Free Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing

Free Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing: 7 Unbelievable Free Options

In the world of affiliate marketing, effective communication is crucial. This helps build a relationship with your audience while ultimately driving conversions.

Having access to an autoresponder can be a valuable tool in your arsenal but, let’s face it!

Not all autoresponders are created equal. Not all autoresponders support the idea of affiliate marketing, as some platforms have specific policies or restrictions in place regarding affiliate link promotions.

Today, you’ll learn about 7 free autoresponders for your online business that’s affiliate marketing friendly. Below, all the plans have both free options to paid plans.


EmailOctopus For Affiliate Marketing

If you’re trying to grow an audience on a budget, EmailOctopus may be perfect for you.

Not to confuse you, but EmailOctopus offers two email products.

One is called “EmailOctopus” and the other product is called “EmailOctopus Connect.

EmailOctopus For Automation

Let’s discover what Email Octopus has to offer.

EmailOctopus is for anyone who needs an autoresponder. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner doing affiliate marketing or an advanced e-commerce marketer. As long you need email automation, then you might find this autoresponder useful.

In any event, EmailOctopus, hasn’t been around long. In fact, they were founded in 2015 and they’re committed to help you save money.

Without the flashy marketing and expensive ads they’re able to keep cost at the minimal for all users, and provide you with the features that matter the most.

Either way they proudly welcome bloggers, authors, online stores, and charities without compromising on your deliverability.

With this 100% independent email marketing company, they’re dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners grow.

Is EmailOctopus a great fit for you?

EmailOctocpus Free account comes with:

  • Non-profit businesses receive a 20% lifetime discount
  • Analyze and keep track of open rates, bounce rates, and clicks for 30 days
  • Up to 2,500 subscribers
  • Send Up to 10,000 emails per month
  • EmailOctopus can’t send transactional emails
  • You’ll need a plugin for WordPress or Zapier for other services
  • Support

EmailOctopus Connect

I’m sure you would like to know the difference between the two email products that EmailOcotpus has to offer.

EmailOctopus Connect is more for a techy, because it involves using Amazon Simple Email Service, which is free. You’ll get up to 62,000 messages at no cost.

However, the part you should consider with EmailOctopus Connect is, that’s not free. Instead its paid plan starts as low as $7.00 per month for 500 subscribers with the capability of sending 10,000 emails.

You upgrade or downgrade manually
You can test out the service on the free plan before upgrading
In your marketing campaigns, EmailOctopus enourages you to include a link that serves as a referral program which can help you earn money
Limited support on weekends
Responds to queries within 24 hours
Some additional scrutiny can be taken for certain industries which can include affiliate marketing

One key feature about this company, that I find pretty impressive is, each month EmailOctopus, will review your account to ensure that you’re on the right plan.

And, if your account qualifies for a lower plan, guess what?

EmailOctopus will automatically adjust your plan and your following bill will reflect the new changes.

I think that’s an awesome deal! In fact, not too many email companies offer a service like that.


Brevo (formerly known as SendInBlue)

Brevo was formerly known as SendInBlue. However, they’ve recently they’ve rebranded because, their product outgrew the name. Initially, this company was started in 2012, and they were focused on people who wanted to sent newsletters.

Well, most of the customers on this platform needed more connections to their personal brands. Therefore, Brevo formerly known as SendInBlue listened to their customers, and has expanded their marketing and CRM tools. They offer a fully CRM suite.

This includes transactional emails, live chats, SMS campaigns and so much more.

In my opinion, Brevo has many features to offer you. I’m a big believer in saving money without sacrificing quality whenever possible.

With SendInBlue now Brevo Free account you will get:

  • Import and manage unlimited Contact storage on all plans
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Email support only
  • Marketing Automation is limited to 2000 contacts
  • Page tracking
  • Real-Time stats dashboard
  • Send up to 300 emails per day
  • Live Chat box to connect with your visitors
  • Rss to email
  • customizable signup Forms

In addition to all the above, Brevo offers several services:

  • Marketing platform this is where you can send emails.
  • Conversations this is where you can add a chat widget to your website, and have unlimited chats, with a complete conversation history.
  • The sales platform helps you keep track of your deals. You can even set up client meetings, video calls and get paid all on one platform.

