Man Concerned About Simple Sites Big Profits

Concerned About Simple Sites Big Profits

Welcome to my Simple Sites Big Profits Review!

If you’re concerned about this program – then you’ve landed in the right place.

I’m going to give you my first-hand experience as a 6-month member of the Simple Sites Big Profits system.

But first, just to make sure we are on the same page, I want to mention that currently, I am no longer a member of this community.

UPDATE: Just in case you skipped the right part of this important information. I thought it was worth mentioning that Im no longer a member of this program.

Also, there are additional names this class goes by, one of them being “Simple Sites Bootcamp”.

The point is I actually paid for the product – so all l I’m trying to do is – help you make a more informed decision. Then you can decide how you spend your money.

Simple Sites Bootcamp Receipt


What Will I Learn?

5.3Expert Score
Proceed At Your Own Risk
Simple Sites Big Bootcamp is a 16-week LIVE class where Marcus Campbell and all the students who joined the program, will go over how to achieve big results with a simply designed website.
Affiliate Marketing Length Of Experience
You might learn a few valuable lessons
There are both positive and negative reviews
No refunds
Confusing, High Priced, non working software
No course access at 16 weeks


Simple Sites BootCamp

Simple Sites Big Profits Review Receipt
Each 16-week class seems to focus on different methods. Marcus also offers High Ticket niches, Simples Bootcamp, Simple Sites Big Profit, Done For You Niches, Aged Domains, and Blog Profit Networks.Find best plan for you
Price per month: Prices vary. Seen it as low as $297 up to $1797. Plus additional upsells
Beginner Friendly: In my opinion, no! However, this really depends on your learning style
Money-back guarantee: After the class is purchased and delivered there are no refunds

Simple Sites Big Profits, is a training product, and not a business opportunity. This class was designed to help people create simple websites, and make big profits with them. During this live class, you will meet with a group of other students, along with Marcus while receiving hands-on training and coaching.

It’s worth mentioning that Marcus has many different landing pages for this product. Therefore, you might have come across a different price, offer, length of training, and so on. However, please keep in mind it’s the same product just a different landing page.

Marcus Campbell has been involved with affiliate marketing for 20+ years
You might learn a few valuable lessons
Great At Keyword Research and Video Content
No refunds
Confusing, High Priced, non-working software
You could possibly lose access to the course material after 16 weeks

Disclaimer From A Real User: This Simple Sites Big Profits Review has been developed by a real user. It was not only thoroughly used and researched by my own personal experience. Also, any other research, opinion, testimonials, and public records are available to you online. Any final conclusion that I arrive at is based on my own judgment. I’m here to help you make a more informed decision. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide if this product and service is for you or not.

Who Is Simple Sites Big Profits For?

According to Marcus, this class is for anyone who is new to affiliate marketing. Simple sites profit class provides in-depth training, with all the tools that you need to fast-track your affiliate marketing career. The idea of this system is to help you make money by building profitable websites.

So, if you like to have LIVE coaching for up to 16 weeks, brainstorm niche ideas, look over affiliate site examples and more this class could be for you.

It’s understandable if you’re concerned about the class and any potential risk that might be involved. I would kindly suggest that you read this full blog post before making a final decision. Remember that any class investment carries some level of risk. Therefore, its important to carefully weigh the potential benefits and risks.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Simple Sites Big Profits?

Below we’ll learn the pros and cons of what this affiliate marketing system offers.



Marcus Campbell The Affiliate Marketing Dude Is A 20+ Year Affiliate Marketing Industry Veteran

Did you know before, Marcus started internet marketing, he was a magician? Yes, in fact, Marcus has led a fascinating life. Either way, he didn’t become wealthy as a magician. It’s worth mentioning that Mr. Campbell has been pretty successful over the past 20 years in the affiliate marketing industry.

Furthermore, he’s gained significant knowledge, skills, and expertise throughout his marketing career. I would say he has a level of deep understanding when it comes to affiliate marketing and it appears that he can navigate many challenges and situations over an extended period of time.

Today, Marcus creates various courses with memberships, video content, software, and tools, as well as PDFs. He does this because, back in 2001 when his family started to grow, he needed a way to make money online. Therefore, he set out to get the job done and he ended up being successful at it.

After having several great successful years, Marcus decided that he wanted to share his knowledge with the rest of the world. This is when he decided to make his first online “training guide” so, that he can help others do the same, and make money online from home.

