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If you stumbled across this Blog Simple FrameWork review. 

You’re probably wondering, “ Why would you consider this course over all the other guys?” 

Is this course worth it?” and “Who the heck is Paul Scrivens anyways? 

Here’s What You Can Expect To Learn Today About Blog Simple FrameWork:

  • Our  Rating Of Blog Simple FrameWork.
  • The Pros And Cons Of Blog Simple FrameWork?
  • What Are The Key Features Of Blog Simple FrameWork?
  • Our Final Thoughts

A Real Members Review

The current cost of Blog Simple Frame Work is unknown. Prices are always subject to change. Either way, I can show you what I paid. 

Proof Of Purchase For Blog Simple FrameWork (3)

One thing about affiliate marketing is you must understand that not all courses, creators, and affiliate programs stay around forever.

So, please keep this in mind when you are deciding on what online marketing course to take.

UPDATE 04/23/2023: When I first wrote this review over Blog Simple Framework. this course was very helpful. It’s main focus was not affiliate marketing with a blog. Instead it taught you how to become a course creator. However, since joining. I have seen many confusing things happen. The course no longer offered, while other courses were introduced. Price ranged from free to well over $2000. Not only that the community platform has changed many times. At this point, I have no idea what is going on, but, I’m still a member of the community. I haven’t had time to revisit the situation. Therefore, I am unable to provide accurate information on what Paul Scrivens offers today. This course will not work for you because, it is no longer available.

Do you want to be a product creator?

If you’re answer is “Yes” then Blog Simple FrameWork may be for you because the course doesn’t really focus on being an affiliate because there are other ways to make money with your blog post.

Teaching you how to join affiliate programs is not something that is taught in this course.

Instead, you will be working your way towards becoming a course creator.

It will teach you how to create your own product. In other words you will not be promoting other people’s product.

If that sounds like something you would be interested in, then this review is for you. 

Blog Simple Framework Pros

  •  You’ll learn what it takes to create a product that you own.
  • The course is updated often.
  • Learn how to create story funnels.
  • Improve your copywriting.

Blog Simple Framework Cons

  •  The community is small.
  • Community support happens on Discord which is a challenge.

What Is Blog Simple FrameWork?

Blog Simple Framework course, is where Scrivs helps you learn how to discover new tactics so that you can always pivot with your online business whenever you need to.

The course teaches you how to become a 6 figure business owner even if you aren’t an expert.

This course doesn’t really focus on being an affiliate. Instead you will focus more on creating your own digital products.

If you don’t plan on blogging for a hobby, then a blog course is recommended. It takes hard work as a new blogger to create a six figure income.

To make more informed decision about this training program. Ask yourself, do you want to be a creator or an affiliate?

While both can create a full-time income ask each method requires a different level of experience.

Blog Simple Framework is one of the many courses that are offered online about blogging.


Not just any type of blogging. This training course will teach you how to build a brand. It’ll also teach you how to market your brand and or product online. 

Who Is The Course Creator?

this course was created by Scrivs. Paul Scrivens, has created many successful businesses. I’ve been following Scrivs since 2017 when he created Billionaire Blog Club.  

And, if you’ve ever heard of the name “Dare to Conquer”, it’s a brand created by the same guy, Scrivs.  Oddnoodle and many others.

Today, we’ll go over all the key features, pros and cons, along with the final thoughts about Blog Simple FrameWork. 

Blog Simple FrameWork Dashboard

What Key Features Does Blog Simple FrameWork Offer?

The key features that stood out are listed below.  

Strategic Niche Selection

If you plan on blogging for profit, you’ll need to select a niche. After taking many blogging courses, there’s a huge debate. 

Should you be an expert when blogging about a certain niche? Or should you not? Well, I guess it all depends on what course you take.

Scrivs teaches that you don’t have to be an expert but, if you choose the wrong niche you could face major challenges. 

Within Blog Simple FrameWork, Scrivs goes over how to select a niche.

Besides all you need to have when it comes to successful blogging is the ability to write articles, and solve problems. 

Find Your Niche

Build A Tribe, Build A Community

No doubt, blogging does take a lot of learning, testing, and implementing.

Eventually you’ll learn how to attract your tribe. 

Before you attract your tribe. You’ll attract what they call an audience.

Not everyone within your audience will really want what you’re offering. 

Some of your audience just wants your free products. Others want to learn what exactly you’re doing to get the results that you have. 

Then, you’ll have those people that Scrivs calls your Tribe.

Your True Fans!

Who is your tribe you ask? 

These are the people who truly want to hear from you. 

Your tribe is looking for answers. They want you to solve whatever problem he or she is facing. 

Having a well managed community, helps your tribe get access to resources, and receive support. 

You can build your community on Facebook, Linkedin Groups, Tik Tok, blog comments or on platforms like Flock, Slack or Discord. 

Two Women Fans Cheering

Fairy Tale Funnels

If you’re familiar with sales funnels, then you’ll understand that not everyone who goes through the funnel will end up buying from you. Using a sales funnel is a form of digital marketing.

Some will fall off because a sales funnel is a targeted marketing method.

Fairy Tale Funnels is where you’ll learn to tell your tribe stories. 

It’s a great way to pass down knowledge. Besides, everyone likes a story or two. 

A book Full Of Magic Dust

Selling Your Offer

Maybe, you’re not ready to sell your own offers, yet.

And, that’s fine!

Scrivs helps get your creative juices flowing. 

Within this course,  you’ll get access to a list of approximately 500 product offer ideas, within different niches. 

Anyhow, if you’re ready to create a product but, it seems a bit scary to you.

Don’t fret!

Blog Simple FrameWork helps you believe in yourself. Believe in your idea. 

