Blog Profit Network Review

Blog Profit Network Review

If you’re reading this, you probably have some questions about whether Blog Profit Network is right for you.

I’m presently a member.

Therefore, I’ll set realistic expectations for you.

Find out if enrolling in this program is a smart choice for you by reading on.

UPDATE: I am no longer a member of this program.

A Real Blog Profit Network Members Review

Disclaimer For A Real User: This Blog profit Network Review has been developed by a real user. It was not only thoroughly used and researched by my own personal experience. Also any other research, opinion, testimonials, and public records are available to you online. Any final conclusion that I arrive at is based on my own judgement. I’m here to help you make a more informed decision. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide if this product or service is for you or not.

Blog Profit Network Forum Image

By the way, I received Blog Profit Network for free because, I purchased Simple Sites Big Profits.

Therefore, I could only access the forum for 6 months at no additional charge. Today, I no longer have access to anything.

Also if you’re in a rush at least do me a favor and watch the YouTube videos on this page. They are extremely helpful.

What Is Blog Profit Network?

Blog Profit Network, is an affiliate marketing training forum where he answers your questions and provides some training.

In this course, you’re supposed to be building an internet business and learning how to make money online with a blog.

You do this by finding a good domain name, setting up your website, and writing awesome content, with the hopes of making a full-time income.

Although, Marcus shows you how to find keywords. You will still need to learn how to use those keywords.

With that in mind this course, does not teach you how to take your seed keyword and optimize and format your blog post for SEO , which is an important key to getting traffic to your site.

Without proper optimization, your post will have a tough time getting ranked on the first page of Google such as the image below.

1st Page on Google 1st Position for BPN Review

They say search engine optimization isn’t rocket science. However, it does take a lot of practice to learn how to master it.

Some people can learn it within a few months while others take years. The point is finding right keywords is just the starting point.

It’s your content that will increase your traffic to your website, and this course does not teach you content creation.

It’s also important to know that this is not a free blogging platform either.

Did you know that there are courses out there that include the blogging platform with your membership?

Either way, the course was created by Marcus Campbell.

Marcus has been a successful online marketer for the last 23 years. Therefore, he can teach you a skill or two.

The idea of BPN is to allow aspiring marketers to ask questions about their websites so that you do not feel stuck.

The Blog Profit Network Software

Profit Network software relies largely on a software that you as the student must purchase, download, and utilize throughout the learning process.

The program is useless and cannot be used. I was not able to download it because I ran into too many installation difficulties.

I did try contacting site support about and they tried to tell me that it may have been my computer. It could not have been my computer because at the time, my computer was brand new.

My Trend Micro internet security kept telling me not to proceed. I tried proceeding anyways, and my antivirus completely blocked the download.

So, that was a sign that I should have not trusted it.

If you haven’t read my Simple Sites Big Profits Review you’re going to want to check that out. Because, in that review I mention our Marcus, used to be a magician.

Have you ever paid attention to the names of his plug-ins because, they are right there on his sales page?

Either way, Marcus Campbell, killer plug-ins are as follows:

  • Funnel Voodoo
  • Ad Profit Voodoo
  • Click Voodoo
  • Button Voodoo
  • Slide Voodoo

Makes you wonder how he came up with those names. They sure sound like witches and wizards to me.

Blog Simple Profit Network Review

How Much Does Blog Profit Network Cost?

Thankfully, the cost of BlogProfitNetwork is not as expensive as his other program.

This digital product will cost you $127.00 right now, and then $37.00 per month after.

But, if you pay close attention above his monthly cost he has a $77.00 fee for membership cost.

According to Marcus you will receive a free domain name – but don’t hold your breathe..

So if you are required to purchase a domain name, you can purchase one from NameCheap around $0.99 up to $19.99 per year.

In addition to that Marcus recommends BlueHost, for your hosting provider.

BlueHost has a promotional offer which is roughly $4.95 per month if you pay 12 months in advance.

And if you decide to pay 36 months in advance, you will get the service for $2.95 per months.

I’m not even sure if BlueHost has a month to month plan.

Because of my negative experience with BlueHost and Marcus, I cannot endorse any products by Marcus or BlueHost.

Regardless, you must use BlueHost if you want to follow Marcus’s teaching in any meaningful sense.