The bottom line here is that Marcus Campbell, admits after doing this for so long there will be hiccups. With that being said Simple Sites Big Profits is legit.


You Might Learn Something

After taking several other affiliate marketing courses, I came to the realization that Marcus Campbell’s Simple Sites Big Profits course did offer a few golden nuggets.

Training Sessions Done By Zoom Live and Pre-Recorded Videos

If you’re considering Simple Sites Big Profits, as far as training goes, you’ll get access to a Tuesday LIVE Zoom Webinar.

By the way, I recently had someone tell me that these LIVE Zoom Webinars that Marcus does today, are something new. However, when I attended Simple Sites Big Profits Tuesday Live calls it was 2021. Therefore, these LIVE webinars are at least 2 years old. Also, after diving further into research, I found a video on YouTube where the guy mentions that he was on a LIVE webinar about 10 years the ago.

Nonetheless, if you have insights about when the LIVE webinars were started, please share it in the comments. The point here is, that you can expect training to be LIVE and pre-recorded.

The pre-recorded working videos can last anywhere from 35 minutes up to 2 hours and 15 minutes. During the Live Zoom Webinars, from my experience, it was about the same length of time, give or take. Therefore, when you do receive training, it is a decent amount of training.


Great At Keyword Research And Video

It’s true keywords are important, in fact, it’s crucial to your content creation, search engine optimization, and digital marketing. In Marcus’ course here are some highlights of his training when it comes to this topic.

Exclusive Keyword Training

One notable training, that Marcus provides is keyword research training. The training he teaches you is supposed to help end your traffic and visitor conversion problem forever. This part of the course was probably the most valuable. The affiliate marketing dudes’ keyword research training is supposed to help you find untapped profitable niches within seconds.

It’s worth mentioning that Marcus does a lot of his keyword research training, for free right on his YouTube channel. Also, if you’re new or struggling with keyword research, finding untapped niche keywords will still take time to find.

In fact, if you were to purchase this course, Marcus recommends a keyword tool called, “Ahrefs.” So, please be prepared to set aside an additional $99.00 per month. With that being said, Interesting enough, Ahrefs also provide a free SEO course that helps you learn how to get organic traffic to your website.

Two other tools, that you can utilize if you want to find keywords on a budget is to visit websites such as They give you about 3 free keyword searches a day. Or you can visit That website will give you up to 50 free relevant questions that can help you come up with content ideas.

Affiliate Marketing Dude Favorite Affiliate Website

In addition to that, Marcus shares different websites with you that you might not be aware of, such as Offervault. By the way, Offervault has a YouTube channel, that hosts an Affiliate Marketing show at least once a month. You might want to check them out because it’s free training. Therefore, you could possibly pick up some tips there as well.

Strong Camera Presence

Although Marcus does not teach you video creation in his course, it is worth highlighting that Mr. Campbell is really skilled on camera. He has the ability to engage and connect with his audience through his gestures, body language, tone of voice, and all the props that he uses. Observing and studying Marcus’ camera skills can be beneficial for someone who wants to learn video marketing.

Addressing The Limitations: Cons and Drawbacks


Important Notice: No Refunds For This Product

Refund policies can vary for affiliate marketing courses. It all depends on the course creator or platform. While some affiliate marketing courses may offer a refund, it’s important to note that it is not always guaranteed. In the case of, Simple Sites Bootcamp, there is a strict “No Refund” policy.

Thankfully, Marcus does display it in words during checkout. The reason why he does not offer a refund is because he is setting time aside to personally support others. This in itself takes time away from his family, which is understandable.

The part that I don’t fully agree with especially when there is a no refund policy is that, when you purchase a course, you should be made aware of the possibilities such as you might be purchasing a course that is not fully functioning.

After a customer is given the possibilities then it’s up to the customer to decide if he or she would like to proceed with the risks.

Addressing Persistent Issues: Too Many Technical Errors

From my experience with Simple Sites Big Profits, I would like to address that the course was not functioning properly. Unfortunately, I encountered several issues with the course’s functionality and performance. Having to deal with tech issues is not the problem. It becomes a problem when half the course seems to be missing.

For instance, I would estimate about 50% of the videos were playing properly, while all others were just not available at all. This made it a challenge to follow the content and complete any tasks within the platform.