Transactional Emails are designed for developers. The good news is that you can even sign up for free.

Real-Time Stats
Live Chat features
Full CRM suite
Page Tracking
Free email marketing course with certification
There’s a lot of features, this may cause confusion

Brevo Email Marketing Course With Certification

In addition to all the above, with Brevo you’ll be fully prepared on how to start email marketing and scale your business without running your subscribers off because, they even offer a free email marketing academy.

If you’ve never priced an email marketing course before, then let’s just say that this free email marketing course is very valuable. Typically an email marketing course can range from $47 to $500.

Of course that price is dependent upon, who you receive the course from and where you take the course but, great news!

If you’ve been considering an email marketing course, what I’m about to tell you will you at least save you $199 because, this course is done by email marketing industry experts at no charge to you.

Furthermore, the course is for beginners, all the way up to advanced marketers and yes, they’re really offering the course with a certification free of charge.

After you’ve completed the course, you’ll have an exam. In order to pass the exam you need at least a 70%. Once you have accomplished that you’ll receive a certification that lasts for an entire year.

By the way, most email marketing platforms also offer email marketing courses but sometimes they come with a steep price and most do not come with a certification. This certification can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile, website, or wherever your heart desires.

For that reason, Brevo is an excellent and budget friendly option. In my opinion, even with their cheapest plan, which is free is a opportunity that you don’t want to underestimate.


Use MailJet For Your Marketing Efforts

If you aren’t new to email marketing and would like to experience a powerful marketing platform, MailJet could be the one that you’re looking for.

They have a high security standard with a strict sending policy, to ensure your emails land in your customers inbox.

In addition to this, MailJet offers on-site training tailored to your business upon request.

If MailJet is too robust, MailGun should be considered instead.

By using MailJet you’ll have to agree to follow their sending policy, their 7 commandments plus, spam laws. By the way, the 7 commandments are used for guiding principles.

This email marketing platform wants to ensure that you are using your best practices for the most effective email marketing efforts.

Besides, that there’s no credit card needed to sign up for the MailJet Forever plan.

With MailJet Free plan you’ll get:

  • Store unlimited contacts
  • Send up to 6000 emails per month with 200 emails per day
  • Hosted on Google Cloud Platform
  • Access to all tools & API
  • Transactional & Marketing emails can all be handled within 1 account
Free email templates
No credit card needed for the free plan
Stop services at anytime
To stay in compliance you’ll need to learn their 7 commandments

Whichever happens, Mailjet was the first to become ISO 27001 certified, which means Mailjet takes privacy, spam, and security seriously.

Above all, MailJet also services other industries which includes Real Estate.


GetResponse Allows Affiliate Marketing

GetResponse is trusted by some of the biggest brands and Ikea is one of them. You can start building your email list with GetResponse Free plan. Like Brevo, they offer an email marketing course. However, it’s not free. Instead, you’ll have to invest $199 if you need help learning email marketing.

The only free course that GetResponse offers is their Max Partner Program certification. That course is designed for advanced email marketers.

Either way, GetResponse is still a great option because, they’ve been around for quite awhile. In fact, they were founded in 1998 by Simon Grabowski. Ever since, GetResponse has established itself as one of the leading email marketing service providers.

If you were to join GetResponse, you would get the following for free:

  • Up to 500 contacts
  • One landing page
  • 1 Website Builder
  • Popups and signup forms
Setup an account today, and pick a plan later
live chat or email available 24/7
Automation workflow available
Learning curve
You might experience deliverability challenges

Overall, GetResponse is a good option for a beginner. However, after using GetResponse myself, I found that if you’re not familiar with email marketing, it can be a learning curve.

In addition to that some users including myself, have experienced challenges with the deliverability. Of course, this can be impacted by various of factors which can include the reputation of your domain.