Moreover, its important for you to understand, that most people who are suggesting BlueHost is an affiliate of the company. Ironically, so am I.

As a WordPress beginner, there’s no doubt you might need support, and BlueHost in my opinion, is not as supportive as they should be.

Either way, Forbes rated BlueHost a 3.4 and then by another website they rated them a 3.8.

After I tried the service for myself, I have decided that they aren’t really the best, at least not for me.

The good news, is if you decide BlueHost isn’t for you, they do have a 30 day money back guaranteed.

The only thing I can say from here is read this blogger review.

Oh, I almost forgot, for his keyword tool he uses Ahrefs – which is going to cost you another $99.00 per month.

Ahrefs is a wonderful keyword tool. A keyword tool is good for search engine optimization.

But, for beginners and if you are on a budget it could be a bit overkill because, Ahrefs is typically used once you have the basics down.

In addition to that, you’ll need Aweber- thankfully Aweber is free for the first 500 subscribers.

At the end of the day, you will be paying roughly $140.95 + taxes per month if you were to invest in every single tool that he suggest.

Keep in mind this does not include any future tools that you decide to add on to your blog.

The $140.95 also does not include the additional $77.00 membership fee.

There are certainly more affordable ways to get started in affiliate marketing, if you are seeking a more affordable option.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Blog Profit Network?

Sadly this entire program is almost all cons.

Marcus does have good knowledge of the affiliate marketing industry but, the tools and software that he sells to you – the half way work.

Pro #1 It’s Legit And Does Offer Tools

Blog profit network is a legit program.

Marcus shares loads of information for free on YouTube.

Strengths Weaknesses Pros And Cons

Con # 1- The Training Videos

For the most part, the training within Blog Profit Network is somewhat helpful – if you can get them to work.

By the way, Marcus has been an internet marketer for the last 23 years.

Therefore, he has a ton of knowledge that he can share with you.

The problem, is when he shares the information, he will most likely upcharge you for certain knowledge.

Either way, some of the information that he shares is completely free knowledge. This is why he targets beginners – because as a beginner you still have a ton to learn.

During my time as a member, I’ve experienced some unexpected issues within this course. I didn’t expect this type of service from a person who has been doing affiliate marketing for 2 decades.

There were broken links like almost everywhere.

His website didn’t work properly half the time. And according to my antivirus software, his products weren’t safe for my computer.

So, needless to say I never built a simple site with his program.

But, the most of his working videos were kind of informative, and you might pick up a thing or two from them.

Cons #2- The Forum Is Confusing

I originally got 6 months access to blogprofitnetwork forum through Simple Sites Big Profits, which is a course that’s supposed to be a high ticket niche selection.

The point is, I’m not sure if I purchased things backwards or what?

Because, when I gained access to the blog profit network forum, I was totally confused.

And honestly, I wasn’t the only one that couldn’t figure things out. You won’t know where to post or how to see your responses. It is just a complete mess.

Cons #3 – Training Confusion

As I mentioned before the blog profit forum is a bit confusing. In fact, you are literally getting access to a forum that is disorganized.

The $127 initial cost plus the $37 monthly fee…I still have no idea what you get for your money.

Until this day, I have no proof of what I purchased besides my receipt.

Please keep in mind pricing may vary. – one day you could see this program offered at $37 per month and the next minute is offered at a different price.

I’ve seen this service for $77.00 per month as well.

Anyhow, I would assume you’re paying to have access to Marcus.

When you attend the Tuesday calls, it’s like Marcus is supposed to be your weekly live mentor.

By the way, Marcus answers most of your questions on the live calls but, in many cases he does not.

Con #4 – Some Training Is Useless

Another drawback I’ve noticed is:

I kind of touched on this in the cost section but, just in case you skipped right pass it. I needed to place it here again.

  • If you want to follow along with Marcus you must download his theme that he uses. Downloading the theme can become an issues for some.
  • You must download the plugins that he uses. I was never able to use the plugins.
  • You’ll need Aweber – this is a paid tool but, in the beginning you can use them for free.
  • A registered domain – which does cost you a yearly fee.
  • And BlueHost Hosting only! – you can not use any other hosting provider.
  • You also need to pay for additional support and that fee was $77.00 per month – at least that was the price when I was a member.
  • Also Marcus uses a keyword research tool that will run you roughly $99.00 per month.

