Free Tools For Affiliate Marketing

Harness The Power Of These Free Tools For Affiliate Marketing

In todays digital age, affiliate marketing has become a popular business model for affiliates and companies alike. As an affiliate marketer, your goal is promote products and services and in return you earn a commission.

In the meantime, starting an affiliate marketing venture can be challenging, especially when you’re on a tight budget. That’s where free tools for affiliate marketing come to the rescue.

The Benefits Of Using Free Affiliate Marketing Software

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most valuable free tools available to affiliate marketers. Therefore, if you’re a beginner looking to kickstart your affiliate marketing journey, these tools will help you to get started with affiliate marketing while keeping the cost at a minimum.

You’ll discover a range of resources and solutions that will enable you to manage, optimize and track your affiliate campaigns without breaking the bank.


Free Keyword Research Tools For Affiliate Marketing

Utilizing keyword research tools is important because, it can help you identify keywords that people are actually search for. This helps you create content that is relevant to the search intent of your target audience.

For example if someone is searching for the “best air fryer,” they are likely looking for which air fryer is best for their situation. In this case you would provide detailed reviews of different air fryers.

A keyword research tool doesn’t exactly help you create high quality content, instead it gives you an idea of what words you can use for search engine optimization. Some keyword tools have ability to go more Indepth with its data, while others are limited.

Typically, with a free keyword research tool, you will have limited data. However, its still better to use than writing content blindly. The worst thing you can do is write content people aren’t even searching for.

With that in mind, keyword research tools can be an essential part of your affiliate marketing strategy because, they also help you track your results. Having access to keyword tracking can help you improve your affiliate marketing campaigns, as a result you’ll get closer and closer to your goals.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a free tool provided by Google. When it comes to finding keywords for your affiliate marketing website, this tool is enough to generate hundreds of keywords. The tool was designed for pay per click advertising you will find more features in the tool than you actually need to use.

Furthermore, there are two ways to use the keyword planner.

Your first option is to discover new keywords and the second feature is to get search volume and its forecasts. Above all you will be able to get suggestions that are related to your affiliate products, services or website. Also, you’ll have access to monthly search estimates and you can organize your keywords so that you can create different campaigns.


The creator of H-Supertool primary goal is to simplify things, this is the reason why he has created a super tool. It’s so powerful, that you’re given about 30 free options to utilize from SEEO, to an AI writer.

Please keep in mind that AI content generators are a new trend when it comes to writing content for your blog, emails, and anything else that requires some time saving efforts.

AI such as H-Supertool doesn’t generate SEO friendly content nor does it write original content. It’s up to you to create high quality content and for search engine optimization.

Think of AI writers as a robot sitting next to you, and all they are trying to do is assist you with your writing.

The bottom line here is that, it’s not the most perfect tool but, it really does mean what it says. 

It’s a super tool…and you might find some use of it. Especially, when it comes to finding keywords, a blog title, or an outline because, this powerful tools gives you these options for free. Therefore, I have added it to this list.

If you use H-supertool as a keyword finder, you have the ability to export the keyword list, view the month search volume as well as see the estimated cost per click.

One notable feature about this free keyword tool is you are given related keywords which gives you more ideas, to help you improve your content strategy.

On this site you’ll find features ranging from:

  • A Keyword Research tool for your affiliate blog
  • It helps you find keywords for your YouTube content
  • Instagram hashtag generator
  • Email Validation tool
  • Question Explorer
  • SEO Analyzer
  • And so much more

Official website: H-Supertool


Soolve is a free tool that can populate ideas for any niche. The downside to this tool is it does not give much details. Instead it populations suggestions from multiple search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, Amazon, and YouTube.

If you were to put your keyword into the tool, it will pull up things that people are currently searching for within your niche. Give it a try and explore the suggestions to see what you can uncover.

Official Website: Soolve

Small SEO Tools

In my opinion, this free affiliate marketing tool is underrated because, of all the free features that you have right at your fingertips. Additionally, Small SEO tools, doesn’t require you to register for an account in order to use their free affiliate marketing software.

