Blog Profit Network Review (1)

Blog Profit Network Review

Are you considering Blog Profit Network but feeling unsure or skeptical about whether it’s the right affiliate marketing forum for you? Look no further!

In this detailed Blog Profit Network Review, we will address your concerns and provide you with an honest and unbiased assessment of the forum.

As someone who has personally used Blog Profit Network, I understand the hesitation and uncertainty that can come with investing time and money into a blogging platform.

Throughout this review we’ll explore the key features if any, benefits, and potential drawbacks, which will help you make a more informed decision about whether or not to proceed.

So, let’s dive in and uncover the truth behind this widely discussed blogging forum.

6.8Expert Score
Shattered Trust A Word Of Warning
If you’re looking for community support. Then Blog Profit Network could be for you. BPN is a membership offered by Marcus Campbell. This is the community forum where he will answer affiliate blogging questions. It also, includes weekly LIVE Tuesday webinars.
During The LIVE weekly calls you learn some ideas
Tools, & Software Confusion
More Confusion
May Not Be For Beginners


Blog Profit Network

Blog Profit Network Review Post
Blog Profit Network is a community of bloggers that are seeking help to increase their knowledge in picking a low competition niche, while receiving help for an expert.
Price per month: Starting at $127.00 Now and $37.00 per month. I’ve also seen it for $77.00 per month.
Price per month: Starting at $127.00 Now and $37.00 pe month. I’ve also seen it for $77.00 per month.
Money-back guarantee: Yes, Contact Support or Ask Clickbank for a refund

Every Tuesday Marcus will jump on LIVE Zoom calls with a group of students. If you have any questions in regards to marketing, your blog, your niche or any question at all. Mr. Campbell is supposed to answer them during that time.

The calls are usually done through the daytime, usually when most people are at work. So, if you have an appointment, work, or anything else important to take care of no worries, because the LIVE calls are recorded.

During The LIVE weekly calls you learn some ideas
Tools, & Software Confusion
More Confusion
May Not Be For Beginners

Disclaimer From A Real User: This Blog Profit Network Review has been developed by a real user. It was not only thoroughly used and researched by my own personal experience. Also any other research, opinion, testimonials, and public records are available to you online. Any final conclusion that I arrive at is based on my own judgement. I’m here to help you make a more informed decision. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide if this product and service is for you or not.

Who Is Blog Profit Network For?

Blog Profit Network is supposed to be for an aspiring affiliate marketer. This is an affiliate blog support forum created by Marcus Campbell.

In the BPN forum, you’re able to access custom WordPress plugins and software which are valued over $700. The cool part is Marcus created these money getting plugins for himself and his students.

If you were to join BPN you’re supposed to get the following Voodoo plugins:

  • Funnel Voodoo
  • Ad Profit Voodoo
  • Click Voodoo
  • Button Voodoo
  • Slide Voodoo
  • Voodoo Announcer
  • Social Profit Voodoo
  • Survey Voodoo

Also, you’ll get additional marketing tools, weekly Live Tuesday coaching Zoom webinars that are done on Tuesdays with Marcus via zoom, keyword reports, personal hand holding and video trainings.

The costs of Blog Profit Network Forum is currently $127 one time fee plus $37.00 per month. In Marcus opinion, the webinars themselves is worth the price that you’re paying.

Depending on what landing page you’ve seen, the price is subject to change.

Blog Profit Network Forum Image

From my experience, I received Blog Profit Network 180 days free, when I purchased Mr. Campbell’s affiliate marketing course, called Simple Sites Big Profits. After my free access of 180 days, I didn’t get the $37 per month option. Instead I was asked to pay $77.00 per month. With that said, the pricing you pay could depend on how you found the BPN offer.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Simple Sites Big Profits?

Sadly this entire program is almost all cons.

Marcus does have good knowledge of the affiliate marketing industry but, the tools and software that he sells to you – the halfway work.

Pros: Understanding The Pros


Ideas Unveiled: Tuesday LIVE Weekly Calls

Okay, so as you can imagine Blog profit network is a legit program. In this program, Marcus has come up with a great idea when he decided to jump on a LIVE call to help others during the process.

While on the LIVE calls, Marcus goes over different niche ideas by finding low competition keywords. Some of the niches that he finds, could be sensitive to others but, I can admit that he will definitely get your niche ideas flowing.