In my case I had no problem getting passed all the above issues except, when it came to hosting.

I was not aware that I would be taking on a third hosting provider.

I already had two hosting providers.

One being Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting and the other was Host Armada. Therefore, I saw no need to purchase a third one.

So, I asked support, “If I had to sign up for a  BlueHost account?

Can’t I just use my current Armada hosting account?”

Support responded and told me, “If you want to follow along with Marcus you’ll need to use BlueHost”.

Therefore the bottom line is, if you have a current hosting provider that is not BlueHost be prepared to purchase a new hosting account with BlueHost.

It’s so that you can use the theme that Marcus provides and the plug-ins that he gives out. BlueHost is who he has been using for years so, therefore he is familiar with them.

Con# 5 – Marcus Leaves Questions Unanswered

As you can imagine not everything is perfect with Blog Profit Network.

In fact it looks outdated and just a bit confusing. I’m okay with some of the outdated information but, the confusion that this program causes just gives me a headache thinking about it.

Either way, some questions that are or were asked to Marcus, he will not answer them during live calls.

Instead he’ll either tell that he will get with you after the call – and he never does.

Or he will tell you to put in a support ticket – and then his team will have to deal with you.

What Key Features Does Blog Profit Network Offer?

There weren’t too many key features that you can rely on.

Key Feature #1 – The Forum

As I mentioned earlier the forum of blogprofitnetwork is sort of useful – but for the most part it is plain ole confusing .

Marcus program was one of the most confusing programs that I have ever used.

Either way, if you did decide to buy this program, which I don’t recommend you to do that but – if you did – you can watch the replay training videos..

The forum is where you are supposed to be able to get help and receive questions. Please do not hold your breathe on receiving much help there.

This can be a hit or miss.

Usually, Marcus is the one responding to you.

At any rate, as a complete beginner I believe this forum can cause you frustration and confusion.

Frustrated Woman

Key Feature # 2 – He Shows You How To KeyWord Research

I’ve taken a lot of affiliate marketing courses and Marcus have a unique way of finding keywords but, as I mentioned most affiliate marketing courses for beginners do not recommend that you purchase a $1188/year keyword tool.

Usually, they marketers don’t require a tool that advanced until you understand what you are doing.

He shows you how to use Ahrefs tool, and if you’ve never used an advanced keyword tool it is sort of interesting.

But, really all you have to do is go right to Ahrefs SEO course for beginners, besides the course is free with no sign-up required.

The tool on the other hand will set you back at least $99.00 per month.

Key Feature #3 – Refund Policy

The refund policy with BPN is shaky. According to Marcus he will offer you a refund. Last time I checked its a Clickbank product, and usually Clickbank will honor refunds if you have good reason for cancellation.

You have up to 60 days to decide if blog profit network is for you or not. Me personally, I don’t recommend you purchasing this.

But, just in case you do decide to go forward, keep in mind you will be charged on a monthly basis until you decide to cancel.

Blog Profit Network Customer Support


The customer service at blog profit network for the most part was okay. I usually got my questions answered by the staff.

Marcus has a team that works for him, and if you ever need any help, or have questions you’ll be in touch with one of his team members.

The main person that you’ll work with is a nice lady named Tina.

She will do her best in making sure hat all of your questions are answered.

And any technical issue is usually addressed. But, its all boils down to her just being the messenger.

Customer Service Woman Helping Solve Issues

Blog Profit Network Ease Of Use

I personally did not find blog profit network easy to use.

The platform is a bit confusing and as a beginner I think this could be a bit frustrating.

There were to many glitches, and warning signs that you may not be able to fully use this product.

Safety Issues:

First off, let’s make it clear that Blog profit network is not a scam.

It’s just full of broken links, and other technical problems.

For instance, I’ve come across a warning that concerned me because of what the message read.

As you can see the image below.

Either way, after trying to download the free toolbar that was supposed to be like having Marcus by your side.

It flat out just didn’t work.

Instead it gave me a Dangerous Sign.

Not good as a first impression.

