6 Tips for Pushing Past Fear to Accomplish your Goals

Goals- Everyone is talking about them, especially this time of the year. We all have them; we have great confidence that we will accomplish them. We come up with cute quotes and slogans; at that moment we know that we CAN and Will achieve them. And then it happens; the inevitable, gut-wrenching, butterfly producing, sweaty palm having- monster appears: FEAR! As many have broken out the word to the acronym: false evidence appearing real.

Where did he come from and why?

Are we afraid that we may actually accomplish the very thing that we were once so excited about?
Are we afraid that we are going to fail and have to go back into our cave with our tail wagging between our legs?

What is the true reason for the fear?
One of Oprah Winfrey’s famous sayings is, “We only act from 2 emotions, Love and Fear.” You are always operating from one or the other.

With Oprah’s famous saying in mind when you are in a fearful time after setting off to achieve your goal; think of love. Look within and find the love that you had for the goal in the beginning. Feel every inch of that love from the inside of your heart to the outside your body. Replace fear with love and keep moving forward to achieve the goal.

I can remember when I decided that I was going to quit my full-time job and become an entrepreneur. I was elated!

I hated the days when I had to walk into the office, knowing that I would turn in my notice in a few short months. I loathed knowing that every moment that I put into the company was a moment that I took away from my own. I loved my co-workers and the company, but I hated that it took me away from working my business full time.

The time had finally come for me to put in my notice; I became paralyzed with fear. My palms were sweaty and it felt like kettlebells were sitting on my chest. What happened to that moment of Love that I thought I would feel when this date came? Fear kicked in and I was planning my failure; What if I quit and my business bombed and I lost all income and I became homeless and I and the kids and husband would have to live in my car? Any and every worse case scenario immediately came to mind. I mustered up enough strength to push those thoughts out of my mind and forged ahead. During a meeting with my manager, I blurted out, “I am leaving”.

As hard as it is to move past those fears, sometimes you just have to blurt it out. Just quit the self-destroying feeling of fear. Every step that you take towards your goal, you shrink more and more of the fear.

Tips to Overcoming Fear:

  1. Don’t let fear stop you from doing anything. If you are afraid, do it anyway.
  2. Write a daily gratitude list. Huh? Yep, a daily gratitude list helps us to stay grateful and takes our mind off of worry.
  3. Set a goal and have an accountability partner, they will talk you off the ledge when fear creeps in.
  4. Meditation- It helps to keep my mind in the present.
  5. Brisk Walks- A walk outside of at least 20 minutes is a mood changer- not in a bad way.
  6. If your fear is debilitating, seek professional help. Fear has 2 best friends and their names are anxiety and panic attacks, they are no fun. You are not alone, talk to a professional to help you get back to your happy place.

Whatever you fear most has no power- it is your fear that has the power. Oprah Winfrey


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  1. 11
    Sarah | A Life Unstyled

    This is so true. I had my first interview after 10 years at home and I was so, so scared but sometimes you do have to push past the fear knowing that it’s only going to stop you from reaching your goals if you give in to it.

  2. 12
    Author Brandi Kennedy

    I feel like this post was written just for me. I’m going on and I’m chasing my dreams despite my fears, but I live with PTSD, panic disorder, and depression, and when you wrote about having all the worst-case scenarios coming into your mind … you wrote my day-to-day existence. Thank you.

    • 13
      Samahria R.

      I am so happy that you enjoyed the article. One of the most beneficial things that I did when I had days of anxiety was walk. Every morning before I would start my day, I would take a brisk walk outside for about 30 minutes. It helped to clear my head of all the noise.

  3. 15
    Michelle Catallo

    Never really looked at it from this point of view; fear, anxiety, hesitation even. I have the hardest time sometimes mentally pushing past the barriers in my mind. I know I need to work on it. Thank you for this article, it was a breath of fresh air.

  4. 16

    Your first tip is easier said than done. You gotta like yourself out. lol. I try to reframe the thing that scares me and turn it into something that will bring me pleasure, joy or a sense of accomplishment. Then it becomes easier. ie… I am quitting my job and I won’t have those people in my life, monetary flow, security TO I am quitting my job to spend more time with my kids, pursue another career, to keep our family healthy…

  5. 20
    Erin F

    I totally agree with number 5! Even though I may not even BE in the mood to walk, it does always seem to help when I’m feeling fear – and like you say, “Not in a bad way!”

  6. 22

    These are all such great tips. I have always had to push through fear to be able to do things that I really truly believe that I can.

  7. 23
    Nadine Cathleen

    Very good tips. I totally agree. When you analyse people’s decision you can see that most are driven by fear. There is a big difference between fear and actual danger. Mostly it is just in your head and holding you back. What is life if you are always standing outside the fire…

  8. 25

    I would have been so scared too, I’ve been scared when I have had to do something similar before. But in the end, everything is worth it, it’s worth it to overcome fear and live happily accomplishing goals.
    I never thought about going for a walk when I started getting fearful! Great tips!

  9. 27

    I really needed this. I start working on my blog but then stop. Everyone asks me why and how I could do better. Then I just feel horrible. I am terrified of failing. Something I need to work on.

  10. 31
    Emma white

    Brilliant post and i couldnt agree more! I always tell my kids not to let fear stop them but yet cant seem to take that advise myself. Im going to follow these tips and beat the fears!

  11. 37

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  12. 39
    Lisa Rios

    We all have certain goals to start every year and these are some great tips to push yourself to the top & find the best out of this year by reaching every goal you have set. Despite fears if we stay positive I am sure we can achieve anything!

  13. 41

    Fear stops us from so many opportunities! ‘For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind.’ 2 Timothy 1:7.

  14. 42
    Lauree Sayne

    Awesome post and just what I needed to hear. I’m ready to “blurt it out”. It’s not fear that’s stopping me, I just haven’t reached the goal of consistency in my business yet. I have a lot of help and great inspiration from people like you who have made the leap.

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