Therefore, if you’re going to be marketing as an affiliate check out this website and explore this hidden gem. You have access to the following:

  • Text Analysis Tool that also includes an article rewriter
  • Design Studio which even includes a resume builder
  • Image Editing tools
  • Of course the keyword research tool
  • A backlink checker
  • Website Management tools
  • Tracking for your website tool
  • Proxy Tools
  • Domain tools
  • Meta Tage tools
  • Password Management Tools
  • Online PDF Tools
  • Plus many more tools

The point here is that, I truly believe you will find some value in exploring this tool.

Official website: Small SEO Tools


Free Website Trackers For Affiliate Marketers

Tracking your website is essential for several reasons. You want to be able to monitor your affiliate websites performance. This allows you to see metrics that related to your traffic. In addition to that website monitoring helps you understand your user behavior which helps you improve and make better data drive decisions.

Google Search Console (GSC)

Google Search Console is a free tool that will help you track several things.

  • It helps you track keywords that your website is ranking for within the search engine

It’ll notify you, when there’s any URL errors.

  • And, after writing a post or updating a post you can submit your URL to Google Search Console for indexing. 

Google search console can even show you blogs that are externally linked to your website.

The bottom line here this is a free tool that’s provided by Google. It can help you confirm that your website is indexed into Google search engine. Additionally it’ll help you fix and improve any indexing issues because, Google give you a brief description of the reasoning.

Another way to improve your overall website performance is to check out the search queries. There you find how often your website appears in Google search engine. It will also show you often users click on your titles. If you find that your click through rate is low for a particular blog post title, it might be time for you to optimize the article.

Either way, it’ll show you your overall website performance.

Official Website: Google Search Console

Google Analytics (GA)

By now, you probably can imaging that Google provides a ton of free tools for all website owners including affiliates.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are probably the two most popular free tools that affiliate marketers use to track their website performance, and to get information about their websites search traffic.

The difference between the two are Google Search Console allows affiliates to track their website performance. While Google Analytics helps you all sorts of data. It’s a more comprehensive tool.

With this service you’ll be able to see:

  • How long a user stays on your site?
  • You’ll learn how much traffic you received for the day, week, or month.
  • You’ll learn what posts on your website are popular.
  • You’ll be able to see what device, location, and gender is visiting your website. 
  • You can see what actions people are taking. Are they clicking on links? Filling out forms? And so on.

Most business owners use services such as Google Analytics, this is one of the ways, that a company is able to improve their advertising campaigns.

The point is, once you have enough data Google Analytics will help you improve your website visitors experience. 

Official Website: Google Analytics

Bing Webmaster Tools (Bing WMT)

Bing Webmaster tools is similar to Google Analytics. It’s free service provided by Microsoft and it measures all the same things that Google measures. 

The difference between the two is, of course Google Analytics is owned by Google. While Bing is owned by Microsoft.

Bing provides insights to website owners Such as:

  • Microsoft Clarity
  • Heatmaps
  • Site Scan
  • Plus more

Official Website: Bing Webmaster Tool

If you haven’t done all ready, you’ll wan to submit your affiliate marketing website to all three free tools, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Bing. This will help them crawl and index your affiliate blog so that it can appear in search results.


Free AI Content Tools That That Affiliates Are Using Today

A powered tools can assist you in many ways as a blogger. However you must understand that what matters most to Google is high content quality. If you were to read over the Google Search Guide about Al-generated content, you’ll also notice that Google aims to rank and reward original content.

Also, it needs to demonstrate E-E-A-T. With that being said, its important to know, if you used any AI powered tools, use them more as a guide and not to relay on them 100%.