Another example is, Marcus has built a downloadable affiliate marketing dude toolbar. This toolbar is supposed to be available on Windows and Mac when you purchase the course. However, for whatever reason I was not able to gain access to the toolbar. Upon downloading the toolbar, it just refused to work.

In addition to that I was pretty amped to use the SEO Score Tool, but it feels extremely short of my expectations because, I requested an SEO Score for this website on May 21, 2021, and two years later I’m still waiting to see the results. Simply put, it didn’t work.

Simple Sites Big Profits Seo Tool Score (1)

I’m not saying this will be the same outcome for you but, in my experience, I was extremely disappointed that the course which I paid full price for was not functioning properly, and a refund was not an option.

I do understand that technical difficulties do arise. However, I believe when a customer pays full price for a product, and it is malfunctioning, then a refund should be considered. Hopefully, one day Marcus decides to reconsider his refund policy.

Heck, this is almost like purchasing a luxury vehicle, and half the features work. Plus, there s no refund or warranty available. I’d definitely say it’s a risk. The only workaround I can think of for this issue is you could always dispute the charge with your bank but, that in itself is not a guarantee.

Marcus, also offers free training on his website, if you’re willing to give up your name and email address. If you’re still considering Simple Sites Big Profits, I suggest that you try the free option first before making a choice of purchasing.


Post-Coaching Awareness: Potential Impact To Course Access

One thing, that I believe should be more clear on Marcus’ sales page is that the customer should be made aware that after 16 weeks of LIVE training, you may lose course access. I would assume, this is why when you first join, it states to activate your support. Activating support is what will unlock the plugins and tools for this course.


I activated the support link, and upon doing that it redirected me to Blog Profit Network, which is well…the support forum.

Fortunately enough for me, I received the BPN support forum for free for at least 180 days. After that, I had to commit to a $77.00 per month investment if I wished to continue receiving support. So, keep that additional expense in mind, when considering this system.

Simple Sites Course Dashboard

The point is in the image you see above, it appears to be an entire course, right? Well, I must admit that I am deeply disappointed by the events that took place.

Even after all the technical issues, the back and forth with customer support, etc…etc…I was still looking forward to continuing learning with the course content but, I never realized that the course itself would also be discontinued after 180 days. Recently, I reached out to customer support, and I have yet to receive a response.


The bottom line here is that when I purchased and paid full price for Simple Sites Big Profits, I was told that there was lifetime access to the material. That was in 2021. This year is 2023 and I can tell you from first-hand experience I did not get lifetime access.

In addition, Marcus’ course was supposed to include a $597 value of Killer plugins. These plugins are supposed to help you make money

  • Killer Voodoo
  • Ad Profit Voodoo
  • Click Voodoo
  • Button Voodoo
  • Slide Voodoo

Well, those plugins never worked for me, so unfortunately, I am unable to share how well or not so well they worked. What I can tell you is that today I have no access to the plugins or course. On a positive note, this situation has taught me the importance involved affiliate marketing.


Navigating Confusion And Limited Support

First off, according to Mr. Campbell’s website, if you have any questions, you can call him, by using the number that’s listed on his website. So, I knew not to waste his time, but I had a requestion before I even purchased the product – well – because, I was just that confused.

I called him at 1-800-893-0675 to ask questions in regard to his two products. One was Simple Sites Big Profits and the other was Blog Profit Network. I didn’t understand which one was best for me.

Long story short, he didn’t pick up the phone, which I didn’t expect him to because he is a busy man. However, after leaving a voicemail with my email and phone number he never responded back to either.

I can appreciate his hectic schedule but, even a quick text would have been good for me.

Either way, the navigation of this system was confusing. The support was as expected. The assistant can only do so much. Anytime you need support, you will have to go through the assistant to request help. Then she will relay the message to Marcus.

Another drawback is that when you are on your journey as an affiliate marketer having a community with support is very beneficial because, instead of relying on one expert for help. You can actually get help from many experts, which is a valuable benefit especially when you just don’t know what to do next.

This is a class and not a course. Basically, you will be in LIVE classes every Tuesday learning new things and asking questions about your niche website. The problem with this is, from my experience, you could start in the middle of a class unknowingly. Meaning you may miss out on some weeks.

I think the classes need to be more organized and set up as if you were going to attend a college course. There should be a specific start date and end date.

The bottom line here is, I thought I would never come to say this about Marcus because I believed in what he was teaching. However, in the end, I felt like I was bamboozled.

