Host Armada Review: From A Real User -Been There 2 Years…

Host Armada Review

Welcome, to my Host Armada Review 2023.

After using Host Armada web hosting services for 2 years, I’ve decided to update you all on how its going.

Besides, if you’re searching for hosting alone – they’re one of the best hosting services to start your brand new website hosting journey without breaking the bank.

A Host Armada Review From A Real User

Disclaimer For A Real User: This Host Armada Review has been developed by a real user. It was not only thoroughly used and researched by my own personal experience. Also any other research, opinion, testimonials, and public records are available to you online. Any final conclusion that I arrive at is based on my own judgement. I’m here to help you make a more informed decision. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide if this product and service is for you or not.

Host Armada Review Receipt

What Is Host Armada?

To make a long story short.

This web hosting company, of course provides hosting services for your website.

As you know, Hosting is the place that your website lives – your files, images, and content.

So, if you’ve ever considered starting a blog, one of your must haves is hosting.

But, not just any hosting.

It must be secure, fast, and offer great customer services.

Therefore, the speed and security that your hosting company provides to you and your website is crucial to not only your clients – but, your success.

You want it to be mobile friendly, with pretty good speed. Your mobile speed can be checked with Google’s testing website.

Either way, Host Armada was founded in 2019, independently funded and privately owned. 

No doubt, Host Armada is one of the fastest growing hosting companies, and they’re also the new kid on the block but, are they really worth it?

Regardless, don’t let that stop you, because they have proven to be, just as reliable as, the other guys.

By the way, I’ve been hosting with them for two years and surprisingly – I have not had any issues with the customer support or website downtimes.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Their Down Time

Although, I’ve never seen my website itself disappear from the internet.

I have experienced a delay when uploading certain plug-ins to my website.

When this happens sometimes, it can cause frustration – especially, when you have a great idea that you want to get started on immediately.

I’ve contacted support about this and there is nothing that they can do about it.

Therefore, you’ll just need to wait out your time.

And the timing it could take for your plug-in to fully update is – unknown.

It’s also important for you to know that you can’t work in WordPress dashboard during this time period.

Thankfully, for me it took – under 5 minutes for my plug-in to update.

Clock That Reads Time For Action

How Much Does Host Armada Cost?

Depending on how you like to pay your bill, Host Armada’s pricing can vary.

All pricing below is based on their starter package called “Start Dock.”

Therefore, if you typically pay on a month to month basis. It’ll be $3.89 per month for their Start Dock package.

Keep in mind on a month to month payment plan Host Armada’s 45-Day money back guaranteed is not applicable.

And if you were to go with the dedicated server – they offer 7 Days of money back guaranteed for VPS/DCPU Servers

Nevertheless, if you prefer to pay every 12 months the fee is $3.59 per month – which will cost you roughly $43.08 for the entire year – not including additional fees such as tax etc…

Are you a biennially payer?- Which means you prefer to pay every 2 years or every 24 months.

The fee is $3.29/mo. or $157.92 due at purchase for two years. – which does not include tax.

Since I prefer to save as much money as possible I always go with the best savings.

In my opinion, at the time, the triennially was the best option.

I do this for two reasons, I truly believe it allows you time to become successful with your website.

Plus sometimes, it does help to learn the true experience of a product or service – the longer you use it.

The pricing for triennially today is $6.29 per month or $226.44 due at purchase for 3 years.

Either way, I created a simple pricing chart below – so that you can review the prices a little easier.

Keep in mind that the prices below is based on a month to month basis.

I find it so disappointing when you see a low price and – come to find out – you can’t even taken advantage of it – unless, you pay for so many months in advance.

Therefore, if you decide Host Armada is for you, you will only pay for the services that you request and not any more.

At the time of this article, promo pricing is still available.

If you like Host Armada features, get started here today.  Currently their pricing is $2.49 per month with a free domain for a limited time only. Coupon Code: HASUMMER23

Does Price Increase After The Promo?

Yes, Host Armada hosting prices does increase after your initial promotional pricing ends.

I invested in the Speed Reaper – Triennially hosting package – and after my promo ends.

My pricing will drastically increase.

I must admit, I enjoyed my discount of $-509.22 – but, that price will soon go away. Of course, its a business so they can only offer you so much to remain profitable.

As you can see in the image, if I decide to stay with this hosting, the affordable hosting that I currently have – is no longer applicable.

I will owe $678.96 for the next three years starting May 15, 2024.

On the other hand, my hosting package breaks down to %226.32 per year, which isn’t too bad when you start to understand how hosting really works.

The speed of your wesbite hosting, is one fact that determines your page load speed – in fact it can have a major impact.

Host Armada Future Invoice

Either way, if are blogging for money, then you will need a great hosting provider.

Shared hosting is a more affordable option, and will get the job done, but, will not guarantee the same speed.