In fact, watching him go through his ideas, helped me think a bit deeper about niches and keywords.

So, if you’re wondering, if Marcus teaches the same things he shares in class on YouTube. I will have to say they’re similar but, not exactly the same. When Marcus is on YouTube, he is doing mostly pre-recorded videos.

During his LIVE webinars, he is LIVE. So, during his pre-recorded videos he could be teaching the same thing that he just taught in class just in a different way.

At the same time during a LIVE, he does answer some student’s questions during the LIVE, and those questions aren’t shown on YouTube.

At the end of the day, Marcus is good for certain people. And for others, you might end up feeling like you wasted your money. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide which side of the fence your own. In my opinion, his classes are not exactly for a complete beginner.

Meaning you don’t even know how to start or maintain a blog. He doesn’t go into too much detail about that. Instead, he teaches the class as if you’re all ready an affiliate marketer but, struggling to make money. This means he doesn’t teach experts.

Instead, Marcus LIVEs are more for people who kind of know what they’re doing but, you’re struggling.

Not All Questions Go Unanswered

Nevertheless, Tuesdays LIVEs is the time, where you’re supposed to get all of your questions answered. I attended LIVE trainings, and from my experience, some students were able to get their questions answered. While others did not. In fact, some students love Blog Profit Network.

Happy Simple Sites Big Profits Customer

As you can see in the image above, the student that enjoys the affiliate marketing dude training, he even tells you that he still has to watch Marcus YouTube channel.

From my personal experience when it came to getting questions answered. To make a long story short, during a LIVE call I asked Marcus for niche selection guidance. Marcus didn’t have the answer for me on the LIVE call. So, he told to send a support ticket request for niche selection help which I had did when I initially joined.

Either way, he said someone would get back to me. Well, I ended up sending the support ticket again.

Niche Selection Question For Support

Support did respond but, apparently, she wasn’t the one that could really help me. Her suggestion was to ask Marcus on the LIVE call.

Support Responds To The Niche Selection

When Tuesday came I asked Marcus again during the LIVE call and he said once again to reach out to support and they would hook me up. However, that’s not what happened.

By the way, on these LIVE trainings, it’s rare to actually hear the voice of a students. Marcus usually does all the talking. Every now and then he lets others jump in. Therefore, your questions and answers are mostly done through chat.

In the end, from my experience I should have just stayed on his YouTube channel because, I learned a lot more there. Plus, he is really good at video which now brings me to his software.

In the end, not all questions are answered during the LIVE calls, Mr. Campbell will either tell that he’ll get with you after the call – and he never does.

Or he’ll tell you to put in a support ticket – and then his team will have to deal with you.

Cons: Exploring The Cons Of Confusion


Tools, & Software Confusion

I guess this is when my trust was shattered. I didn’t expect an internet marketer of 23 years, to have all the broken links that the forum had, the countless non-working videos, and even no responses when you needed the help the most.

He does have a lot of knowledge to share with others but, his software deliverance is not cutting it. With a degree in Software Engineering, the glitches and software’s can negatively impact your ability to execute properly. This can lead to disruptions in your learning ability, marketing campaigns, customer interactions, or even your data analysis.

For the most part, the training videos within Blog Profit Network is somewhat helpful. The problem is that you have to find the videos that actually work.

In fact, from my understanding the point of Blog Profit Network was to receive help in a community full of other like-minded people, an get taught by an expert with decades of experience. Plus get access to his money getting tools which is affiliate marketing dudes’ toolbar and plugins.

Glitchy Software

Well, unfortunately, his software and tool bar didn’t work at all for me. I tried downloading the toolbar and software but, my computer which was brand new at the time, kept glitching. The cause of that can be several issues from software bugs, incompatibility, malware, conflicts with other software and so on.

At the time my antivirus completely blocked all his programs.

So, I tried again, but this time I started reading every little small print. When I downloaded the tools the second time, I noticed that in fine print, the AMD tools warns you that they aren’t responsible for any harm done to your device.

What that means to you is that, if you decide to download the software and something happens, Blog Profit Network has already disclosed that they are not responsible for any damages done to your device.