It’s notable to mention that the drawbacks above may not effect every user. Therefore, consider the both the benefits and drawbacks, when deciding if GetResponse is for you or not.


Check Out TrafficWave For Affiliate Marketers Emails

There a lot of big players in the autoresponder world, but did you know about TrafficWave? This is an autoresponder that isn’t discussed much. However, after researching what they offer for the price, they seem to be a little underrated.

Stephen Hambright and Brian Rooney built TrafficWave from the ground up. What’s more impressive is that the autoresponder was founded back in 2000. Therefore, this autoresponder has been surviving for the last 23 years.

Furthermore TrafficWave the email autoresponder has the technology to handle anywhere from small to medium sized business in over 140 different countries. In fact, TrafficWave is has a true dedication of keeping things cost-effective because, if you were to upgrade with their email autoresponder program, the paid plan would be $17.95 per month.

The most interesting facts about this pricing hasn’t changed in at least 10 years. The pricing was the same costs $17.95. It is now 2023, and the pricing has not changed. It’s still $17.95, therefore they have proven that this is not a promotional offer.

Out Of All The Big Time Autoresponders TrafficWave Gives You The Following:

  • Permanent pricing of $17.95 per month (the rate never changes)
  • Plain includes unlimited emails
  • landing or capture pages
  • List segmentation
  • Integrates with thousands of apps
  • Tracking
  • Opt-in forms for your website
Permanent price of $17.95
Unlimited emails + subscribers
Training videos are available after signup
Support included
Additional products which includes sending website visitors to your blog
Online support only
30 day free trial. Then you need to make a decision to stay or move on

Whether you should use TrafficWave over the other big brand named autoresponders, depends on your specific requirements, your budget, and your preferences. I haven’t tried it myself, but, I have seen many affiliates say that it is a reliable and effective autoresponder platform.

Another notable feature about this autoresponder company is that they have a way to boost visitors to your website. TrafficWave serves many different industries from affiliate marketers, real estate, to churches.

If you’d like to check them out I’d recommend taking advantage of TrafficWave 30 day free trial, so that you can get firsthand experience and asses its suitability for your specific needs.


Affiliate Marketers Can Also Use SendX

SendX has been around since 2016, founded by Varun Jain. It doesn’t exactly have no free plan but, they do offer a 14 day limited option. Therefore, you’ll have 14 days to gain access to this email autorespond. Try it o out and see if its suitable for you and your goals.

SendX paid plans start at $9.99 per month unless you opt for the annual plan. The features this autoresponder comes with are as follows;

  • Up to 1000 subscribers with unlimited emails
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Tags and segmentation
  • Signup forms
  • Resend to un-openers
  • 24×5 support by email
Plan includes all features
Automation features
You can setup a 1-1 demo
14 day limited try before you buy
Second negative side

If you’re not sure if SendX is for your or not, why not schedule a demo. It can help you decide. During the 30 minute 1-on-1 demo, SendXproduct experts can help you understand their product by answering your questions.

Besides the 1-on-1 demo, the only other training from understanding is through articles or by asking support. So, if you’re not familiar with email marketing, then you may want to check out their 14 limited option before fully purchasing this autoresponder. That way you can a feel of how things work. Then you can decide if it meets your needs or not.


Moosend Try Their Email For 30 Days Free Before You Buy

Do you feel like your email marketing platform is letting you down?

Moosend has a freemium account, and it requires no credit card to get started. You’ll just need a business email address.

In either case, Moosend offers many tools and resources to help you learn how to get the best out of your email marketing services.

With their advanced subject line tester, you’ll be on your way to learning how to get your emails opened.

They also offer 30 minute courses to learn how to use Moosend. Or you can join their 1-hour free webinars to learn the secrets that Moosend offers.

With Moosend free plan you’ll get:

  • Send Unlimited emails
  • Up to 1000 subscribers
  • Get access to signup forms
  • And analyze your email reports

By the way, if you ever run into a case where you need to clean your email list I came across a website called ReachMail, which offers two pricing options.