Class Schedule Confusion

The schedule in itself for LIVE classes is confusing. As a new student in Blog Profit Network, you’d expect to start your LIVE 16-week classes at the beginner. This ensures that the foundational understanding of the content is truly covered.

Niche Selection Question For Support

However, when I joined Blog Profit Network, this is not how it went. In the image above, you can see I told the support lady I was confused, and it seemed like I missed a class. You might also notice she didn’t reassure me or even bring it up.

Support Responds To The Niche Selection

Either way, I later discovered that the class had already been in process. Which I believe should be disclosed before a customer purchases. After disclosing the class is in progress then the customer should be able to decide for themselves if they would like to move forward or not. Well, that didn’t happen.

Starting in the middle of a class should be seen as an out-of-the-norm. As a beginner, you should experience the full progression of a course instead of a portion.

What Are The Key Features Of Simple Sites Big Profits?

Unlock: Pay Per Click Mastery Course

Surprisingly, Marcus shows you how to run paid Google Ads. The impressive part is he’ll break down how Google AdWords actually works. I did find that training pretty helpful but, later I discovered that there are marketers that teach this same training for free on YouTube.

Anyhow, Google Ads can potentially make big profits a lot quicker than a blog.

Of course, you want to make sure you’re utilizing some sort of click-tracking software before you attempt this traffic method. If you never ran paid ads before, do keep in mind that you can lose a significant amount of money if you lack experience in this area.

For that reason, I would recommend beginners to start out with organic traffic. It’s less risky and helps you create a strong foundation for long-term success.

Engage and Learn: The Live Weekly Webinars

Despite all the mishaps with this program, I do enjoy the weekly live webinars that are hosted on Wednesdays. Marcus does offer his support to the best of his ability. During the webinars, you’ll learn methods that you may have not learned before. The guy has been doing this for well over 20 years.

A Unique Approach: Unveiling The Teaching Methods

Okay so, Marcus may not be the best software creator. As you have learned I’ve experienced numerous tech issues and it doesn’t seem like I am the only one that has gone through this. In fact, I came across a customer review of simple sites big profits where the guy was pretty upset about his purchase.

In any case, he does really well with video marketing. I would suggest you watch his YouTube channel. He teaches a ton of valuable information there.

One notable thing about Marcus is he can deliver training to you in ways other marketers don’t. The way he breaks some of his information down just makes sense sometimes. He’s pretty creative which might get your creative juices going as well. I guess that is just the magician in him

The User Experience & Customer Service

The customer service was great at first but, I noticed the more questions that you ask. The more distanced and vague the representative got. To be fair, the assistant that will always respond to you is only doing her job. Therefore, I can’t say that her service directly was horrible because it wasn’t.

However, Marcus avoided many important questions. for instance, when I was charged twice for a high ticket niche domain purchase. This issue in itself took a week or so going back and forth, just to keep getting the same exact message. “I’ll let Marcus know.”

Although, customer service responded to my support ticket. The issue was not handled until I threatened to go straight to my bank and dispute the charge. Suddenly, my concern about being double charged was kicked into high gear. I had a refund in my bank account within a day or two.

Contact Support For Double Charge

Charged Twice For One Domain (1)

This brings me to the next point, one of the promises that are made before purchasing this 16-week class is that you will get help with niche selection. From my experience, it was nothing but hype. As you can see in the image above, I purchased a high-ticket niche domain which was supposed to come with a 30-minute consultation and a report.

However, I didn’t receive any of it. Therefore, he never hand-picked a niche. I only purchased the course due to my wanting to further my knowledge with keyword selection and niche picking.

Mind you that the initial program was also supposed to come with niche support but, it didn’t happen.

Either way, I later discovered that maybe Marcus meant high ticket niche when he upsold you expensive domain names.

So, I purchased one of the high-ticket domain names from BPN domains. These particular domain names were considered to be aged domains with good backlinks. Meaning they are supposed to be valuable.

The domain name that Marcus presented on a LIVE call was named Gateway Hosting Service. During his LIVE he teaches you that you can buy domains and resell them. However, here’s the kicker. He shows you where you can sell them but, not how to sell them.

I quickly learned that the high-ticket domain name wasn’t worth anything. Sure he was worth something on the GoDaddy appraisal but, today it’s worth less than $100.00.