Either way, I looked for a way  around this, and all you have to do is use the toolbar without downloading it.

I don’t recommend downloading the tool bar, my brand new computer and screen seems to always flicker every time I attempt to download the toolbar.

ToolBar Shows A Dangerous Page

Once again, I don’t recommend this product.

Should You Trust Blog Profit Network?

Let me put it this way, Blog Profit Network shares information but, it isn’t exactly for a complete beginner.

I do truly believe that you can receive a ton of value from Marcus – especially through his YouTube channel.

But, with all the technical issues, this program is a hit or miss type of deal.

Maybe Marcus just has bad programmers. Who knows?

In addition to the tech issues, you’ll experience some upsells that aren’t refundable. One is Simple Sites Big Profits. I definitely don’t recommend any of his products.

With that said, should you trust BPN?

First, Blog Profit Network has been around for a long time. I found a review from a previous student way back in 2012.

So, apparently, the training has helped someone.

Second, Blog Profit Network is not a scam. If you were to ask me if the training helped, me.

Yes I sort of have, I mainly learned from his YouTube channel – well because, his program didn’t really work well on my computer.

Last but not least, Marcus gives out free training every single week on YouTube.

And in the video below, this guy was very supportive of Marcus.

He recommends Blog Profit Network to others but, if you notice – his YouTube description, the website link no longer works and he has stopped posting on that channel. I don’t recommend paying for his products.

How Does Blog Profit Network Compare To It’s Competitors?

After considering several competitors, this is what I discovered.

Blog Profit Network VS. Wealthy Affiliate

Blog profit network, offers weekly live calls on Tuesdays where Marcus is supposed to answers everybody’s questions about their website, or anything else that you’re stuck with.

All you have to do is leave your question within the blog profit network forum and Marcus is supposed to answer your question within 48 hours or on the following Tuesday live call.

By the way, if you forget to leave your question within the forum he’s still supposed to answer your question on the Live call.

However, it has been reported that Marcus has not been answering everyone’s questions.

Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand, has a larger community that offers weekly live calls on Friday’s. And if you are premium plus member, you’ll have live calls almost daily.

Either way, with Wealthy Affiliate – questions are answered within minutes. Sometimes by the owners and other times by the community members..

And if you have any technical issues with your blog, site support can be contacted immediately, and they handle the issue for you behind the scenes.

On top of all the above, Blog Profit Network isn’t as organized as Wealthy Affiliate forum.

Learn About Blog Profit Network

Blog Profit Network vs Passive Income Geek

Blog Profit Network, training videos in the forums are pretty lengthy – the problem with BPN is that many of his videos don’t work within his training.

However, the ones that do function properly are at least hour replays.

Passive Income Geek training videos last about 20 to 45 minutes each. So, they are a lot shorter in length.

Both communities offer help, except for Marcus will make sure he is the one answering your questions.

This can be a good thing and a bad thing because, if the person who is trying to control the entire environment intentions are not good then they could lead you down a rabbit hole and vice versa.

On the other hand, Morten from Passive Income Geek does his best to answer you but – at the same time he allows the community to offer help as well – almost the same way that Wealthy Affiliate does.

This also can be a good or bad thing, because, if you receive the wrong information, you will most certainly be set back. Then on the other hand, if you learn from someone who has the knowledge – you can skip many of the headaches.

The bottom line is that, Blog Profit Network training is not organized as much as the Passive Income Geek course. It’s a lot more confusing to navigate.

Final Thoughts Of Blog Profit Network

If you made it this far into the Blogger network review, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t recommend this program.

The reason for the rating is, well, Marcus does give out a lot of information but, as a beginner learning to build a website it will require a lot of learning.

Starting a blog is really simple, but, maintaining it and optimizing it does take hard work and continuous learning.

Either way, with Marcus program many of his links were broken and didn’t work.

He also charges $37.00 per month plus you need to purchase additional tools. There are other ways to get started at a more affordable price.

Additionally, the training videos aren’t organized in a step by step manner.

You’ll need to search for each step.

The problem is, as a first time website builder, how would you know what step goes next?

Because, Marcus does not show you that. In my opinion, it is just pure confusion.

Another thing, Marcus does show you how to set up a blog but, he doesn’t show you how to add your legal pages, which is definitely an important step, if you plan on using your blog for profits.

