A Blogger’s Journey Through Self Doubt And High Spam Score

A Blogger’s Journey Through Self Doubt and High Spam Score: Case Study

Attention all bloggers!

Have you ever found yourself questioning your worth as a writer?

Have you ever been slapped with self-doubt and a high spam score and felt like giving up on your blog?

If so, this case study is for you.

Join this writer to follow a blogger’s journey through self-doubt and battle with a high spam score.

Get ready to be inspired and learn valuable lessons on overcoming obstacles in the blogging world. 

Let’s dive in!

Business and Customer Overview

Lakisha Akbar In A Office

The primary customer base is Lakisha (this writer), a blogger journey through self-doubt and dealing with a high spam score.

She is in the make-money-online niche and needed help to reduce her self-doubt about a newly purchased domain with a high spam score of 53%, and she didn’t think her content was of value.

She has written 20 blog posts on her site since 2021 that are purely informational with no affiliate links.

The blog content she has written so far is aimed at helping others figure out how to make money online and provides quality information on affiliate marketing targeting moms or stay-at-home moms.

The visitors are mainly from the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Lakisha’s goal for her blog is to monetize it with affiliate marketing and other strategies eventually.

She met with another blogger, Brenda, who inspired her to write this case study.

The mission is to reduce her spam score and write more high-quality content blog posts to get more organic traffic from search engines and increase her chances of monetizing her blog.

She received assistance in properly optimizing her site to rank higher in search results for keywords related to the make-money-online niche.

Brief Background and Problem Statement 

Lakisha is the wife of a wonderful disabled veteran and a proud mother of 10.

She worked hard to overcome many life obstacles, tried different affiliate programs, affiliate marketing courses, and wasted time and money.

Lakisha stopped blogging for almost two years because of a high spam score, and self-doubt set in, concluding that the website’s history was doomed. 

It all started when she researched Google Search Console and Google Analytics, which reported very little to no traffic was coming.

Since she relied on Google metrics, she never considered checking her website interactions.

Lakisha worked hard on her blog and thought it would be a success. But now, it seemed like all of her efforts were for nothing. 

She was devastated.


After long consideration, she thought trashing the website was her best option.

She didn’t know her content was worth it.

According to one of the elements of MOZ stats, a high spam score can tell the search engines that the pages on the website have no real value. 

She didn’t know what to do.

She reached out to some fellow bloggers in the same industry, and they told her not to give up and try to fix the problem.

The Solution Statement 

Google’s recently launched algorithm, called BERT, requires that a website present its visitors with high-quality content ensure that the website ranks.

After checking waybackmachine(dot)com and mtxtoolbox(dot)com,  Lakisha proceeds with researching already-written content.

She wrote 20 high-quality posts.

Her articles shared helpful information on a subject she had studied for a while and did so without adding any affiliate links. 

Free Email Auto Responder Post

Lakisha proceeds to take a people-first approach, helping people first and foremost, so that website visitors can understand what affiliate blogging is, how it works, what to avoid, and how they can leverage this opportunity either part-time or full-time without losing quality time with their families. 

Lakisha’s solution was to search the MozTool bar and discover that the page and domain authority had increased, and the spam score had drastically reduced from 53% to 1%.

She had traffic.

The site’s rank was growing, even with only 20 posts published, no social share buttons, and no further efforts. 

That was shocking; she did not realize she was nearly three feet from touching a gold mine. 

The Strategies Statement

Lakisha’s new strategy is to check the traffic statistics from her web hosting provider to find out what is happening with her site.

She plans to use the information to modify her website and make it more appealing to potential customers.

To attract more organic traffic, she plans to invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and create optimized content for search engine results.

She will also increase her social media presence and develop relationships with influencers to increase visibility by creating high-quality content for various platforms and future Paid Advertising (PPC) campaigns.

Overall, Lakisha’s strategy is optimizing her website for better visitor engagement while increasing organic traffic through SEO-paid ads and influencer marketing.

The results from her hosting website traffic provider proved she got some traffic. She will add future developments in the following case study. 

The Results Statement

Lakisha checked the traffic statistics with her web hosting provider.

And according to them, the website was getting traffic even while Lakisha stopped working on it.

On her most important day, she had 476 visitors. 

Her blog post about her experience had been visited less than 7,429 times.

And had total impressions of 11,520.

Google search results 585 clicks with 49.9k impressions.

She felt stunned, shocked, and so excited that many people saw her story.

These results conclude that Lakisha’s website was successful even without her actively working on it.

This shows that she has a good foundation and the potential to build a successful website if she continues working on it.

The Reaction Statement

Lakisha has received 26 comments and 440 emails through her contact us page.

These visitors were asking for review updates and for Lakisha to keep blogging.

So many people thanked her for continuing to provide great value for free. 

She received emails where people were asking to buy ad space and asking what she promoted.

Other bloggers were asking for backlinks and internal links.

According to the website visitors, they loved the website and its posts. 

And some guy named Larry, with 220k followers, asked me to connect his post to my article, and supposedly he’ll share my writings with his vast followers.

In addition to that, Lakisha was approached about selling her website. 

Future Plan Statement

Lakisha plans to continue to write more high-quality content and use case studies as articles to post on the website.

The goal is to increase self-confidence, remove self-doubt and continue blogging and following her website’s strategic content planning and marketing.

She is excited about taking a new direction and hopes everyone will stick around to join her journey to becoming a successful blogger earning a lucrative income. 

A Blogger’s Journey Through Self Doubt and High Spam Score: Case Study Conclusion

These results conclude that Lakisha’s website was successful even without her actively working on it.

This shows that she has a good foundation and the potential to build a successful website if she continues working on it.

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