Based on the informaiton that you were just given, it appears that the affiliate marketing dude, lacks confidence in his own software creation. Taking a positive perspective, it’s commendable that he acknowledged the issue and provided a warning in advance.

Not Responsible For Harm Done To Your Computer

The concern here lies not in downloading the potentially risky software, but rather in the possibility that the software you’re downloading might not even function properly after you’ve risked your entire computer.

It’s crucial that the software works as intended, because, it’s essential for your participation in the training. Put simply, Marcus asserts that the software is one of the key tools that will enable you to generate lots of money.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that my antivirus software displayed a quick message saying “AMDToolsSetup.exe is trying to open a file protected by Folder Shield.”

Amd Tool Trying To Access Your Files

Given Marcus reputation as a trustworthy individual, I made another attempt to download the software. However, my antivirus software completely blocked the program and prevented me from unblocking it. As a result, I was unable to utilize the software effectively, as even my computers own software did not trust it.

Affiliate Marketing Dude Tool Setup Wizard Completely Blocked

It’s important to be aware of the possibilities, but please note that I am not suggesting this will specifically happen to you.

The point is Marcus claims that you’re hard-earned money isn’t at risk. Well, Trend Micros says other wise.

He also goes on to say he updates the program all the time. With all the broken links and glitches I think he’s missed a couple updates, because I did find some comments online about Blog Profit Network.

This now confirms I wasn’t the only one.

It appears that previous customers have been complaining since 2015. I encourage you to read the comments because, it will help you make your final decision.

In fact, with the link I provided to you, Marcus admits that some people do have issues with the software but, he also has an online version if you’d like to use that, which is something that I was not aware of.

Either way, Marcus is honest when he tells you to focus on the right things that gets results.

Well, when the much needed software decides to take a coffee break and refuses to cooperate, it can truly test your ability to stay laser-focused on earning those precious dollars.


More Confusion: The Profit Network Forum

To make a long story short, the adventure began when I got my hands on a six-month access pass to BPN forum, courtesy of the renowned Simple Sites Big Profits LIVE 16 week training class, which is known for high ticket niche selection. But, hold on, I think I got things mixed up?

Because, once I stepped foot into this mystical realm of Blog Profit Network Forum, and Simple Sites Big Profits, utter confusion swept over me like a mischievous gust of wind. And let me tell you that I wasn’t alone in this bewildered state.

Student Of Bpn Was Confused

It seemed like comical maze where no one knew where to post or how to find their own responses. Chaos reigned supreme, my friend. It was an absolute mess a true digital enigma!

During my time as a member, I encountered a lot of unexpected hiccups within this affiliate marketing forum. At first, I thought it was just me but, apparently not. I mean, come on, I didn’t expect such quirks from someone with two decades of affiliate marketing experience.

In my personal experience, the forum has a certain outdated charm to it, which I didn’t mind. However, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it lacked proper organization, leaving me a bit bewildered about where to stat and where to finish. It was like navigating a maze without a clear path or helpful map.

Broken links, were popping up left and right, and his website seemed to have a mind of its own. After experiencing all of this, even my antivirus software had concerns about the safety of his products. Needless to say, I didn’t dare venture into building a Simple Site with this program.

Although, I did attempt. Also, I had people ask me in the past about the plugins, did they work. I was never able to experience the plugins. I can’t remember what reason held me back. All I can remember is technical problems.

But hey, amidst the chaos, I have to admit that some of his working video’s were surprisingly informative. You might pick up a thing or two from them, so it’s not all doom and gloom.


This May Not Be For Beginners

In my opinion, this forum is not for beginners for several reasons. Instead, it seems to be geared more towards people who kind of know what their doing but, are struggling to make money.

In fact, Marcus even mentions that most people who try this type of stuff makes absolutely nothing.

He claims what he shows you actually works, which it can if done right. The problem is, Marcus hypes up his software and plugins, which influences you to use them. If his software does not work for you then you might have a challenge.

No Endorsement Guides & Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

Of course, you’re here to make money right? Well, Marcus believes in starting a blog with a theme that makes money. So, that’s good news for you.

And what’s even better news he even provides a theme to you. Furthermore, he also believes that the website doesn’t exactly have to be pretty.

Instead it should focus on what works. This is true, ugly sites can convert. In fact, some experts say that ugly websites convert better than appealing designs. Heck Craigslist and Yale School Of Art are examples of this.