Gatewayhostingservice Domain

I even tried to resell the domain name on websites that he recommended. One of them was called AfterNic, which is a website that GoDaddy owns. No one on AfterNic wanted to purchase that domain name back in 2021. Today in 2023 it’s still available. Meaning no one wants it.

In the end, when Marcus threw out niche ideas, some of them were random and made absolutely no sense. However, as the saying goes, there is a skill for everyone, and everyone has a skill.

When purchasing one of these high-ticket domains, you should do your own research before purchasing. From my experience, the tricky part is Marcus creates a sense of urgency during the LIVE calls, encouraging you to purchase one of his high-ticket domains. If I remember correctly, he gave us a few minutes.

The point is that you may want to investigate the domain yourself before purchasing. It’s almost like looking up the value of a used car on KBB. You’ll go to GoDaddy’s Appraisal tool, and put the domain name into the tool. Then GoDaddy will return a value just like the image below. I’m not sure if this number stays the same, goes up and down, or what. All I know is when the numbers are decently high he will tell you it’s a high ticket domain.

Shetriedthat Domain Worth

Navigating Unsteady Waters: Ease of Use

In my opinion, Simple Sites online program is not beginner friendly. It should be reorganized in a friendlier way. It all started when I made the purchase. During checkout, you’re told in advance to wait an hour. Then your logins and everything should be emailed to you.

However, in my case that didn’t happen. So, I had to reach out to big profits support right away because my package costs me $797.00 which is a significant amount especially when the product you receive does not function up to standards.

Email Complaining About My Simple Sites Big Profit Order

In addition to that, I found it difficult to navigate through the online training program and post threads. Making it a challenge to stay focused and actually learn.

Also, while navigating through this online program and the LIVE webinars, Marcus does a ton of affiliate upsells. He’s very creative with his presentations so if you’re not paying close attention, you won’t be hit with ads, but, you could be clicking a ton of affiliate links, which is how Mr. Campbell makes affiliate commissions.

Hence, this is why he is considered a super affiliate, he makes huge commission checks, on top of his own digital product sales. There’s nothing wrong with this I’m just informing you on how it all works. The good thing is that the affiliate marketing dude doesn’t hide this fact. He lets you know right on his sales page that some of the offers promoted on his website are affiliate offers.

On a positive note, I can tell you it’s not the most difficult program to use, but it’s also not the easiest either. Let’s just say it’s really disorganized. So, the ease of use is shaky. I encourage you not to just take my word for it, always check out what others have to say.

Below, is a customer’s review on how he felt about making a purchase with Marcus.

M.campbell Customer Comment

On the other hand, you have some people that are actually happy with their purchase. As in the case of the guy below. He loves Simple Sites Big Profits system. Above all, I would approach this program with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Happy Simple Sites Big Profits Customer

And here is a video of a previous student who at one point she loved Marcus training but, I did notice within a year or less she had stopped working with the program. Either way, check it out if you’d like to.

Fragile Foundation: Safety Issues and Concerns

Investing in Simple Sites Big Profits taught me a few very important things.

First, I learned part of what it means to have a strong foundation. As for this course, the foundation seemed a bit fragile. Not only were there technical errors, but, my anti-virus software totally blocked me from downloading some of the tools because it deemed the downloads as risky. In other words, I was warned not to proceed.

Either way, from my understanding of your personal data being at risk I think you should have that type of concern. I’ve never experienced any personal information safety issues with this online program.

Overall, I can say that the training website, and the downloadable tools all gave me a major headache. There were so many broken links, I started to think I was being scammed. In addition to this, there were materials I never received. After asking site support about the issue, my question was never directly addressed.

The bottom line here is I wish I would have seen the comment below before I moved forward.

Helping Another Potiential Customer Out

Overall Effectiveness:

With respect to Marcus and Simple Site’s Big Profits, I know it took a lot of hard work to put all this together. Maybe the success of his affiliate marketing influenced my decision to invest in this program. In the end, I was left overall dissatisfied.

In hindsight, this experience serves as a reminder that even well-known individuals or programs can fall short. It also taught me to never promote an affiliate product that you have not thoroughly researched, or tried yourself. Cross all your T’s and dot your I’s.

Moving forward, it is important to seek information or consider alternatives when making a significant financial commitment Any decent affiliate marketing training can be really effective.

However, it’s not the training that will get you the results. It’s your actions that will help you get the results. The training is a tool that helps you understand what you’re doing and it can help you fill in the missing puzzle pieces..