At the moment, Host Armada has hosting plans, that start at $2.99 per month – and that deal is a great.

What Key Features Does Host Armada Offer?

There’s a few features that stood out to me which I have listed below. 

1. – 9 Data Centers:

Geographically selected, Host Armada provides fast connectivity for your website. 

You’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that the availably of your website is not going to be an issue, because Host Armada’s uptime is, up to 99.9% .

And, during the last two years while having hosted with them, thankfully, I haven’t experienced any issues where my website disappeared from the internet.

But, don’t just take my word for it, see the image below so that you can understand what my last 30 day results were it comes to uptime and downtime.

She Tried That Uptime And DownTime For Host Armada Hosting

In addition to that, after doing a tad bit of research, 9 datacenters is way more than some of the other web hosting competitors have.

The impressive part is that the 9 datacenters are located on 4 different continents – America, Asia, Europe, And Australia – which is supposed to help with the fast connectivity and unmatched availability.

Host Armada 9 DataCenters

2.- LiteSpeed Web Servers (Speed of Your Website Is Important!)

We all know that the speed of your website can effect many assets.

The faster your website, the higher your conversions.

The better your SEO rankings, and your bounce rate can be drastically reduced. 

Plus, Google definitely claims that they care about your website speed.

The point is, you don’t want to be caught with a website, that has the speed of a tortoise. 

With Host Armada hosting, you won’t have to worry about that.

One of their key features is called LiteSpeed Web Servers.

By the way, LiteSpeed Web Servers is one of the first to implement  HTTP/3

What does that mean?

Yeah I know, all those techy words makes no sense.

It’s the same service that’s used by huge companies such as: Facebook, Google, or Safari. 

In Layman’s terms Host Armada hosting offers technology that makes your website -one of the fastest out there – but, honestly, I don’t really see a difference from my other web hosting.

But according to a comment, he has noticed my website speed is fast.

Website Visitor Notices That She Tried That Hosting Is Fast

After that comment, it made me do further speed testing – and this is what I discovered.

First I tested with GTmextrix to see how well the website performs, with the hopes that it reveals any slow speeds so that it can be optimized.

GTmetrix Host Armada Speed For She Tried That Website

So, then I was curious about the performance of the website’s global performance.

And this is what I discovered.

In Singapore, it takes about 1.892seconds for the website to fully load – which can be improved by a signing up to a free Cloudflare CDN account.

She Tried That Host Aramda Page Full Load Time

The image below shows you exactly why you should consider a web hosting that provides fast loading speeds.

Benefits Of Having A Fast Loading Website

3. – Daily Back-ups + Security Beyond Your Expectations

Impressively, Host Armada backs up your website at least 7 times a day.

The more advanced plans offer even more daily backups.

For example, this website that your viewing is backed up at least 21 times a day because it is on the Speed Reaper plan. 

Thanks to today’s technology, each Host Armada customer is protected across all servers from common code injections.

By the way, common code injection is one of the most common attacks that a website owner can have.

Unfortunately, we live in a world, where people are always up to no good.

Therefore, hacking WordPress websites and infecting it with malware – is a real thing. 

But, with Host Armada hosting, all clients websites are scanned for malicious malware.  Thank goodness, for those website security guards.

Daily Backups And Security Beyond Your Expectations

4. – Affordable Shared Hosting Plans

If this new kid on the block couldn’t get any better.

With 3- Shared hosting plans to choose from, at least 1- website transfer, and the potential of up to 45 day money back guaranteed.

What more can you ask for?

Host Armada Shared Hosting Plans

5. – Low Clients Per Server

According to Host Armada, there are a low number of clients per server.

This might possibly – explain why they boast about the fast website speeds but, it makes me wonder how many clients are actually on one server?

For whatever reason I’ve never come across too many hosting companies that reveal the number of clients on one server – unless, you have a dedicated hosting server.

So, I honestly do not know how many clients are per server.

What, I can tell you is, this is something that you can’t verify for yourself.

Unless, a representative at host armada decides to reveal the mystery number. It’ll always be a mystery.

So, until then we’ll just have to take their word on this.

Hotlink protection is where it prevents other websites, from directly linking to your files.

Of course, this is a feature that you would have to configure, and until then other sites will still be able to link to any of your files that you do not specify.

7. – SitePad

Sitepad is HostArmada website builder. It’s where you would choose a theme, input your site details, and then complete your setup.

8. – Two-Factor Authentication

Two-f actor authentication allows you to add an additional layer of security to your Host Armada Client back area account. You can either enable or disable this feature.

9. – Privacy Options

Have a peace of mind when trusting Host Armada with your personal details. Your personal information is only intended for Host Armada to provide you with the best web-hosting.

In fact, it’s no different from any other business out there.

