to generating an income report.

And although the commission rates seem small, if you combine several of the programs together you can create a profitable blog.

Don’t limit yourself to just physical books, you have eBooks, audiobooks, and subscription book boxes.

The bottom line is that there are plenty of other ways to monetize a blog.

Do you have any questions about book affiliate programs? What do you think about these book affiliate programs? Any thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

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