The benefits that you can find while using an AI powered tool is:

  • Topic suggestions
  • Help with research
  • Draft generations


With OpenAi you’ll give it instructions on the task you want it to complete. For example it is designed to take instruction from inputs which we call “prompts. The prompts that OpenAi is programed to do right now are as follows:

  • You can draft documents
  • Ask for codes such as HTML or CSS
  • It can answer questions but, not all
  • Analyze your texts
  • Translate language
  • And much, much more…

This program is free to use, and it can help you generate content within a few prompts

Google Bard

Bard is also a free tool provided by Google. It can help you but, it does have limitations and doesn’t always get the answers right. Therefore, you want to use AI generated content wisely because, you don’t want to put out information that is not factual.

This also may be the reason why Google did not have the program open to the public. Instead it was an invite only option. I was able to gain early access to Google Bard and found other AI powered tools worked better like Bings Chat AI. Regardless, today, I believe that Bard is available to everyone.

Right now Bard is available in English, Japanese, and Korean. It can also be used in over 180 countries. Eventually Google plans to expand in all areas but, for now the above can use this free program.

Bing Chat AI

With Bing new chat AI powered tool, there’s good news. All Microsoft Edge users have access to this for free. It can answer complex questions. It can find resources for you. And the most impressive feature about Bings chat is that is embedded on the side of your browser, like a sidebar. Therefore, there is no need to login to entirely new dashboard. Nor is there a need to keep switching from tab to tab.

  • Bing chat benefits are as follows:
  • You can use it to make faster decisions
  • Bing chat will be available on mobile devices
  • And in the near future it will be able to summarize long documents for you
  • It can generate images for you too

AI powered tools are used in a wide range of industries from transportation to healthcare. These tools can assist in making improved decisions while giving you new insights. Of course there is always potential risk with using tools such as this because, they are not human beings. It is important to consider the content that AI powered tools generate for you and always fact check what it puts out.


Free User Experience Tools For Affiliate Marketing

Your website visitors are important. Improving your user experience is a must. Overall a user experience is essential in all aspects if you want to become successful with your affiliate marketing website. There are many factors that play a part of a good user experience but, here some of the most important ones.

Your content should have clarity and it should be user friendly. And most important there should be limited errors. This is where the below tools will help you improve your website.


SiteLiner is a great tool to use, not only because its free but, because of all the features that are available on this website analysis tool.

After you enter your website domain into website. The tool will crawl your website and analysis each posts and all the text on that posts. The crawling of your website can take some time, depending on how many posts you have your website. After the crawl is done, you will receive a report that shows you any percentage of duplicate content and broken links.

It also lets you check for:

  • Counts words per page
  • The speed of your pages
  • External & internal links
  • Page authority
  • Sitemap generator

Keeping up with your website’s SEO is highly recommended.

Every so often you’ll want to run your website through this tool to make sure you are taking care of any broken links. 

Broken links are not good for SEO. In fact they are known to hurt your SEO. Nor is it any good for your user experience. It will only cause a high bounce rate and your users might leave your website and never come back.

Pro Tip: Once you have hundreds of articles on your website, things get a lot messier. Please do check for broken links before you get to this point. It will make your blogging life a lot easier.


Copyscape is a tool created to help you avoid plagiarism. This free tool will run an analysis of your website, and compare it to 30 billion pages and posts on the internet. If it finds any similarities, the tool will show you a list of the websites where the text appears to be similar.

With this free tool, you can check up to 10 pages or blog posts a day with the ability to analysis up to 100 languages.

Hemmingway Editor a.k.a Hemmingway App

This desktop writing editor helps you write more clear, concise and engaging content. It won’t write the contnet for you. Instead it can analyze content that you have all ready written.

Using this app can help you make your sentences shorter and less intimidating for your website visitors.

If you have hard to read sentences, the app will highlight the sentence with a red color. Follow those suggestions, so that you can improve your writing. Regardless, this tool is a great option if you need to improve on your writing skills.

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer

Headlines are the very first thing people see. With that being said, you can have the best content giving out all the best knowledge but, if your headline is not attention grabbing, unfortunately, very few people will click on it.