All businesses collect information from customers because this is how they improve the services, and offer better deals.

Either way, with Host Armada, you have the right to exercise your right to be forgotten.

10. – Webalizer

This is a feature that Host Armada provides. I found this to be one of the most interesting features because, after trying several web hosting companies – this is the first time I’ve ever seen the traffic that is coming to my website based on my hosting traffic algorithm.

Host Armada Webalizer Traffic For She Tried That

Either way, I thought that was pretty insightful- especially, knowing that I did not work on this website or visit it during the entire pandemic – but according to Host Armada it still received traffic.

However, according to Google Search Console and Google Analytics – they say otherwise. So, are these real numbers?

Who else to ask but, Host Armada themselves..

I asked the representative two things:

Are the numbers I’m looking at in Webalizer Traffic stats real?

…and then I asked her…

Are my visits counted in those numbers while I work on this website?

The representative told me that if you would like to know the real traffic that is coming to your website – go to your dashboard, and click on Awstats – which I did.

Host Armada Live Chat

When I arrived to Awstats the numbers got more interesting. I mean I was absolutely shocked because, again, Google says one thing and Host Armada is saying another.

Either way, as you can see in the image above the live chat representative said your visits will also be counted.

However, when you view more details on Awstats dashboard, you’ll soon discover that every traffic hit is separated into groups.

There’s all kinds of data, Awstats. One of them being unique visitors. The other is the total of all visitors -so unique visitors would be the visitors that visited your website for the first time.

Total visitors can be anytime from bots, bookmarks, spiders, robots, and o on.

The point is Host Armada reveals the traffic from visitors that arrive to your website daily, hourly, and monthly from a scaling point of view this could be really important.

They also show you the blog post that your visitors visit the most.

In addition to that, they share all the countries, robots, spiders, and bookmarks or links that people use to arrive to your website.

I thought that was pretty interesting to learn.

The image below shows how many visitors arrived to my website in Jan. Feb. and March.

Those were the same months that I never logged into my website because, Google Analytics said I had no traffic to this website. I’m slowly learning this was incorrect.

I did have visitors, emails, and comments waiting on me that entire time.

In my opinion, another plus for Host Armada.

Host Armada Unique Visitors

Why Should You Trust Host Armada?

First, they’re the first web hosting company that I’ve ever seen to boast about being transparent – and as you can see in some of the images above they are transparent.

I’ve used 4 other hosting companies, and I’ve never seen this much details in regards to your website.

It is almost like learning a totally different world.

Either way, Host Armada believes that a relationship starts with trust. 

So, being transparent with it’s customers and employees creates the most thriving environment for both parties.

And I have to admit they have a point there.

Second, over the past two years, I’ve seen Host Armada improve the usability experience of their website, along with the customers dashboard.

And third, with other well-known hosting companies, your hosting account is automatically cancelled if you abuse your hosting service.

They want everyone from the crew to the customers to be happily satisfied. 

Instead of immediately canceling your account for hosting abuse – steps of corrective action is given. 

The first step, is for Host Armada to explain to you where the problem exist.

If no changes are made , then the hosting account is placed on suspended option.

I think that’s fair game – at least they give you a chance to correct whatever it is.

It’s certainly a lot better than just waking up to a canceled hosting account with no explanation. 

Satisfied Customers Superb Quality And Happy Crew

Host Armada’s Cons….

Okays so not every product and service is prefect.

At the end of the day, when deciding on if a service is for you or not, you’ll just have to decide what cons you’re able to deal with.

1. Ease Of Use – Not So Beginner Friendly After All…

The only downside that I have about Host Armada is the ease of use.

If you’re anything like me  you’ve put off starting a WordPress blog, because, you’re overwhelmed with the technical things, then honestly Host Armada may not be for you.

I have two Computer Science degrees, and I still get frustrated using this hosting.

Yes, fast speeds are available to you – and low pricing at the moment.

But, if you’re still in the process of learning affiliate marketing with a blog, the speed of your blog many not mean nothing if you’re too busy trying to learn the affiliate marketing process.

You’ll be learning how to write content, make money online, and or market.

They say the thought of using  cPanel isn’t scary after all, and guess what?

Truth be told it sort of is, especially if you’re not familiar with WordPress, cPanel, phpAdmin, File Manager, MySQDatabase etc…

In fact, Host Armada, says if you make a mistake that hurts your website critically to the point of no return, you’ll have to trash everything and start over.

OMG! I’ve been in those positions, not due to hosting but, due to me not knowing how to properly, write content – and it is definitely devasting.

So, me personally I never go clicking around.

At first sight, Host Armada appears to be beginner friendly but, if you’re not used to all the tech terms, you can totally get lost.

One thing I can say is if you start using Host Armada, reach out to tech support because, they are always willing to help.


Only Knowledge Based Training

Okay, so starting an affiliate blog is not so hard to do.