The problem with this is cross your fingers and hope the theme itself works.

If you haven’t started a website, and rely on Marcus training, one thing he doesn’t really go into detail about which in my opinion is very important for a beginner to know is to have your endorsement guides on your website.

Bloggers, especially those who engage in writing product reviews, sponsored content, or brand partnerships, should follow compliance guidelines. The Federal Trade Commission provides guidelines that require bloggers and influencers to disclose any material connections or financial relationship.

The guideline that you need to follow really depends on your country. In fact, many affiliate programs will look for your legal pages. So, this is something you need to make sure you have on your website.

Might Be A Challenge To Follow Along For Some

Another drawback I’ve noticed is:

To follow Marcus training and replicate his setup, you’ll need to download the theme he uses. However, downloading the theme may pose difficulties for some users. If you don’t utilize all of Marcus’s tools, it may be challenging to keep up with his instructions.

All his tools includes, his theme, his plugins, Aweber for your email marketing system. You’ll also need a domain name, and he uses BlueHost for his webhosting choice.

And yes, you must use BlueHost if you want to fully follow along his footsteps. It’s so that you can use the theme that Marcus provides and the plug-ins that he gives out. I guess its designed to optimally work with BlueHost hosting environment only, ensuring compatibility and smooth functionality.

Additionally, the plugins are tailored to complement the theme and may rely on specific features or configurations available within BlueHost.

One question that I just thought about is, after you build a Simple Site with Marcus theme all of his plugins, can it move to another webhosting company if you ever think about moving away from BlueHost? If you know, please let us know in the comments. This can help someone out.

Either way, I had to learn the hard way, that if you don’t utilize all his tools, it will be a real challenge to follow along. Not only did the software not workout for me but, then the hosting company that he recommends also didn’t work out.

I had an issue with BlueHost website hosting customer service. Instead of using them I ended up going with HostArmada, which I am really happy that I did. They were less and offered more.

Also, the keyword tool that you’ll need is Ahrefs which is an additional $99.00 per month.

In essence, the key point is that deviating from Marcus’s suggested tools can make it more challenging to follow his guidance effectively. It’s worth noting that Marcus has been utilizing these tools for a considerable time, and as an affiliate, he provides his affiliate links to them. This is a common practice among affiliate marketers—we recommend products that we genuinely believe in.

What Key Features Does Blog Profit Network Offer?

Receiving personalized support from Blog Profit Network, is an exciting experience if all tools and everything else goes according to plans. So, let’s discover the key features that they offer.

The Forum

Despite the drawbacks present in the forum, it’s important to acknowledge that the blogprofitnetwork forum contains valuable information worth considering.

Such as if you struggle with coming up with article titles. He has a list of article titles within the forum. I mean, this might help someone out. Especially, if you don’t know how to find title generators.

He also has a goal to come up with 100,000 non competition keywords with video’s and training. This could also be a pretty good feature, especially if your struggling with finding low hanging fruit keywords.

Marcus does have an unique way of finding keywords.

Blog Profit Network Customer Support

The customer service at blog profit network for the most part was okay. I usually got my questions answered by the staff.

Marcus has a team that works for him, and if you ever need any help, or have questions you’ll be in touch with one of his team members.

The main person that you’ll work with is a nice lady named Tina.

She will do her best in making sure that all of your questions are answered.

And any technical issue weren’t really addressed. At the end of the day the staff is just the messenger and can’t fix anything that Marcus doesn’t approve. Therefore, they had limitations.

Blog Profit Network Ease Of Use

In my personal experience, I found Blog Profit Network to be challenging to navigate and use effectively. As a beginner, this can be quite frustrating. However, the positive aspect is that the pricing, which includes a one-time payment of $127 and a monthly fee of $37, is relatively affordable, and cancellation is possible at any time.

Unfortunately, I encountered numerous glitches and warning signs that indicated potential limitations in fully utilizing the product.

Safety Issues:

First off, let’s make it clear that Blog profit network is not a scam.

It’s just full of broken links, and other technical problems.

For instance, I’ve come across a warning that concerned me because of what the message read.

As you can see the image below.

Either way, after trying to download the free toolbar that was supposed to be like having Marcus by your side.