How Does It Compare Against Competitors?

In the case of Simple Sites Big Profits costs, it seems to be a tad bit more expensive than many programs. The problem with this is you could invest in a program at a significant price and in return get half of what you paid for. Your total cost for Sime Sites could look like this:

The price of the course: as low as $297 and up. Depending on which course you invest in.

Additional Simple Sites Big Profits Costs

Your monthly membership: $77.00 per month for ongoing support in the Blog Profit Network Forum.

Needed Tools: A domain can cost you up to $14.00 per year. Plus website hosting can be around $3.00 per month and a keyword tool which can run you roughly $20.00 per month.

Your Grand total: for joining Simple Sites Big Profits could be around $114 per month. So, when deciding if you want to join this program keep all of this in mind.

Simple Sites Big Profits vs. The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners

If you want to learn affiliate marketing without having to pay a significant amount while experiencing technical issues and limited support. Then you might want to look further into The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Course by Joshua. It’s more affordable and specifically designed for a beginner.

The course creator has been involved with affiliate marketing since 2013, and since then he has become an award winner for Digital Marketing. Therefore, Mr. Campbell isn’t the only one that lives and breathes affiliate marketing. There are other options out there.

Price And Value

It gets even better. The price for this course is about 72% more affordable. At the time of this article, the course is about $90. However, the course goes into way more detail than expected. If you’re still on the fence about affiliate marketing and you rather not spend a lot of money right now, this course would be a great start because it will give you a better understanding of affiliate marketing by a course creator that does affiliate marketing for a living day in and day out.

Content, Support, And Refunds

If you read the review above, then by now you’re aware of Simple Sites profits cost, profits downloaded, and the secrets that Mr. Campbell makes you believe he has. With affiliates, there are no guarded secrets. Instead, there are strategies that more experienced marketers used often to employ success. The reason, they can do this is because they have been in the trenches for years.

Organized Content

As far as The Affiliate Marketing Course, the content is very well organized. Everything is laid out in a step-by-step manner which helps minimize any confusion. Eliminating as much confusion as possible during the early stages of your affiliate marketing journey is crucial.

Creators Experience and Supportive

What’s even better is that Joshua owns an award-winning SEO agency in the UK. In the course you will learn the basics of the affiliate, choosing a niche, picking out a domain, and how to make it all work. Plus so much more.

The support you get is not really a community. Instead, there will be an area for you to ask questions, give feedback, and so on right underneath the course training videos. On the other hand with Simple Sites, you get a community forum if you pay an additional $77 per month.

Refund Policy

The good news here! The refund policy is more relaxed. The course creator truly cares that you are 100% satisfied and encourages you to ask questions within the Q&A section. This course does have a 30-day refund provided that the request meets the reasonable refund guidelines.

Updated Material

One notable feature about this course it is updated over time, which is really impressive knowing that the course is half the cost of Simple Sites Big Profits.

Simple Sites Big Profits vs. Wealthy Affiliate

Opinions about Wealthy Affiliates can vary. Some like it while others do not. This course would be good for those who are a beginner in affiliate marketing and starting a website. There are many people who jump into affiliate marketing and don’t know how to even start a blog which is understandable. It’s not like we were all taught this in school.

Therefore, if you need help actually starting your WordPress website, you need to learn how affiliate marketing works as well. This platform might pique your interest. If you would like to read a full review on Wealthy Affiliate, head over there when you get the chance because this community has been around since 2005.

Price and Value

Taking into consideration the one-time payment of Simple Sites Big Profits plus the possible ongoing monthly support fee, Wealthy Affiliate is a considerable option to look into. With Wealthy Affiliate, the fee is about $49.00 per month which includes Wealthy Affiliate Website hosting, training, and a keyword tool plus more.

The value you receive for the cost is not half bad. Wealthy Affiliate is a community full of other affiliate marketers who are also beginners. In this community, there are tons of support, and tools provided to you at no additional cost, and you can even earn money with Wealthy Affiliate in different ways. The cool part is everything comes at one price.

Content, Support, And Refunds

The content is delivered to you in a step-by-step fashion by video and text form. Plus, you’ll gain the opportunity to create your own training as well.