All you need is a domain + web hosting but– using WordPress can become a challenge especially if you aren’t tech savvy.

After starting your website, you’ll need to add content on the site. – and that’s the moment, you might find yourself wondering how to add the images?

How to add links? How to format the post? How to respond to comments?

And the how to….list goes on.

Of course, there is a lot of free YouTube training out there.

The bottom line here is that, your job doesn’t stop after starting your blog.

In the end, you could need WordPress training – which Host Armada can not provide to you – they’re just a hosting company.

So, they’re not able to teach you how to write your post, and so on.

They can only assist with your website hosting needs. And by the way they are fantastic when it comes to asking for web hosting help.

Either way, if you’re just wanting a stand alone webhosting, because, you all ready know what to do with your blog – then Host Armada is an excellent choice.

How Does Host Armada Compare To It’s Competitors?

Realistically, comparing Host Armada to its competitors.

First Host Armada is fairly new and stands up well compared to its competitors.

I’ve noticed that Bluehost and Site Ground is usually recommended the most but – that does not mean the competitors are better.

In fact, it never fails, BlueHost is recommended over them all.

When I joined Blog Profit Network, affiliate marketing training, they were one of the web hosting services that Marcus Campbell recommended.

Needless, to say due to BlueHost customer service being so rude – I ended up at Host Armada.

The bottom line is Host Armada might not be as well-known as all the others, but, sometimes, the way your treated is way more important than popularity.

I can only tell you from personal experience, Host Armada is a winner in my book.

What Is Host Armada PHP Version?

Did you know that PHP 8 version, is the newest and most requested PHP version available?

Well, good news because, Host Armada has made it available on all hosting solutions. This website, that you are viewing has the option of downgrading or upgrading a PHP as high as 8.2.

As you can see in the image below, I am currently running on an 8.1 PHP version.

With Host Armada this they have an easy why to update your PHP version, through your cPanel feature called PHP selector.

So, now you know what one important feature to look for when selecting your web hosting provider.

Host Armada PHP Version

According to w3tech, PHP is a language used by at least by 77% of the WordPress platform. It’s the same scripting language that creates your website.

Below you will find the percentage of the current PHP versions, and the percentage of what version is being used.

As I mentioned earlier, all of Host Armada web hosting solutions, uses PHP Version 8.

Furthermore, as you can see not too many websites as of today are using the top level PHP version.

Online Graphing
Graph maker

Your Biggest Mistake Is Not Getting Started At All.

If you’ve been wondering if Host Armada is for you, well, ultimately, you wouldn’t really know unless you experienced them for yourself.

If you have a website, or plan to start a website, you will need hosting.

Without website hosting, you website is practically invisible to the entire internet world.

The next question would be what do you plan on doing on your website? Are you starting an affiliate blog? Or adding products and services?

Either way, if you do not know how to do any of that, and you can not obtain the training to do it, Host Armada does can’t help with that. They can only help with hosting your website files.

Furthermore, if budget is a concern and you would like to get started with Host Armada, you can always start with their start dock plan, its financially affordable to get started with that plan.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, because, of the Host Armada promotional offer, they are the lowest price in the web hosting industry.

Start Dock allows at least 30,000 visitors or less.

Furthermore, Host Armada not only offers, great customer service, but, their web hosting is also, high quality, fast speed, and reliable.

In fact, this website is hosted there currently and I have never had any problems.

The point is, you can always move your website to a different hosting provider later, if you choose to do so – at least you can get started.

Man Listening Closely

Final Thoughts Of This Host Armada Review

We’ve covered a lot today. 

So, if you gotten this far into my Host Armada review, thank you for taking the time to read what I had to say. 

I currently use Host Armada web hosting on this website, and will continue to use them for the next year or so.

Sure they may be the baby in the hosting game but, that doesn’t matter when they can clearly stand up to the big dogs. 

I’m happy with their service, security, and website speed.

When I started this website I had no clue what to do or where to start.

Host Armada crew took me by the hand and guided me every step of the way – when it came to linking my domain and web hosting together.

Something that was not so kindly offered elsewhere.

Also, as you can see in the image below my website speed is perfect for now at least.

If I wasn’t happy with Host Armada I would have never written this review.

So, what are you waiting for, will Host Armada be hosting your new site?

If so, please let us know…

GTmetrix Website Speed For She Tried That.jpg

Well, that’s all folks!

I hope you have a better understanding of Host Armada.

If not, do you have any questions that I can answer for you?

Have you ever used Host Armada Web Hosting yourself? What was your experience good or bad, we all want to know.

By leaving your comments or questions below, it helps us all learn from past or current experiences.

If you like Host Armada features, get started here today.  Currently their pricing is $2.49 per month with a free domain for a limited time only. Coupon Code: HASUMMER23

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