In addition to this, Marcus shows you a lot of programs that can help you make money with your blog but, what he fails to mention sometimes, affiliate programs will deny your website if it’s not looking a certain way.

It certainly doesn’t have to look prefect but, a one page website will de denied by most affiliate programs – especially if you do not add legal pages to your blog.

In my opinion, a lot of the tools that Marcus mentions is not needed in the beginning such as a $99.00 keyword research tool – that is a bit overboard when you first start out but, if you prefer to use it go right ahead.

Any thoughts?

Well, that’s all folks!

If not, do you have any questions that I can answer for you? What do you think about Blog Simple Profits? Leave all comments or questions below.

Lakisha Akbar

Lakisha Akbar

10 thoughts on “Blog Profit Network Review”

  1. Hey, I just want to ask does Marcus shows anything extra that he doesn’t teach in his YouTube videos? I almost watched all the YouTube videos of Marcus, so purchasing BPN will be worth it or not? Please guide me.

    • Hi Rahul, no I would not purchase this program. I invested in a Simple Sites Big Profits program and no longer have access to it. And to answer your question, yes Marcus does show most of it on his YouTube channel for FREE. The only thing that I don’t remember seeing him show on his YouTube channel for free is his secret plug-ins. I never got around to use them because, – well – his course was so glitchy that my computer antivirus software kept blocking his tools. So, that made my not proceed any further. If you are looking for extra help on keyword research I would go to his YouTube channel, he does a lot there for free.

  2. Hi Lakisha, I have looked at the Blog Profit Network in the past. Their payment structure is quite off putting for me. I think there are so many better options out there for what you pay for this. I don’t know about Passive Income Geek but Affiliate Lab, Income24, certainly even WA is a better option for the price of this. I think AHREFs is an amazing tool but not for beginners. You need something like this to really get started with a good list of keywords to hit the ground running but I think it can go horribly wrong if you are forced under pressure every month to cover your outgoings. Even WA 50$ a month can be tough for people so in the beginning it’s important that you aren’t spending more than you can afford and if you can you are not needlessly spending money if it is not actually going to help you make money.

    • Hi Alex, you bring up some great points. I agree with you, having to pay a increased monthly amount can apply a lot of pressure while trying to learn verses paying a more comfortable monthly payment. Especially, when many of the affiliate marketing courses teach almost basically the same core training. The only difference is some will add unnecessary methods into the process, while others will add extra expenses, and then on the other hand, you will find some teaching you straight forward. AHREFS the little that I did use it (in the past) is a great tool. It does provide many details when it comes to keywords, your competitors, and so on. But, as you mentioned I also think it’s not a beginner friendly keyword tool. Instead its for more advanced marketers. There’s so many moving parts to affiliate blogging, or niche websites as some like to call it.

  3. Hi Lakisha,
    Thank you for alerting me to the Blog Profits Network. All I can say is WOW! You may not call this a scam, but from what I have seen in your review, it is probably the closest thing to a scam as you can get! With all the links that don’t work, and the website that looks like total junk, there is very little value here at all. I wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole!
    And you have to buy hosting, and a very expensive keyword tool$99 a month, along with paying a $77 dollar fee plus $99 a month for membership? This is a rip-off!
    The site you already belong to Wealthy Affiliate is a complete gem compared to this! They include hosting and have excellent support, and cost half as much! And they offer excellent training, with a community of 1.5 million members! It’s the biggest bang for the buck anywhere!

    • Hi Chas, You’re welcome! I’m glad that you found this post helpful.

      I wouldn’t say that Marcus Campbell products is a scam – because, you are getting services in return. I’m just trying to help people make a more informed decision. I 100% agree the fees do add up, especially when you consider this is not on-going training without having to invest more into the monthly membership. And you mentioned WA does offer all of this in their membership, which I totally appreciate but, of course sometimes, we all have different goals. Some just want to get a website up and running and by pass all the other stuff. So, this is why programs like this is of interest to many. But, the truth is it still takes time for your websites to marinate into the Google or Bing search engines.