Don’t let that fire die within you! Blog Simple FrameWork is the course that you need. 

Pocket Offer Course

Copywriting Cookbook

Capturing your tribe’s attention, is almost like making a baby sit still during a long and boring three hour meeting. 

Then on top of that the mother of the baby is trying to concentrate on what the speaker has to teach while her now 2 year old will no longer sit still. 

This stuff takes practice!   

So, take me seriously when I say. Copywriting is a skill that you must be willing to learn. It can make a huge  difference.

It will also help you rank in the search engine once you have mastered optimizing your content. In addition to that learning search engine optimization is a must.

Must you be an expert in the beginning?

No, everyone has to start somewhere. The key here is that you must be willing to improve. You must be willing to write articles, and come up with content ideas.

Besides, no one starts a blog off as the next top copywriter.

Before I became a Blog Simple FrameWork member, my copywriting skills were ridiculous.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s something that you’ll always try to improve.

Poor copy verses Great copy can be a difference between your business making $5 per month or $5,000 a month. Which one is more appealing?

AT the end of the day you must find your blogging voice.

Why Should You Trust Blog Simple FrameWork?

Firstly, Blog Simple FrameWork is legit and Scrivs happens to be a very transparent person. 

One of his skills that he teaches is to get your Tribe to trust you. 

Building trust online takes time because it’s a different customer business owner interaction.

One way to help your tribe trust you is, to help them.

The blogging journey is a long one, in fact it’s longer than this article.

A blogging course is highly recommended. 

If you’re unsure about blogging, Scrivs has an amazing free master workshop.

It’s 45 minutes long. No sales and certainly no fluff.

All you have to do is enter your name, email address, and then show up.  

Secondly, no matter what concern you have Scrivs will always address the issue. He’s available by email, Facebook, or discord. 

Thirdly, Paul gives a ton of his secrets away for free, like this $5,000 – Day Case Study.

Simple Framework Review

Blog Simple FrameWork Customer Support

I haven’t had to use the support often but, when I did, I also received a response.

Either way,  the support with Blog Simple FrameWork is almost like an open door policy.

Scrivs emails you often. So, all you ever have to do if you want or need assistance with something is shoot him an email. 

Blog Simple FrameWork Ease Of Use

At one point, Blog Simple FrameWork was sold in separate courses.

Since then, it has been combined into one full course.

Therefore, you’ll notice within your Blog Simple FrameWork dashboard, there’s some duplicate content. 

Think of the duplicate content as a refresher.

Sometimes we all need our memories refreshed.

Either way, Blog Simple FrameWork course is easy to use. And even, easier to digest.

 Each course is labeled and laid out in a way comprehensive way. 

One negative about Blog Simple FrameWork is the Discord Community. 

I find that sort of difficult to keep track of everyone’s conversation. If you’re use to discord then it won’t be a problem for you. 

Discord Convo

How Does Blog Simple FrameWork Compare To It’s Competitors?

After considering several competitors, this is what I discovered. 

Blog Simple FrameWork VS. WA

WA is a big player within the affiliate marketing world. So, it’s no surprise that we will compare the two. 

Then sometimes, I believe that WA shouldn’t be compared to places that don’t offer all the tools included.

At the same time, I understand that some people would like to learn what WA Alternatives are, and this is one of them. 

Firstly, Blog Simple FrameWork doesn’t offer in-house hosting, while WA does. With Blog Simple the hosting suggestion is for you to go with SiteGround Webhosting provider.

Secondly, Blog Simple FrameWork doesn’t have a huge stand alone community platform like WA has community support. Then again, WA has been in business a bit longer. 

Third, Blog Simple FrameWork teaches you to be more than just an affiliate. It teaches you to create and own your own products. WA doesn’t really focus on that. 

At the time of this article, Blog Simple FrameWork is a one time payment. WA on the other hand has a monthly or a yearly payment. 

Blog Simple FrameWork teaches you how to start a blog but it’s not as hands on as Wealthy Affiliate training offers.

The bottom line is Blog Simple FrameWork is a blogging course that will help you transform from just an affiliate, to a product creator. 

Product Creator Courses for Blog Simple FrameWork 1

Blog Simple FrameWork VS. Blog Profit Network

To begin with, Blog Simple FrameWork doesn’t host weekly calls. While Blog Profit Network does. 

Next, Blog Profit Network offers hour of video training. Not only within the membership area but, on YouTube as well.

Blog Simple FrameWork has lots of training but not much of it is done with video. However, the video that are done are great and they all worked.

Lastly, Blog Simple FrameWork is a one time fee.

While Blog Profit Network is a monthly fee.

If I were you and not sure if blogging was for me.

I would at least watch the free 45 minute video that Scrivs offers. From there you can decide if blogging is for you or not. 

Final Thoughts Of Simple FrameWork Review

Well, by now hopefully you have a better understanding of Blog Simple FrameWork.

If you don’t please feel free to ask your questions below. Blog Simple Framework is a great course to take if your end goal is to become a product creator.

There are many affiliate marketers who do not wish to become product creators. Therefore, if you do not want to remain an affiliate this would be the course for you.

I came across Scrivs after creating my first website. I lost all my traffic , and almost all the money that the website was making. That was a big blow to my growing ego.

Blog Simple FrameWork helped me understand what went wrong. At the time, my desires wasn’t to create my own products.

I love being an affiliate but, if creating products is what you desire, then I say go for Blog Simple FrameWork.

Even if you’re undecided keep in mind that you can always take this 45 minute Free Master Workshop. 

Scrivs Master Course 45 Minutes Long

Well, that’s all folks!

 By the way, can I get a smart person to share this post? I’d really appreciate it.  

Lakisha Akbar

Lakisha Akbar

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