Affilorama VS. Wealthy Affiliate (Simple Guide)

Affilorama VS Wealthy Affiliate….

You’re probably wondering, which one of these courses is the best?

They both claim that, they’re the largest affiliate marketing training community, in the world.

Regardless, of who’s community is larger. 

One fact that I do know is, they both are pretty popular training courses. 

Affilorama VS Wealthy Affiliate

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What Is Affilorama?

In my opinion, Affilorama does have good information that’ll teach a complete beginner the basics of affiliate marketing, and how you can get started.

At the same time, this training platform should be approached with caution.

There’s information within this course that might not be the best for you or your website.

Either way, Affilorama is an affiiate marketing course founded in 2006 by affiliate marketer Mark Ling, and CEO Simon Slade.

You’re supposed to learn 

  • How to build websites?
  • Write content
  • Market your ideas using SEO (free traffic) or pay-per-click (paid traffic).

Their main headquarters are located in New Zealand.

And the training material is presented in:

  • Video, as well as PDF format. 

Affilorama Products

  • 100 Free Video + PDF courses: (unlimited access) 
  • Path2Passive: A guide helping you build passive income $37 one time fee. 
  • AffiloTools: Price Varies. See Image below. This is a monthly cost…
  • AffiloThemes: approx. $90.00
  • AffiloJetPack: $997 one time fee
AFfiloTools Pricing

What is Wealthy Affiliate?


In short, Wealthy Affiliate is an all in one solution for your affiliate marketing needs.

Founded in 2005, by two affiliate marketers named Kyle and Carson.

The main headquarters are located in Canada.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches it’s members how to build a website in any niche. They’ll also teach you to write content that gets traffic. And Learn SEO practices that won’t get your site dinged by Google. 

Wealthy Affiliate Products

7-Day Starter Plan: Free for 7-days. No credit card needed

Premium: $49.00/month or $495.00/year

Premium Plus: $99.00/month or $995.00/year

Hey have you read my Wealthy Affiliate hosting review, I show you briefly how WA sets up their sites. 

What Are The Pro’s of Affilorama?

Pro #1- Free & Unlimited Course Access


Not too many affiliate marketing courses, will give you free access to tons of affiliate marketing training material, before they upsell you.

With Affilorama, you’ll have access to over 100 Free courses. Both in PDF format and Video. Then, there’s upsells on the back-end.

The best part is, you can learn this course material at your own pace because Mark and Simon has granted unlimited access. 

Pro #2- Teaches to Build Backlinks Naturally


Getting traffic to your website can be done with many methods. 

One method is pay per click. With this method you better know what you’re doing or you could lose your life savings.  

Method two, is not recommended. You’ll find link farms, or places that you can buy backlinks.

This method is supposed to help your blog rank better and faster into the search engines.

The problem with this is Google is totally against it

Another method is search engine optimization (SEO).

This free method is a skill that you should learn because, it’s more passive

Getting people to visit your website through search engine optimization (SEO) or social media is a lot more difficult than it sounds. 

Either way, Affilorama teaches it’s students how to build a website that will last you years to come. 

Did You Know _Theres 14 Types Of Backlinks

Pro #3- Excellent Refund Policy


If you’re not completely satisfied within 60 days, Affilorama, claims that they’ll give you your money back + $100. All you have to do is send them an email. 

Affilorama Offers Your Money Back Plus 100 Dollars

What Are The Pro’s of Wealthy Affiliate?

Pro #1 – Budget friendly


It’s a one stop shop. As a member, you’ll have access to

  • Affiliate marketing training
  • 24/7/365 Community support
  • Purchase your domain names + email right within Wealthy Affiliate platform
  • Tech support
  • There’s ways to earn credits so that you can afford your WA membership,
  • Keyword research tool included
  • Hosting is also provided

Pro #2 – Excellent Community Support

The community forum at Wealthy Affiliate is a lot easier to use. It’s 100% more active. In fact, it feels like the most relaxing news reporter facility. The members here are ecstatic to be there, and I don’t blame them.

In my opinion, it has been the best community experience that I‘ve ever had. Either way, you show up everyday. Greet everyone passing you by. And start working on your website.

Pro #3- Step By Step Training That's Interactive & Action based


The training material is more in depth. The video content within Wealthy Affiliate are much longer with more details. You’ll have access to Friday weekly trainings.

More importantly, each lesson is interactive where you’ll implement what you learn during or right after your training video. After you’ve completed each task you’ll mark it complete. Your dashboard keeps track of your progress.

If you forget to mark off any lesson, as I have then it’ll also show what lessons you haven’t completed. 

Wealthy Affiliate Has Interactive Training

What Are The Cons Of Affilorama?

As I mentioned earlier there are a few tactics within this course that might not be as effective today. 

Con #1- Using Article Directory for Content


I’ve never used an article directory myself. So, it’s something that I have to test to be more accurate but, according to Matt Cutts this is a tactic that might not be as effective today. 

