Book Depository Affiliate Program Closure -Here’s A Solution

Book Depository Affiliate Program

Looks like you’re interested in a book affiliate program. More specially, the book depository affiliate program.

As of April 26, 2023 the Book Depository online retailer has decided to cease their operations.

In other words Book Depository the online bookstore has closed.

I received a notification that Amazon has decide to cut cost and close this massive online book shop.

What this means to you as an affiliate – since the online retailer is preparing to close.

Unfortunately, this will also includes the book depository affiliate program. 

I noticed that there was a huge announcement that the online store itself was closing.

At the same time, I didn’t notice any mention the closing of their book affiliate program.

So, this an unexpected closure that has caused an uproar.

It has an impact not only on fan-based customers, but also the book depository jobs .

They’re all going away too.

And, yes this includes their affiliate program.

By the way, if you were apart of the book depository affiliate program, there are other book affiliate programs out there.

I’ve prepared a list of book options for you and your audience. Head over to that post and see if any of the book programs stand out to you.

Here are some affiliate programs for book bloggers.

Book Depository Affiliate Program Closure

However, worry none, there are other alternatives.

Why Is The Book Depository Online Bookstore Closing?

The reason they are deciding to close is due to an “uncertainty in todays economy.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that inflation is constantly rising.

By the way, if you’d like to learn how inflation works, just head over to the Federal Reserves website and let I’ll them do the explaining.

Either way, this comes after Amazon chief executive Andy Jassy, announced on his January blog post that more than 18,000 employees would be eliminated.

According to CNN Business news, the latest cuts came after the company announced earlier this year 2023 – that Amazon would be eliminating at least 18,000 positions.

The major cuts were supposed to impact mostly the people working in the following divisions. 

  • Amazon Web Services
  • People Experience and Technology
  • Advertising and Twitch 

Unfortunately the online global book store was also one of them. 

In fact, April 4, 2023. It was also announced on the company Twitter’s account – they would be closing.

So, according to Amazon’s UK-based bookseller company, which was purchased in 2011, will cease all operations after almost two decades.

What Can Book Depository Customers Expect?

Fortunately, according to Amazon-owned Book Depository, customers will still have the ability to place orders until midday, 12 pm BST (British Summer Time) on April 26, 2023.

Book Depository Closure April 26 2023

After that date they will no longer accept any new orders. 

Moreover, according to Book Depository they will also continue to provide customer support while delivering the customer book purchases.

This will continue until June 23, 2023.

Please bear in mind that release dates can change, and not all pre-orders may be fulfilled.

Additionally, orders will automatically cancel and be refunded if any unshipped pre-orders are made between the 26-28 of April. 

How Does Book Depository Current Book Readers Feel?

They feel like having an anxiety attack.

For most book lovers that relied on this platform – are really sadden because, they relied on this global retailer.

As a matter of fact, the Book Depository audience is hoping for future alternatives because, many of them do not want to purchase their books from Amazon.

They believe Amazon has overpriced books.

In fact, many of them have decided to stay away from Amazon entirely.

So, if you were able to find a cheaper online bookstore alternative I’m sure that you’re book niche website would see wonderful conversions. 

Book Depository sold at least 200 million books and provided free worldwide shipping – with no minimum purchase amount.

Do you know how many online bookstore offer benefits like that for new and unique books?

The reason so many customers adored Book Depository was because their clientele came from all walks of life.

Who Are Book Depository Customers?

Here are a few of the reasons why the customer adored Book Depository. Hopefully, this will assist you in selecting your new book affiliate program.

  • College students were able to get their hands on more affordable rates.
  • Many customers said that Book Depository provided Manga books that they couldn’t find anywhere else.

And now that I think about, they’re right.

Book Depository is the same exact place, that I found my child’s Manga edition. But, when I found out it was in a different language – that we couldn’t read.

I had to send it back.

  • Furthermore, this online bookstore also provided fiction books that were in many different languages, such as Korean. 
  • From the Looks of it, there’s still a group of people that love to read a good book.

You know – the one that they can actually hold in their hands.

  • Therefore, many of the customers from Book Depository preferred prin. They don’t want to be on a screen reader all day. So, they rather not strain their eyes. 
  • In addition to that, the international shipping was free – at least so, they thought.
  • All books on book depository actually had the shipping price masked into the sales price. 

The point here is you’ll want to find books that matched the Book Depository website.

  • Customers are upset for a variety of reasons, including a lack of hard-to-find reads and Manga collections, as well as a lack of hard-to-find UK and US covers.

In fact, many customers outside of the United States of America, said it was their only option. So, please find them a solution!


Are There Book Depository Affiliate Program Alternatives?

Yes, lucky you! There are alternatives to this affiliate program. That’s one of the beauties of affiliate marketing.