Either way, their service can help you identify spam traps and remove abandoned mailboxes with so much more. This is important when sending emails to subscribers.

Free Email Subject Line Tester
Unlimited Emails
No credit card needed
Free for 30 days only

The only drawback to Moosend is that this email marketing service is only free for 30 days so, you’ll have a limited time to try out this platform. After that you’ll need to decide if you want to continue services or move on.


Engage Bay

Do you need more than just an email marketing tool?

Recently founded in 2017, Engage Bay was created to be an affordable all in one marketing tool.

They’re built to help you save thousands of dollars from all the other sales and marketing tools that you use.

Engage Bay can help you save money because they offer many robust features all within one dashboard.

Such as:

  • Push Notification
  • Live Chat
  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Sticky Bar
  • A/B Landing pages
  • Schedule Appointments
  • And so much more

Even on their freemium plan, you’ll gain access to many features, Live Chat being one of them.

In addition to this you’ll have access to:

  • 250 Contacts which includes 1000 branded emails
  • Up to 2 lists
  • Up to 5 web popups
  • Send up to 100 emails per day
  • Lead Grabbers
  • Limited access to email templates
  • SSL Landing pages
  • Live Chat
  • Social Suite
  • Limited access to embedded forms
  • Facebook ads coming soon
  • 500 MB file storage
  • Plus an 30 minute onboarding session where you can speak to an expert.
Save time with marketing automation
Landing pages and forms
Live chat software
email tracker and validator
The more subscribers the more you pay
Second negative side

The bottom line is, Engage Bay offers many features that you could use somewhere within your business. The impressive part is they are truly affordable.

On the other hand, Engage Bay offers so much that it may feel overwhelming when you visit their site, especially for a beginner.

They don’t have training but, you can always take an onboarding session with a live representative.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a program, that allows you to send out automated emails to a list of people called Subscribers or Contacts.

Instead of sending an email out to 1000 people one by one, you can use an autoresponder that will send out an allotted number of emails to all of your subscribers at once.

How Do You Use An Autoresponder?

If you’ve never used an autoresponder, I highly recommend that you register at the Sendinblue Academy.

It’s free! Plus, after you successfully complete their exam, you’ll earn a certification.

This can benefit you in two ways.

You’ll learn how to use an autoresponder. Plus, you’ll increase your career opportunities. After becoming certified you’ll be an Email Expert. You can take that certification and add it to your Linkedin profile. Or display it on your website whichever your heart desires.

The certification last for 12 months.

Do You Need An Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing?

While having an autoresponder can provide great benefits to your affiliate marketing efforts, it’s not an absolute requirement. Adding an autoresponder to your blog, depends on your goals, strategies and the stages of your blogging journey. It’s a good idea to explore different autoresponder options and choose one that aligns with your needs and preference.

What Is The Easiest Autoresponder To Use?

Determining what the easiest autoresponder to use as an affiliate, can be subjective. What may be intuitive for one person may differ for another. It’s recommended to explore the platforms, take advantage of their free trials, try before you buys, or any 1-on-1 demos that the autoresponder platform offers. This way you can make a more informed decision in determining what’s user friendly to you and your needs.

My Final Opinion Of Free Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing

In conclusion, finding the right autoresponder for your affiliate marketing needs is crucial. By selecting an autoresponder that supports affiliate marketing, you have an increased chance of your email landing into your audiences inboxes.

As you may have learned today that not all autoresponders are created equal. Look for platforms that offer features such as Intergration with affiliate networks, plugins, your blog, tracking capabilities, and customization options.

Out of all the email marketing platforms on this list which one will you go with?

Engage Bay seems to be the one with many features for an affordable price, which eliminates other expenses.

On the other hand, they may be overwhelming for some.

If you just need a simple email marketing system, I ‘d recommend Emailoctopus or SendInBlue.

Welp! That’s all folks…

Do you have any questions? Need any assistance? Am I missing one of your favorite email marketing systems on this list, please tell us in the comment area.

I wish you the best and all the success.


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