It flat out just didn’t work.

Instead it gave me a Dangerous Sign.

Not good as a first impression.

Either way, I looked for a way  around this, and all you have to do is use the toolbar without downloading it.

When I first installed this toolbar, my computer started flickering every time I attempted to download the program. This certainly became nerve wrecking because, my computer was new and I couldn’t get access to the toolbar.

ToolBar Shows A Dangerous Page

What’s even more interesting the URL says affiliate queen. But no worries, it appears to still be Marcus website.

I attempted to download the toolbar one more time, and it was unsuccessful on my end.

Of course I could attempt to unblock the anti-virus but, hold on to your digital hats. It’s worth mentioning that Affiliate Marketing Dude warns you before you download his software.

That he’s not responsible for any harm resulting from your use of his software’s. So, exercise caution because, the product is “As Is” and comes “With No Warranties Whatsoever.”

He also warns you that there’s no warranties regarding the security, reliability, timeliness, and performance of the Simple Sites Software. Therefore, downloading AMD toolbar could turn out to be the best fairy tale but, there’s also a chance that you’ll end up with a digital frog that wreaks havoc on your device

Proceed with care and consider the potential risks.

How Does Blog Profit Network Compare To It’s Competitors?

After considering several competitors, this is what I discovered.

Blog Profit Network VS. Wealthy Affiliate

Blog profit network, offers weekly live calls on Tuesdays. This is where Marcus is supposed to answers everybody’s questions about their affiliate niche website. Or anything else that you’re stuck with.

All you have to do is leave your question within the blog profit network forum and Marcus is supposed to answer your question within 48 hours. If he doesn’t get around to your question within 48 hours he’s supposed to answer your question on the following Tuesday live call.

The point is, out of all the members within the forum, Marcus is the only one that will be able to assist you. With that in mind, it has been reported that Marcus has not been answering everyone’s questions. I know when I asked a few questions in regards to my niche selection, I never received an answer.

Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand, has a larger community that offers weekly live calls on Friday’s. And if you are premium plus member, you’ll have live calls almost daily.

Either way, with Wealthy Affiliate – most of the times your questions are answered within minutes. Sometimes by the owners and other times by the community members..

And if you have any technical issues with your blog, site support can be contacted immediately, and they handle the issue for you behind the scenes.

On top of all the above, Blog Profit Network isn’t as organized as Wealthy Affiliate forum.

Blog Profit Network vs Passive Income Geek

Blog Profit Network, training videos in the forums are pretty lengthy – the problem with BPN is that many of his videos don’t work within the forum.

However, the ones that do function properly are at least an hour worth of pre-recorded training, and yes you can find some helpful information within the videos.

On the other hand, Passive Income Geek training videos last about 20 to 45 minutes each. So, they are a lot shorter in length.

Both communities offer help. The difference is that in Marcus forum, he is the only one that will be answering your questions. While in Passive Income Geek, Morten and the community members will assist you.

This can be a good thing and a bad thing because, if the person who is trying to control the entire environment intentions are not good then they could lead you down a rabbit hole and vice versa.

On the other hand, Morten from Passive Income Geek does his best to answer you but – at the same time he allows the community to offer help as well – almost the same way that Wealthy Affiliate does.

This also can be a good or bad thing, because, if you receive the wrong information, you will most certainly be set back. Then on the other hand, if you learn from someone who has the knowledge – you can skip many of the headaches.

The bottom line is that, Blog Profit Network training is not organized as much as the Passive Income Geek course. Instead Blog Profit Network forum is a lot more confusing to navigate.

Final Thought On Blog Profit Network Review

In conclusion, as you may have learned in this Blog Profit Network review that while the program may work wonders for some individuals, it’s not uncommon for others to face challenges or find it difficult to navigate.

Having personally encountered confusion with this forum, I understand the frustration and disappointment when a product doesn’t live up to your expectations. It’s important to remember that everyone’s blogging journey is unique and what works for one person may not work for another.

Setbacks and obstacles are a part of any journey and its crucial not to let them deter you from pursing your blogging dreams. Marcus does give out some valuable information but, many of his links were broken within the forum and didn’t work.

Coupled with the confusing user interface, makes it an unsatisfactory choice for potential buyers. Exercise caution when it comes to functionality and user experience.