You’ll always have options.

Above this section, I gave you many insights into the Book Depository audience, from here you should have a jump start on what your customers are looking for.

Here’s a recap of Book Depository Audience just in case you missed it.

  • They like affordable books and shipping.
  • Hard to find reads.
  • Manga.
  • Comics.
  • US and UK covers. 

Below are the affiliate programs that you can check out.

  • Indigo
  • Waterstones
  • Blackwell (but not half as good as Book Depository.
  • Better World Books
  • World Of Books
  • Wordery
  • Abe Books
  • Book Outlet

What To Do If You Were Promoting Book Depository Affiliate Program On Your Blog?

I know this will take time, but, you’ve got to go back and update all of your Book Depository affiliate links, ASAP.

Especially, if you were not using a link cloaking plugin.

As of April 26, 2023 the affiliate links that you currently have on your blog will no longer work.

Consequently, they could possibly return 404 errors, especially, if your SEO plugin doesn’t automatically redirect.

Here is what you want to do:

If you can find the same book that you are currently promoting as your go to offer.

Head to my book affiliate program list, and there you will find affiliate programs for book bloggers.

I left the link at the beginning of this post, just in case you didn’t make it all the way down here.

Join a few and all you do is replace the old affiliate link, with the new one.

Also, you may want to update the content on your blog, so that everything lines up.

After you have accomplished that important task, then you may want to use a website called Dead Link Checker. It’s a free tool.

Small Seo Tool is another tool that you can use but, in my opinion the DLC does a better job.

Moreover, this tool, it will show you the amount of broken links on your website (if any.) You’ll need to fix them as soon as you can.

SEO Small Tools Broken Link Checker

What Is The Book Depository Affiliate Program?

Okay, so maybe you’re reading this post, and you have no idea what I’m talking about.

This affiliate program was a well-established online book retailer that has been operating for the last 17 years.

And for those of you who don’t know, Amazon was the parent company.

Even so, in 2020, they launched a new audiobook service, which allowed customers to purchase and download audiobooks right from their website.

What many people didn’t realize unless they were promoting books – that , Book Depository also had an affiliate program called the “Book Depository affiliate program”. 

To give you a little back history on how the book depository affiliate program worked.

Let’s go over a few details. 

The program allowed affiliates to earn a commission by promoting any book on “The Book Depository” website. 

To join the program, it was really easy to apply.

All you needed was a website, or social media following. They were also beginner friendly.

At one point in time, The Book Depository managed their own affiliate program.

Then for whatever reason, it was handed over to Awin.

To be really successful promoting The Book Depository books, it was best for you to be involved in the Book niche. 

Basically, you needed an entire audience that loved reading books.

Dad And His Daughter Enjoying A Book

Nevertheless, the commission rate varied depending on the offers that you promoted. Generally, ranging from 5% to 7% of the sale amount.

The program offered a 30-day cookie duration, which means that if a user clicked on your affiliate link and made a purchase within 30 days, you would have earned a commission on that sale.

Overall, The Book Depository Affiliate Program was a great way to earn some extra income.

Especially, if  you had a website or social media presence focusing on books, reading, book reviews, or any related topics. 

As you can see the guy below was part of the book depository affiliate program. I’m sure he will do great going forward.

How To Get Started With A Book Niche Blog As An Affiliate Marketer?

So, If you already have a blog, a social media following, or even an email list (or maybe even all three), then I’m sure you already know what you need to do next.

Simply head over to the book affiliate program alternative list.

Choose one, two, or all of the affiliate programs mentioned.

Then register as an affiliate, pick your method of promotion, grab your affiliate links and start promoting your offer so that you can start making money.

By the way, if you’re an amazon affiliate, this audience is a bit upset with Amazon so, choose your books wisely.

The program may or may not work well with them all. As the saying goes only time will tell.

However, if you’re new to affiliate marketing, and haven’t started a blog.

I would suggest that you get started on that first.

Starting a blog related to books, is a fantastic niche to get involved in.

Book Depository Affiliate Program 1

Book Depository Affiliate Program Conclusion

Book Depository was a place that many people relied on from college students to moms with a large family. As you can see its inevitable that this program will soon come to an end.

So, for most this definitely feels out of touch. Not only to the customers but, to the affiliates that were promoting this offer – which is why its best to never rely on one product.

Either way, for many book readers due to the free delivery and wide selection that the readers were able to get their hands on at an affordable price, they currently feel like Book Depository was their only choice. 

Therefore, if you were to add a new book affiliate program to your  affiliate arsenal take inconsideration of this audience pain points. On the other hand, if you haven’t even started, don’t forget to check out the other book affiliate programs. 

Any thoughts? Chime in. What do you think about a book niche website? Do you like to read books – if so what kind? I myself, love all kinds.

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