Therefore, you must pique people’s interest. This takes practice but, if you use tools like Sharethrough Headline Analyzer it can help you improve your skills.

FatJoe Title Generator

FatJoe is a website where you can find ideas for attention-grabbing blog posts, content, and other articles headlines. It generates titles based on a variety of factors such as your keyword, your target audience, and todays trends.

If you are looking to improve on your blog posts titles, anyone can use this free tool. It is away to create more effective titles so that you can generate more clicks to your website. Gaining more clicks to your website helps improve your SEO rankings.


Free Online Graphic Designs And Images

Incorporating images to your blog can bring numerous benefits to enhance your overall quality and effectiveness of your content. First and foremost, images help you capture your readers attention. It also makes your blog visually appealing.

Additionally images can help break up long text, which helps your website visitors digest the information a little easier. Overall, images can help optimize your SEO because, they have ALT tags, and metadata to which can help improve your websites visibility in search engines.

I recently learned while designing this blog that WebP images, are much smaller in comparison to PNG and JPEG. Therefore I went back and converted most of my images with a tool called Bulk Resize Photos.

This is important to know because, images that aren’t optimized properly can potentially slow down your blog. As a result it can effect your SEO and user experience. Therefore these tools can help make the photo files smaller and as a result can speed up your blog while making sure your user experience is optimized.


Canva is one of my favorite tools to use. In fact, with Canva you can create more than images.

You can design:

  • Can has photos
  • Pintables
  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Logos
  • Favicons
  • Banners for all social media platforms
  • Flyers
  • Print designs
  • And so much more.

Although there’s a paid version. There’s also a free version. 

Currently I use the paid version but, I was also a free member for the last 5 years. Therefore, I’m sure you can find some benefits on the free plan without having to upgrade.

So, if you plan on marketing with Pinterest this will be one of your go to image creation tools. If you need to create images for your featured blog posts then Canva is the place to use.

Adobe Spark

To take full advantage of the free version of Adobe Spark, you’re going to need an Adobe Id, Facebook login or a Google account. This allows the app to sync your projects between each device that you login to.

With Adbbe Spark, you can use Adobe Express to level up your creations.

  • Design Flyers
  • Resumes
  • Tiktok
  • Reels
  • And many other creations

The bottom line here is that the artwork that you can create with this Adobe Firefly AI, will help you stand out in a noisy crowd.

If you would like to try out their free account of Adbobe Express, feel free to join their beta account.


With Befunky photo editor, you can take advantage of a variety of features such as



Edit photo with text, effects, and filters

Overall, there are a few good photo designers options but, you can use these photo designers and editors to create professional looking designs, even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body.


Other Free Affiliate Marketing Tools And Software

In addition to the popular tools listed above, there are several other free affiliate marketing tools and software that can enhance your marketing efforts. One such tool, that can assist you with tracking your affiliate marketing links, is utilizing options such as free click trackers.

If you’re at the point where you’re interested in building an email list, then I would check out these get started for free affiliate marketing autoresponders which affiliates can also use for email marketing campaigns.

Above all, if you need to improve your knowledge with affiliate marketing, then I would suggest looking into these free affiliate marketing courses. Most of the have structured information that will help you improve your strategies and techniques.

Wrapping It Up ! Free Tools For Affiliate Marketing

I hope today’s post has helped you learn different ways that you can save money on affiliate marketing tools. Affiliate Marketing with a blog can get expensive if you do not balance out your expenses.

Sometimes, free tools are not always the best, and on the flip side… sometimes they work perfectly.

Either way, I use both paid and free tools. In conclusion, utilizing free tools for affiliate marketing can be very beneficial especially when you’re first started your journey. These tools on this posts offer you valuable functionalities that will help you streamline and enhance the process.

So what do you think about the list above?

Have you come across any other free tools or software for affiliate marketing?

Let me know in the comments below, the ”1” free tool that you’re going to take action on first.  

Well, that’s all folks!

I wish you the best and continued success…

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