The bottom line is that, Blog Profit Network does share valuable information, if you can get the videos to work properly. However, with all the technical issues, this program could be a hit or miss type of deal.

Don’t solely rely on my experience and opinion. Take the time to read other reviews, seek multiple perspectives, and explore additional resources so that you can make a well-rounded and more informed decision. Remember your experience might differ from mine.

Have you had the opportunity to explore the wonders of Blog Profit Network? We eagerly await hearing about your firsthand encounter! Your story of triumphs, challenges, and valuable lessons learned can have a profound impact on others.

Don’t hesitate to share your experiences, as they can inspire and guide fellow aspiring affiliate marketers on their own path to success.


  • Hello Lakisha,

    You saved me from BPN. I have been watching the YT videos from Marcus and the information he gives out is great. As I looked into his website, I found the information very confusing. I even sent him a message on YT and his response was confusing. I simply asked him…

    “Marcus, as a beginner, which one of your courses do you recommend I purchase?”

    He responded with a thumbs up and didn’t even answer my question. Also, I noticed that quite a few of the links on his site were broken and didn’t work. To make a long story short, I have wasted a week of my life trying to follow Marcus’ teachings but I must admit that I am very confused at this point. I really wanted to purchase his course but I could see that everything you mentioned is true. He clearly knows his stuff, but I don’t know if he knows how to put together comprehensive training to teach others how to do what he does. Thankfully, I found this before I pulled the trigger and purchased. The reason I didn’t purchase is because I couldn’t see a clear path in his trainings and the way he has his site set up. It’s like a big ball of confusion.

    Thank you for solidifying my assumptions!

    • A

      Hi Kelvin,

      You’re welcome and thank you so much for your valuable comment! You don’t understand how happy I am to see that this BPN review was helpful, at least to you. And hopefully, it will be helpful to others as well.

      I know from your week of wasted time that you now understand that I’m in no way trying to cause harm or bash anyone. I’m sorry to hear that you had to go through that. Our time is very valuable, but then again, so is our money.

      Therefore, it’s great that you took the time to research before pulling the trigger. I have to agree with you 100%. Marcus does teach some very good techniques, but, for whatever reason, after taking his course, it was like the tables turned.

      Everything seemed confusing, and a lot of links did not work. In fact, it was kind of hard to explain how I really felt about the course. On one hand, he seemed to be a great teacher, but on the other hand, it felt like he was putting on a show.

      I’m not sure if he doesn’t know how to pull all his years of knowledge together or if he has another agenda, but who am I? I’ve never created a course, and I’m not sure what it takes to deliver a clear path within a course. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt and realized that Marcus has had plenty of time to fix all his course issues but has not.

      Even though I took the course myself, I had to dig deeper for answers, and I learned that BPN has been around for at least 10 years. Mr. Campbell had a lot of time to fix all the technical course issues, and he hasn’t.

      When I first wrote this review, I was hoping that I didn’t cause any confusion, because yes, he does teach in a way that’ll make your ideas start flowing, but then it’s like he leads you down a rabbit hole and you’re stuck with confusion.

      I’ve noticed that some course creators will leave your cup half full on purpose because their end goal is to come back and sell you the answers that you’re missing. One thing to keep in mind about affiliate marketing is that most affiliates with blog posts (reviews) have never actually used the product.

      Technically, you’re not required to purchase the product to review it, but sometimes this can lead to future problems or distrust.

      Instead, most reviewers just research the product or gain access to it from the course creator; this is a form of what they called “related affiliate marketing.” Whether the affiliate used the product or not, they proceeded to write a review post and promote it to an audience.

      I’ll be the first to admit that I was guilty of this when I first started learning affiliate marketing because that’s the way I was taught, and I thought it all worked that way. Thankfully, I learned that not all courses can be promoted.

      As I mentioned, most people are doing this, but then I realized, after purchasing a lot of courses myself, that some of these products should not be promoted at all. I myself don’t feel comfortable just promoting an offer to an audience without knowing if it’s safe, worth it, or even helpful.

      Oh, and the biggest concern, which I actually didn’t learn until 6 months after purchasing the course, was that I had been denied access to the Simple Sites course. To me, that’s a red flag. So, in other words, I cannot go back and use the course I paid for. Either way, I’m happy to hear that it has helped.

