About Us

The time will never be perfect to start an online business. there’s no doubt you’ll make mistakes and that’s okay! I’m here to show you the possibilities of raising your children and helping your family make a side income. Your time is now and not later. The only thing missing is you! Be courageous, adventurous and believe in yourself.

About The Website "SheTriedThat.com"

SheTriedThat.com was founded by Lakisha Akbar in 2021. You can learn more about her if you head over to the “Meet the team” page.

This website is dedicated to helping people who are seeking passive income without losing time with the people that matter the most.

On this website we learn how to get started with making money using a WordPress website.

And in the near future I’ll share many other ways to make money from home. But, for now we’ll stick with blogging.

Some call it affiliate blogging, niche websites, SEO content writing and marketing, or just plain ole blogging.

Either way, this websites goal is to provide you with resources, reviews, and tips that you may need to make a more informed decision when starting your new exciting career in making money blogging.

The purpose of this website is to share the possibilities of how you can start earning online passively, without investing a huge amount of money and avoid scams.

With today’s technology and advanced internet hackers there’s a ton of online claims, from making push button money or simply getting rich over night.

Unfortunately, the online industry is bloated with these types of false claims.

I’ve decided to help you make more informed decisions because, in 2017 I was scammed out of $3k dollars from a home based business opportunity, which then lead me to blogging. I’ve been helping people avoid scams for the last 5 years.

Full disclosure here: This website is still a work in progress. So, please be patient as I build it out. If you’d like join me on my journey, please feel free to follow along.

What People Is SheTriedThat.com For?

If you’re seeking passive income this website is for you.

At the moment, due to SEO factors, I talk bout affiliate marketing using WordPress which is also known as “Blogging.”

The bottom line here is that if you don’t know about passive income, you don’t want to miss this plane because, the majority of the websites on the internet have some sort of financial motivation.

In our opinion with the uncertainity of the economy everyone should have some sort of passive income.

Our Core Values

We believe in a world where there is reality, kindness, honesty, love, security, safety, time, support, and empowerment. Every person is unique and we respect each one of you. We eat, sleep, and breath this passive income lifestyle.

My Mission To The "Passive Income Seekers"

I’m on a mission with you in mind. I started this blog because I believe it’s never to late to make a change.

After trying many business models we believe passive income is where its at. Therefore, we encourage you to be creative with your extra energy, take control of your daily schedule because there are possibilities online.

Pivot! Remember sometimes life makes us change our script. This is not a sign of failure, but a way to readjust our focus allow growth and new opportunities into a our lives.

Resources & Guides

SheTriedThat.com is a resource hub for learning about specific aspects of affiliate marketing while using WordPress.

As you read through our affiliate marketing beginner guides, you’ll realize that this website is built with beginners in mind.

Some of the knowledge on this website you won’t find in one single course which is another reason for sharing my affiliate blogging learning experience.

Affiliate Programs

As a beginner it’s a challenge coming up with a niche, and sometimes this may be due to you not knowing what companies or products allow you to sell their products for profits. Our goal is to help you discover the possibilities. 

Product & Tool Reviews

Not all courses and affiliate marketing tools are created equal. Whether you are curious about affiliate marketing and using blogging as your marketing channel or maybe you’re just getting started, we’ve got reviews to meet your specific affiliate marketing career needs.

Helpful Guides & Links

  • Affiliate Marketing Glossary
  • Introduction To Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Followers?
  • Meet The Team
  • Need To Contact Us?
  • Other Blog Articles

There's No Stupid Question! Just Frequently Asked Ones:

Affiliate marketing is when you recommend other people’s or businesses products and services. When a customer sees your recommendation and decides it’s for them, and if they make a purchase for the product or services using their same device and your unique affiliate link, you’ll earn money.

As a result the customer is happy, the company is happy, your bank account is happy, and your happy. It’s a win-win for all parties.

Affiliate marketing is the lowest barrier cost to entry when it comes to starting an online business. It’s also the fastest growing industry in the digital marketing space.

Many people are able to learn and master the skill even if they don’t have online marketing skills and never ran a business. As an affiliate marketer, you’re self-employed and controlling your own schedule without having to create your own product or services.

Above all, affiliate marketing is another technique that can be added to your blog revenue. As a result increasing your chances of an increased income potential. Also, the skills that you acquire from learning affiliate marketing can help you advance your employment skill as well. 

Affiliate marketing involves your willingness to work hard, constantly learn, and work long hours with very little reward because, you’re paid for your efforts further down the line.

You’ll be expected to join affiliate programs, which are typically free. Promote other peoples products and earn revenue for it.

There’s no need to climb the corporate ladder, worry about future promotions, or stress over being laid off. The most appealing attraction for most people is not really the money but, the fact that affiliate marketing is a “passive income” business model.

The best part is there is no risk involved. You’re not expected to create a product or manage products. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about product returns, complaints, ship or store any products.

All you must do is pick a marketing channel, and learn how to master that platform while selling the creators products. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, this may seem a little out of reach for you but, whenever anything is a new skill to you, it always seems out of reach. 

Learning how to master affiliate marketing comes with practice.

No! Most people who start affiliate marketing and blogging do not have any type of followers. In fact, many beginners don’t have the type of money it takes to advertise to get started.

Therefore, you must build an audience naturally and over time, you’ll find your hero’s. Starting a blog is one of the easiest ways to build up your followers. It’s no doubt a slower process but, can be well worth it in the end.

Blogging is when you frequently update content on a website in the form of articles. It’s where you can share your creativity. Your thoughts, ideas, knowledge, experience, opinions, or your expertise on a particular subject.

Blogging can be used as a digital marketing channel and it’s a way for you to earn a passive income even while you asleep. 

You can expect very little rewards for at least a year. Traffic may be slow as well as sales. The time it takes also depends on the competitiveness of your niche.

In the beginning stages of blogging, its definitely not passive. You’ll need to invest a lot of time, effort and sometimes money. You’ll need to learn to write compelling blog articles that other people find helpful and want to follow.


Purchasing a course for affiliate marketing or blogging really depends on you. If you’re okay with making mistakes and learning from them, then you might not need to purchase a course. 

The idea of purchasing a course is to help you understand what you’re doing. Courses can help you advance your skills a lot faster but, they won’t necessary help you become rich. If they did everyone that starts a blog or affiliate marketing would be rich.