      Regardless, I don’t recommend Blog Profit Network because, not only did the product function fully, I was supposed to get LIFE-TIME access to Simple Sites Bootcamp, which I purchased the course for about $797.00. And guess what? I don’t have access to neither courses. I contacted Marcus Campbell support, and never got a response. Rightfully, BPN was going to expire within my 6 months of membership BUT…I was still supposed to have access to the Simple Sites course. That just doesn’t sit right with me. So, at the end of the day, I can’t recommend it.

  4. Hi Lakisha,
    Thank you for sharing your real user experience and all the pros and cons of the Blog Profit Network. I have heard of this and am glad to have found your review online to expose the truth.
    I will save my money and time from this one and look at your recommended alternative instead.
    Thank you John

  5. Hello Lakisha,

    You saved me from BPN. I have been watching the YT videos from Marcus and the information he gives out is great. As I looked into his website, I found the information very confusing. I even sent him a message on YT and his response was confusing. I simply asked him…

    “Marcus, as a beginner, which one of your courses do you recommend I purchase?”

    He responded with a thumbs up and didn’t even answer my question. Also, I noticed that quite a few of the links on his site were broken and didn’t work. To make a long story short, I have wasted a week of my life trying to follow Marcus’ teachings but I must admit that I am very confused at this point. I really wanted to purchase his course but I could see that everything you mentioned is true. He clearly knows his stuff, but I don’t know if he knows how to put together comprehensive training to teach others how to do what he does. Thankfully, I found this before I pulled the trigger and purchased. The reason I didn’t purchase is because I couldn’t see a clear path in his trainings and the way he has his site set up. It’s like a big ball of confusion.

    Thank you for solidifying my assumptions!

    • Hi Kelvin,

      You’re welcome and thank you so much for your valuable comment! You don’t understand how happy I am to see that this BPN review was helpful, at least to you. And hopefully, it will be helpful to others as well.

      I know from your week of wasted time that you now understand that I’m in no way trying to cause harm or bash anyone. I’m sorry to hear that you had to go through that. Our time is very valuable, but then again, so is our money.

      Therefore, it’s great that you took the time to research before pulling the trigger. I have to agree with you 100%. Marcus does teach some very good techniques, but, for whatever reason, after taking his course, it was like the tables turned.

      Everything seemed confusing, and a lot of links did not work. In fact, it was kind of hard to explain how I really felt about the course. On one hand, he seemed to be a great teacher, but on the other hand, it felt like he was putting on a show.

      I’m not sure if he doesn’t know how to pull all his years of knowledge together or if he has another agenda, but who am I? I’ve never created a course, and I’m not sure what it takes to deliver a clear path within a course. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt and realized that Marcus has had plenty of time to fix all his course issues but has not.

      Even though I took the course myself, I had to dig deeper for answers, and I learned that BPN has been around for at least 10 years. Mr. Campbell had a lot of time to fix all the technical course issues, and he hasn’t.

      When I first wrote this review, I was hoping that I didn’t cause any confusion, because yes, he does teach in a way that’ll make your ideas start flowing, but then it’s like he leads you down a rabbit hole and you’re stuck with confusion.

      I’ve noticed that some course creators will leave your cup half full on purpose because their end goal is to come back and sell you the answers that you’re missing. One thing to keep in mind about affiliate marketing is that most affiliates with blog posts (reviews) have never actually used the product.

      Technically, you’re not required to purchase the product to review it, but sometimes this can lead to future problems or distrust.

      Instead, most reviewers just research the product or gain access to it from the course creator; this is a form of what they called “related affiliate marketing.” Whether the affiliate used the product or not, they proceeded to write a review post and promote it to an audience.

      I’ll be the first to admit that I was guilty of this when I first started learning affiliate marketing because that’s the way I was taught, and I thought it all worked that way. Thankfully, I learned that not all courses can be promoted.

      As I mentioned, most people are doing this, but then I realized, after purchasing a lot of courses myself, that some of these products should not be promoted at all. I myself don’t feel comfortable just promoting an offer to an audience without knowing if it’s safe, worth it, or even helpful.

      Oh, and the biggest concern, which I actually didn’t learn until 6 months after purchasing the course, was that I had been denied access to the Simple Sites course. To me, that’s a red flag. So, in other words, I cannot go back and use the course I paid for. Either way, I’m happy to hear that it has helped.


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