The support is pretty decent. You can receive support in several ways:

  • Live chat
  • 1-on-1 community member help which is done by private messaging
  • Or you can ask the entire community for help and someone will most likely come and assist you

Refund Policy

Okay, so there is a discrepancy here, Wealthy Affiliate states that they do not offer refunds on their sales pages. From experience, I know they give refunds but what are the guidelines for this happening I’m not sure. All I can say is that it must be done on a case-by-case basis. With that said, this is the reason why Wealthy Affiliate allows you to try before you buy.

Updated Material

Wealthy Affiliate is the largest affiliate marketing community in the world. So, there’s no doubt it’s a ton of information within this community. The problem with that is this means that all the material which was created in the past must be updated. For the most part, their training material is constantly going through a revamping stage. With that said most of the training is up to date.

The bottom line here is that if you’re on a tight budget and would like to learn how affiliate marketing works this would be a good training to look into because everything is included with one month’s price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Payment Plan For Simple Sites Big Profits?

Yes, last time I checked there was a payment plan for this online training platform. And yes you can even pay off the balance early. To do this, you need to contact support and they’ll let you know how to proceed.

Is There A Refund Option for Simple Sites Bg Profits?

No! Marcus takes all his material, courses, and refunds seriously. You can not get a refund with this course. If you’re not okay with that, do not risk your hard earned money.

Final Thought On Simple Sites Big Profits

In conclusion, it’s essential to approach any investment or program with a critical mindset. You want to carefully evaluate the potential benefits and weigh them with the associated costs. Regarding the matter of Simple Sites Big Profits, I do believe you can learn how to build profitable websites from Marcus on his YouTube channel.

My primary concern with this program is you may not get all the tools, or services that you purchase. In fact, I’m still waiting on a PDF book that I was supposed to get in 2021. It’s not the biggest issue but, heck it would have been nice to receive it. Especially, after receiving a half-baked product, broken links, and many upsells.

Although, Marcus himself used to say in Lives that he builds ugly sites because, they make money, I truly believe that if he gave his program a whole makeover, then Simple Sites Big Profits would have been a really great training program, especially if all the tools worked and the errors were at a minimal.

Who knows just maybe Marcus is working on it. Any thoughts? Have you tried this program? What is your experience? Sharing your experience can really help others. If you could please help us all understand. We’d love to hear from you too.

Thanks for taking the time to read this long blog post.


  • Excellent article. You’re highly critical, but fair. Thanks.

  • I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely loved
    every little bit of it. I have you saved as a favorite to look at new things you post…

    • A

      Hello Eileen, sorry about the late reply. I haven’t been posting as I should. In fact, according to my Google Analytics I thought my blog wasn’t getting traffic but, while I was updating my Host Armada Review, I discovered a new feature that showed me otherwise. I’m definitely surprised to say the least. And I feel bad for all the people reaching out to me while I thought there was no traffic. Either way, I apologize for not updating this blog as I should have. You’re comment has definitely motivated me to go back and update all my articles and continue writing. Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate you. Wishing you all the best and continued success…

  • I would love to hear a follow up in 2022. I am considering purchasing mainly for the key word research training.

    • A

      Hello Rocky, sorry about the late reply. I’m going to update this article – working on it over the next few days. Marcus is charming. He does teach a great way to understand keywords but, its not worth investing the $797 like I did. In fact, I had to contact them today, to see how I can get access to all my training materials. For whatever reasons my logins don’t work – I definitely would not encourage anyone to invest into a training, that you won’t have access to in the future. Either way, on his Affiliate Marketing Dude YouTube channel he shows you a lot of the ways for FREE on how he does his keyword research. I didn’t learn anything other than that from this course. Wishining you the best and continued success…

  • Hi Kisha,
    Thank you for managing my expectation for the Simple Sites Big Profit Course. I was just wondering if you were still in the program. What do you think of the Plugins that come with the course? Do they still work if you cancel membership?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Ann,

      Sorry about the late reply. About the plug-ins? That’s a great question!

      Yes, I am still a member. When I purchased the product, I was told it gives you life-time access to the material but, not to the live weekly calls. Unfornately, I have never used the plugins within this course. So, I’m not sure if you can still use the plug-ins afterwards. Or if you canceled membership. Either way, I will do my best to find out, once I find out I can update this post.

      I’ll also know by 11/2021 if I’ll still have access to Simple Sites because, according to my membership that is when my weekly live webinars are to expire. I hope this helps and thank you for stopping by!

      Have a great day ahead!

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