Below you can watch the video where it is explained. In short, article directories aren’t good for search engine optimization(SEO). 

Con #2 - Disreputable Sites Linking To Yours Without Penalty

According to Affilorama training module called, “easy ways to get content for your site.” It mentions that disreputable sites linking to yours won’t hurt.

I have to disagree with  a portion of that training.

I know from first hand experience that once a toxic website links to yours, it will certainly hurt your rankings.

On my first website, I learned the hard way that anyone and everyone can link to your website.

Shockingly a porno website had linked to my website.

I was floored when I found out and certainly upset.

Either way, to get toxic links removed from your website, first your supposed to contact the owner.

My first thought was, “Yeah right, there not going to remove this link willing“.

So, I never contacted the owner. Heck, I didn’t even know the owner.

So, I went straight to Google and disavowed the link.

In my case, I certainly didn’t want that website linking to me because, for one I’m not into that type of stuff…lol.

Google frowns upon it too and it’s a horrible user experience but, I had no choice. Whoever owned that site linked to me   anyways.

Well, guess what? 

It destroyed my website. I lost a ton of traffic. My rankings went down almost instantly. 

At the time, I couldn’t figure out why. I thought it was my hosting at the time, then I thought it was my theme.

To further prove my point that bad backlinks can be toxic, check out what Neil Patel has to say about bad back links

What Are The Cons To Wealthy Affiliate?

There’s cons to Wealthy Affiliate as well. 

Con #1- Not Everyone In The Community Has An Answer

When I had the issue with the toxic link, I asked the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Honestly, most members assumed that I had did some kind of spammy tricks to gain a link like that.

Truth is I barely promoted my website.

Either way, I was determined to find the answer. 

How To Remove A Porn Site From Linking To Me

I’m grateful for the few responses that I did get, but most members had no clue what to do.

Eventually, a Wealthy Affiliate member did help me find the answer.

Even better news,  a year later I was able to help someone within a Facebook group. He had the same issue.

Surprisingly out of the hundreds of members within that group no one knew what to do. So, I’m assuming this is a rare situation. 

Con #2 - It's A Ton Of Information To Navigate

Okay, so this can be a plus or a minus. Wealthy Affiliate has it’s core training. Then it has members training. 

It’s so much training that sometimes, it can be tough to find what you’re looking for. 

Training Within Wealthy Affiliate Is OverWhelming

What Are The Main Differences between Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate?

Difference 1- Price


Affilorama gives you unlimited FREE access to 100 video lessons.

While Wealthy Affiliate gives you a week of learning (7-days).

Wealthy Affiliate membership will cost $49.00 a month or $99.00 a month. While Affilorama is a one time payment on for each course.

Difference 2 - Affiliate Tools


Wealthy Affiliate provides it’s members with

  • Keyword Research tool
  • Lifetime In-house Hosting
  • Site Content with stats and free images
  • Site Comments
  • Different money earning methods to help you fund your business
  • live chat support
  • In house domain purchase

Affilorma provides it’s members with:

  • Email Newsletters
  • 12 months of hosting
  • Member Exclusive discounts to third party services
  • AffiloTools helps you monitor your search rankings. 

Difference 3 - The Entire Platform

While Affilorama has decent information on how affiliate marketing works. It’s still a bit dated compared to Wealthy Affiliate platform.

On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate training doesn’t go into detail about email marketing. And, they certainly don’t provide email newsletters for your autoresponder, while Affilorama does.

Wealthy Affiliate has longer training videos and Affilorama’s videos are a bit shorter.

Unlike Wealthy Affiliate where hosting is included.

Affilorama is the opposite.

Instead, you’ll get access to 12 months of hosting. After that you’ll have to purchase your own hosting plan.

It’s unclear if they recommend Godaddy hosting, HostGator or their own hosting which is $16.99/ month.

At that price you might as well give Host Armada a try.  

Before you can host a website, you’ll need a domain name. Indeed, Affilorama offers a domain registrar service for $11.00 a year but, I recommend NameCheap. It’s $8.00 a year. 

 Within Wealthy Affiliate there’s a feature called Site Domains. Meaning you can purchase your domain names directly through Wealthy Affiliate. 

Final Thoughts Of Affilorama Vs. Wealthy Affiliate

In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the winner between the two. It’s a bit more updated and provides you with a lot more tools.

They also have a ton of community support. As a beginner you’re going to need it. 

Either way, both courses will provide you with some knowledge of how affiliate marketing works. 

Affilorama has the upper hand, if you’re pressed for time and on a tight budget. Reason being, they offer 100 courses completely free with unlimited access.

On the hand, Wealthy Affiliate might make you feel pressured with their 7-day start plan. There’s always alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate

Well, that's all folks!

I hope you have a better understanding of Affilorama Vs. Wealthy Affiliate.

If not, do you have any questions that I can answer for you? Leave all comments or questions below.


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