  • Hi Lakisha,
    Thank you for sharing your real user experience and all the pros and cons of the Blog Profit Network. I have heard of this and am glad to have found your review online to expose the truth.
    I will save my money and time from this one and look at your recommended alternative instead.
    Thank you John

    • A

      Hi John, you’re welcome! I’m glad you found this review helpful, and were able to save some money at the same time. Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!

  • Hi Lakisha,
    Thank you for alerting me to the Blog Profits Network. All I can say is WOW! You may not call this a scam, but from what I have seen in your review, it is probably the closest thing to a scam as you can get! With all the links that don’t work, and the website that looks like total junk, there is very little value here at all. I wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole!
    And you have to buy hosting, and a very expensive keyword tool$99 a month, along with paying a $77 dollar fee plus $99 a month for membership? This is a rip-off!
    The site you already belong to Wealthy Affiliate is a complete gem compared to this! They include hosting and have excellent support, and cost half as much! And they offer excellent training, with a community of 1.5 million members! It’s the biggest bang for the buck anywhere!

    • A

      Hi Chas, You’re welcome! I’m glad that you found this post helpful.

      I wouldn’t say that Marcus Campbell products is a scam – because, you are getting services in return. I’m just trying to help people make a more informed decision. I 100% agree the fees do add up, especially when you consider this is not on-going training without having to invest more into the monthly membership. And you mentioned WA does offer all of this in their membership, which I totally appreciate but, of course sometimes, we all have different goals. Some just want to get a website up and running and by pass all the other stuff. So, this is why programs like this is of interest to many. But, the truth is it still takes time for your websites to marinate into the Google or Bing search engines.

      Regardless, I don’t recommend Blog Profit Network because, not only did the product function fully, I was supposed to get LIFE-TIME access to Simple Sites Bootcamp, which I purchased the course for about $797.00. And guess what? I don’t have access to neither courses. I contacted Marcus Campbell support, and never got a response. Rightfully, BPN was going to expire within my 6 months of membership BUT…I was still supposed to have access to the Simple Sites course. That just doesn’t sit right with me. So, at the end of the day, I can’t recommend it.

  • Hi Lakisha, I have looked at the Blog Profit Network in the past. Their payment structure is quite off putting for me. I think there are so many better options out there for what you pay for this. I don’t know about Passive Income Geek but Affiliate Lab, Income24, certainly even WA is a better option for the price of this. I think AHREFs is an amazing tool but not for beginners. You need something like this to really get started with a good list of keywords to hit the ground running but I think it can go horribly wrong if you are forced under pressure every month to cover your outgoings. Even WA 50$ a month can be tough for people so in the beginning it’s important that you aren’t spending more than you can afford and if you can you are not needlessly spending money if it is not actually going to help you make money.

    • A

      Hi Alex, you bring up some great points. I agree with you, having to pay a increased monthly amount can apply a lot of pressure while trying to learn verses paying a more comfortable monthly payment. Especially, when many of the affiliate marketing courses teach almost basically the same core training. The only difference is some will add unnecessary methods into the process, while others will add extra expenses, and then on the other hand, you will find some teaching you straight forward. AHREFS the little that I did use it (in the past) is a great tool. It does provide many details when it comes to keywords, your competitors, and so on. But, as you mentioned I also think it’s not a beginner friendly keyword tool. Instead its for more advanced marketers. There’s so many moving parts to affiliate blogging, or niche websites as some like to call it.

  • Rahul Kumar

    Hey, I just want to ask does Marcus shows anything extra that he doesn’t teach in his YouTube videos? I almost watched all the YouTube videos of Marcus, so purchasing BPN will be worth it or not? Please guide me.

    • A

      Hi Rahul, no I would not purchase this program. I invested in a Simple Sites Big Profits program and no longer have access to it. And to answer your question, yes Marcus does show most of it on his YouTube channel for FREE. The only thing that I don’t remember seeing him show on his YouTube channel for free is his secret plug-ins. I never got around to use them because, – well – his course was so glitchy that my computer antivirus software kept blocking his tools. So, that made my not proceed any further. If you are looking for extra help on keyword research I would go to his YouTube channel, he does a lot there for free.

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